England soar to T20 glory

England soar to T20 glory

England finally ended their wait for a global one-day trophy with a seven-wicket win over Australia in the final of the ICC World Twenty20.

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Steven Simpson says...

Ok so im english, but I have to agree with some of the people about having NON english players in the team, Sorry to all you 'so what were he was born' and 'dual passport' people but this just shows how poor our country has become in all sports!! we have players that may or may not have gotten into there OTHER country teams but walk into ours, yes im happy we won but it does leave a bitter taste in my mouth!! I feel the same about football with all the foreign players playing and our youngesters not getting a chance!! that is one of the reasons we will NEVER win the world cup again!!!

Posted 11:07 17th May 2010

Adam Cloonan says...

Congratulations to England who played the best cricket throught the tournament and a huge credit must go to Andy Flower who obviously has the respect of every individual and is getting the best of their potential's it's great to see a squad all progressing no matter how good they were to start. On the Pietersen and Kieswetter issue they both have an English mother therefor they are ENGLISH who cares if they were born in south africa and people may quibble about the irish game being rained off but then what about England's game about West Indies? We clearly played the best cricket in all fassets batting, bowling and fielding ( i say fielding as the aussies tailed off from the semi's onwards) This now is an England team that should be pushing higher in the rankings and seriously challenging for more silverware. On a side note how about a test match competition??? The test match is the pinicale of cricket afterall wether you are a purist or not as much fun as twenty 20 is test match is where the real challenges lie.

Posted 10:45 17th May 2010

Tom Dowdle says...

so who are the wingers now Aussies????????????????? hahahaha you can't take losing can you? i knew you would use the excuse that a few of our players are south African. but please remind me where is dirk nannes is from? these players are British citizens, they play there cricket in England! (means we did create them) so therefore they choose to play for England! no one forced them to choose England so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! WORLD 2020 CHAMPIONS! face it Australia you no longer dominate international cricket!

Posted 10:41 17th May 2010

Mat Gill says...

Can't believe people are claiming well done South Africa, Lumb's dad is English born and bread and Keiswetter's mum is English born and bread. This kind of thing happens in every sport in nearly all nations. Well done England!

Posted 10:34 17th May 2010

Robert Harrison says...

I love how the Irish are bitter and ned to get a life. England were the better team deal with it!!!

Posted 10:20 17th May 2010

Stan Turner says...

All the debate about South Afrrican players being poached by & playing for England try reading Bumble's blog at the weekend the 3 players in question all have ONE English parent so under International law have dual Nationality. So have the right to choose which Country they represent. Where they were born or grew up is irelevant Over the years several English players not born in this Country have represented us at test level. The great Colin Cowdrey & 'Ramps' to name 2 So all you whingers at least get your facts right before you complain about the 'nationality' of 'English' players

Posted 10:19 17th May 2010

Barry Stephens says...

I see the detractors are complaining about South Africans playing for England but no complaints about Australia's top bowler being a Dutchman. As far as beating Ireland by default, what about England being robbed of a comprehensive victory over the West Indies, also from the D/L system. ENGLAND well done,brilliant victory!

Posted 10:04 17th May 2010

Patrick Fish says...

OMG!!! Stop your moaning people. Its taken more than 30 years to win a one-day trophy and when we do, you all lament the other teams and how we didnt 'beat' Ireland. You will always find something to moan about. Who cares if half our team weren't born and raised in a random English country town; you don't complain that Wayne Rooney is half Irish do you? Just congratulate the team on a great few weeks and hopefully this will spur on the troops in SA. They would do well to take a leaf out of the English Cricket team's playbook.

Posted 10:00 17th May 2010

Jimmy Medhora says...

Bottom line's pretty simple, England won the T20 world cup n I do believe they deserve it. They outplayed Australia be it in bowling, fielding or batting. They performed well right through the tournament and have been consistant. Must give them credit for what they deserve.

Posted 09:58 17th May 2010

Craig Robinson says...

I love how these people comment on the fact that these players are south african. The rules are the rules england do not make them we just use them to the best of our advantage, we are also not the only country to do so. Sour grapes I think. Kp is more english than I am he loves this country and its about time people started giving the team the respect its due.

Posted 09:55 17th May 2010

Gary Villiers says...

I get really fed up with all the detractors of South Africans playing for England! These people should be reminded that the players concerned choose to play for this country and are qualified to do so under ICC rules. I do not see what the problem is - once these guys pull on an England shirt, they are totally committed and the post match reaction of all the players, including the so called South African contingent, highlighted just how much it meant to be successful representing their country. Let's try to be a bit less cynical and instead, allow ourselves to bask in the glory of all too infrequent success in the shorter form of the game. Well done Guys, keep up the good work!

Posted 09:44 17th May 2010

S Murphy says...

England may have won the 20-20 but they never actually beat Ireland !!

Posted 09:32 17th May 2010

Aston Francis says...

well done to the england t20 team, a good consistency through out the tournament&deserve to win it. now they need to concentrate on two things, 1, consistency on a regular basis,2, producing players of our (own)??? and not relying on others(south africans) to help us be match winners.

Posted 09:30 17th May 2010

Puthillath Mangaladas says...

Well done England. England played excellent cricket throughout the tournamnets and they really deserve the tropyhy.

Posted 09:29 17th May 2010

Karen G says...

Kieswetter's mum is English so correct me if i'm wrong but that does in fact make Kieswetter half english! The aussies had Nannes who is from the Netherlands playing for them so alls fair! The better team won on the day.

Posted 09:26 17th May 2010

K Simon says...

Well done ...England's coalition team.

Posted 09:21 17th May 2010

Chris Rogers says...

Boys, you all have to realise that the best team won. Forget the sour grape remarks!! All pointless. But as for the Irish moaning about the lack of batting, have you already forgotten how England were robbed by the rules against the west Indies?? Short memories & Sour grapes. Makes it all the sweeter....

Posted 09:19 17th May 2010

Robert Bronsdon says...

Why is there so many people on here saying it's lots of south africans? They made there choice to play for England hence on the cricket front being english? Maybe if the s/a cricket board was more professional they would be able to maintain players. Stop being bitter because England showed so much class in dismantling the rest of the world.

Posted 09:10 17th May 2010

Eric Northeast says...

Barry Cashin says Keiswetter in Prior out. Ok so he got a few runs quickly. Compare his record with Priors. If Prior had missed the catches and stumpings that he did he would have had all critics calling for his head. How lucky was he that Swanne completed the catch he palmed into the air. And to those who talk about South African players winning for England, where does Nannes come from ??

Posted 09:06 17th May 2010

Al Preston says...

To all of your TEDIOUS comments about S.A. 2nds. etc. Perhaps you might reflect on the fact that people who come to this country stand a chance in all walks of life. They are not hampered by restrictive practices and political intervention. And don't forget that most International sportsmen across the globe have earned good money honing their game in Britain at the expence of our youngsters. DON'T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU.

Posted 09:04 17th May 2010

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