A star is born

A star is born

What wasn't a great night for Carl Froch was a brilliant one for boxing, says Glenn McCrory.

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Carl Corbin says...

Great comments as usual from Glenn. He IS correct. NOTHING Carl could've done different against Ward. Listening to Froch afterwards, although he WAS dignified in defeat; my mind got to thinking maybe he will change trainers? Rob McCraken is EXCELLENT. But perhaps a bit stretched with training UK Olympic Squad..? Carl has to change SOMETHING. Whether it be defence, balance, trainer. But he got to do it. And QUICK! No disgrace in losing to Ward, who I thought was/is frustratingly good and difficult to fight. He does some very clever things in there defensively and is stronger than people give him credit for. He can probably work on his punch power, but overall a worthy winner of The Super Six. Hope Froch can come again, but needs to improve...

Posted 16:53 22nd December 2011

Danny Mcgeachan says...

Spot on Paul. A certain Mr Khan should certainly take note.

Posted 09:09 20th December 2011

Paul Wright says...

I completely agree that Ward is going to dominate boxing for a long while and is sheer class. There was also something refreshing to come of this super six tournament and that was, both Ward and Froch fought the toughest opponent they could and they were both equally as gracious in victory and defeat. I have huge respect for both fighters! Maybe the rest of the boxing world should sit up and take note!

Posted 18:46 19th December 2011

Scott Ogden says...

As much as i don't agree with Froch that Ward is boring i also cannot agree with you that he is the most exciting for years......Marquez, Pacquiao, Gamboa and Mayweather are every bit as good technically as Ward but fight a more exciting style. You just cannot see Ward taking many chances in fights and it seems if he fights top level fighters he's a sure bet to accept a points decision rather than go for a knockout win. As great as Ward is and possibly the next pound for pound champion.....exciting the jury is out Glen sorry.

Posted 16:47 19th December 2011

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