England soar to T20 glory

England soar to T20 glory

England finally ended their wait for a global one-day trophy with a seven-wicket win over Australia in the final of the ICC World Twenty20.

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Sohail Shabir says...

COME ON ENGLAND!!! WORLD T20 CHAMPIONS!!! We deserve to win, really proud england!!!!!

Posted 09:04 17th May 2010

Stuart Charles says...

In response to the multitude of people suggesting that England's victory was bought with South African batting, it is worth noting the following: - 1) Our victory was secured on the back end of an extremely good bowling performance - delivered by some extremely good English Bowlers. 2) Lots of teams use non-patriated players. Dirk Nannes, Aussie's leading wicket taker has represented Holland, South Africa has, over many years, has included players born in other Southern African countries. 3) Its allowed! Under ICC regulations, its as legal for Kieswetter to play for England as it is to Bowl around the wicket! I would prefer to see the England squad entirely populated by products of the County system - ECB raised if you will. Perhaps this extremely good win, will raise the profile of English Cricket high enough to begin attracting the kind of English and Welsh talent we need to meet our ambition.

Posted 09:01 17th May 2010

Warren Booysen says...

I am sorry, as long as there are that amount of foreign players in the side, no one will see this as a England win. The SA players made a difference and the only other batsmen that can hold his "English" head up is collingwood. Its not and English win nor a SA win. Its a concocted win. Imagine the English soccer team had 6 foreigner in there come world cup. It would be a travesty ... this is not a Chelsea or United. This is a national tournament and the win leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Posted 08:56 17th May 2010

Dom Jinks says...

Congratulations to England - well deserved as we were the best team throughout the tournament. Just a note to the prejudicial bitter few above. The South African born players are now British citizens and in their own words see the themselves more as Brits than South Africans, so get over it and realise that it is possible to become a citizen in a different country to that of your birth.

Posted 08:53 17th May 2010

Qais Badsha says...

Well done south Africa!

Posted 08:50 17th May 2010

Chris Duigs says...

Well done to the 'England' team & particularly Flower! He did a great job in moulding this side into a good 1-day unit. What are the odds on the whole squad being knighted?

Posted 08:31 17th May 2010

Jonny Rudge says...

I knew there would be plenty of people questioning the validity of our win with 2 South Africans and an Irishman in the squad, but was it not our all-English bowling unit that in fact did the damage to leave the Aussies 30 runs short of a good total on that wicket? And Dirk Nannes represented Holland before Australia but you don't hear fans queuing up to slate Aussie selection policy when he has a blinder! Kieswetter and Pieterson were rejected by their home country at an early age and served their time in English cricket to qualify and Eoin Morgan deserved the change to represent a country with a chance of winning trophies, its all above board so can everyone now please focus on the fact that England were the best team overall in the tournament, with by far the most consisted bowling attack (English bowling attack!)

Posted 08:17 17th May 2010

Imran Khan says...

Well deserved win and this is going to be good for the development of T20 itself.

Posted 08:14 17th May 2010

Joe Howes says...

Well done to the team. They were the best in the tournament. It shows that with English bowlers and batsmen from south Africa and Ireland we can dominate the game. What message it sends out to English players I'm not sure. I hope this is not going to be the future of the game as there are some good players on the county circuit who should be given a chance.

Posted 08:12 17th May 2010

Divan Lamprecht says...

Well done South-Africa, Ireland and England for beating the Aussies!

Posted 07:54 17th May 2010

Roddy M says...

Well done England, this sets us up well for the World Cup in June. COME ON ENGLAND

Posted 07:38 17th May 2010

Andrew Nickols says...

Fantastic display of cricket! One of the best T20 matches I've seen. Pietersen has been fantastic the whole tournament and to all those that say "he's south african!" I say - Just because you were born in a barn, it does not make you a horse.... All eyes on the football team to do the same in the world cup now!

Posted 07:29 17th May 2010

Paul Harding says...

Congratulations to the England team. It was a very entertaining match and England showed the aggression necessary to win this competition. We had the opportunity of playing your 3 opening batters but we blew it, so no sour grapes.

Posted 07:19 17th May 2010

Richard Atwooki says...

Congratulations England, you have the 20/20 world cup, now build on it and prepare for the ODI world cup. You have the talent, the mentality and good management; forget the detractors like Owen Pybus and GO GET IT!

Posted 07:14 17th May 2010

Gavin Bradley says...

It could all have been so different if Ireland had of got to bat in the final group game... C'est la vie!!

Posted 06:59 17th May 2010

Neil P says...

Well done Enhland or should I say South Africa. Trophy should be going their as well, England would never have won otherwise.

Posted 06:52 17th May 2010

Barry Cashin says...

I've been begging for the inclusion of Keiswetter for months. Now let's get rid of Prior and unleash this talented genius on the longer forms of the game. Watch the silverware cabinet bulge!

Posted 06:32 17th May 2010

John Rochfort says...

Great stuff England. Pity our politicians are not in the same class!

Posted 06:26 17th May 2010

James Smith says...

England wouldn have even been there only for the weather Ireland would have put them out. The rules seriously need to be looked at for situations like that.

Posted 06:15 17th May 2010

Brent Burcher says...

England did not win! South African players did. Top 6 batsmen for England only has 2 english players! Appalling!

Posted 06:14 17th May 2010

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