England soar to T20 glory

England soar to T20 glory

England finally ended their wait for a global one-day trophy with a seven-wicket win over Australia in the final of the ICC World Twenty20.

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Umair Qureshi says...

who cares if there were south africans in england national team.. bottom line is england played excellent.. the whole world was supporting england apart from australians and they did not disappoint

Posted 06:11 17th May 2010

Greg Greg says...

good to see "england" win. perhaps next time england may stoop low enough to play english ppl.........lol at kp n co calling themselves english

Posted 05:53 17th May 2010

Reshawn Juma says...

Well done to the former South African under 19 player Kieswetter for helping England to success in T20. Import more South africans!! that is the winning formula for England.

Posted 05:48 17th May 2010

Maxwell Ronaldo says...

WELL DONE ENGLAND!!! Weare all proud of our national TEAM.. and now its time to prepare for ASHES...continue winning beats

Posted 04:50 17th May 2010

Brian Shiels says...

Congrats England. Even although I am a Scottish I am happy for you !!!

Posted 04:46 17th May 2010

Suraj P says...

Fantastic win for England, keep it up, they really turned the screws on the Aussies, finally its nice to see someone else win a trophy apart from Australia. and England thoroughly deserved it.

Posted 04:22 17th May 2010

Adam O'keefe says...

A little unfair that South Africa had 2 teams in the tournament. Obvioulsy there odds of winning were always going to be higher.

Posted 03:44 17th May 2010

Iain Mclarty says...

Andy Flowers deserves a lot of credit for turning around our One day game. Well done to him and the team.

Posted 03:38 17th May 2010

David M says...

Congrats England, well played, too good on the day. Proud of the way the aussies played all tournament, really lucky to make the final so we did as well as we could. Its probably asking too much of them to dominate all 3 formats though so 2 out of 3 aint baddd. Looking foward to Football World Cup now, Go the Socceroos!

Posted 03:05 17th May 2010

Martin Sharman says...

Rolf Harris, Ned Kelly, Harold Bishop, Mick Dundee, Dame Edna, your boys took a hella of a didgeridooing. Cheers Matty

Posted 02:53 17th May 2010

Abhijeet Karnik says...

Well done lads! You deserved it. I can only see a bright future for English cricket in the limited overs format & we can do without this constant talk of players of other nationalities playing for England.

Posted 02:51 17th May 2010

Saf Afzal says...

massive win for england cricket, well pleased for the team. well don england. you thoroughly deserved it.

Posted 02:00 17th May 2010

Damien Lee says...

Im an Englishman living in Australia and I just wanted to say, the Oz press here have basically vbanned any coverage of this result, its hilarious, they simply cant talk about it at all, all comments are snide, really sad. However well done Colly and the boys, looks like we can play 20,20 after all, maybe the time in the IPL for some of the guys paid off, either way theres no credit where its due over here, BUT IM LOVING IT!!

Posted 01:34 17th May 2010

Jason Watson says...

Well done England. Fantastic win. This is amazing because England had to wait 35 years to win a Limited Overs Cricket Title. I'm glad that that England was able to win at least 20/20 title before Bangladesh and Zim won anything significant.

Posted 01:26 17th May 2010

Karl Parkes says...

Congratulations to the Pommie cricket team..played well "done good",as for our Aussie team...the word is "OUCH".But we look forward to greeting the English team when they come out here next summer..Revenge will be sweet.

Posted 00:55 17th May 2010

N Smith says...

Can't get excited over a victory where only 1/2 the team should be allowed to represent the national side. The selectors have reduced the side to ridicule far worse than Jack Charlton ever did with the Eire team... .

Posted 00:49 17th May 2010

Adz K says...

Well done to the lads we deserved it we beat all the best teams Sri lanka, New Zealand ( without KP) and of course the aussies. Also will people ( probably aussies ) stop whinging about the south afraicans and Morgan ( less than half the team). The ICC rulebook says that anyone born in england, have English ancestors or who has lived in England for 5 years are elegible for English selection. We were the best in the tournement we would have thrashed Ireland easily and also we were going to bowl the windies out as we already had 2 wickets and gayle was out so actually we would have won the tournement and been unbeaten and if we had went out without playing a full match it would have been really bad for the game of cricket. WELL DONE LADS

Posted 00:49 17th May 2010

Geoff Morris says...

I am proud when my Country wins at any sport, this was a brilliant performance and we should all savour this victory and applaud the whole unit for their spirit and belief in themselves & each other......BRILLIANT

Posted 00:41 17th May 2010

Bernard Tame says...

well done england great performance throughout the tournament. does anyone really care that the players are not all english they chose to play 4 us. lennox lewis fought 4 canada but we were happy to have him as a british heavyweight champion. the german football team is made up of a few poles does that mean if they win the world cup it doesnt count. just enjoy the moment n if messi ronaldo n torres wana be english i cant wait 4 the football world cup. well done cricket boys n good luck to the footy boys. ENGLAND

Posted 00:29 17th May 2010

Ashfak Raja says...

well, England has been fantastic in this tournament. no doubt, they were the best team and deserved to be 'world champion'. i hope its the start, not end, of major trophies. good luck in the future!

Posted 00:14 17th May 2010

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