Malinga back with a bang

Malinga back with a bang

Lasith Malinga marked his first appearance of the World Cup with a hat-trick as Sri Lanka thrashed Kenya by nine wickets.

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Brian Tompkins says...

How is Malinga's bowling action leagal?? When he releases the ball his hand is right infront of the umpire, how is the batsman supposed to see this????

Posted 15:08 2nd March 2011

Rob Daniels says...

A pathetic performance from Kenya. Why would a team this weak opt to bat first when they clearly aren't capable of posting a score. The sooner these cricketing minnows are out of the competition and the proper teams start playing each other the better. Truely pathetic.

Posted 17:32 1st March 2011

Dan Gardner says...

Steve Sheekey.....No its not a no ball if when he is planted part of his foot is behind the line, it doesnt matter where he ends up, its where he first puts his foot down.

Posted 16:53 1st March 2011

Steve Sheekey says...

Was Malinga's first wicket of his hat-trick a no ball? When his front foot was first planted, part of his heel was behind the line but by the time he actually delivers the ball his foot is beyond the line and his heel is in the air. This distinction is always made on stumpings and runouts.

Posted 14:22 1st March 2011

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