Not Amir formality

Not Amir formality

Glenn McCrory is excited to see champion Amir Khan test himself against the grit of Lamont Peterson.

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Jordan M says...

Terry Spencer, do you seriously think Khan would beat Mayweather? You must be deluded matey! 'Money' would absolutely SCHOOL Khan, but I hope he does fight him, just so Khan gets battered and gets brought down a peg or two. He's ranting and raving like he is the equal to 'Money', says he wont fight Pacquaio because they are 'mates'. Surely, if you wanted to be known as the best in the world, to prove that point, you would fight the best in the world? Meaning he should fight anyone.... He cant step up to Floyd without looking at Manny first!!!

Posted 12:33 8th December 2011

David Sherwin says...

You are delirious to come out with a statement like that , There is no doubting Khan is a great fighter but Mayweather is world class. Khan has a long way to go to claim to be in his league pal and is yet to beat anyone of real significance mainly because light welter weight has no one. The superstars are the next weight up and thats were he needs to be to be challenged!!

Posted 22:42 6th December 2011

Terry Spencer says...

This is purely a stepping stone for Khan to fight Mayweather i beleive if Khan can impress with a stoppage which i fully expect him to do, then this will only make Mayweather sit up and take notice, if the Mayweather v Khan fight takes place i beleive this is going to be The pretty Boy's 1st defeat, Khan has the speed to beat any fighter in the world........ Bring it on

Posted 16:26 5th December 2011

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