'Dark day for Britain'

'Dark day for Britain'

Glenn McCrory says Dereck Chisora and David Haye are an "embarrassment" to their sport and country.

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Sandy Holt says...

I Watched the terrible Press conference / Fight incident with sadness and shame, And ive got to say that the Klitchko Brothers are super professional and do a great kjob of staying cool ! re: Derrick its a shame he cant Box as well as he Boasts and Also Why did David hey not get done for Assault? he threw the punch ! Lets see what the outcomes are ? All the best in Sport Sandy Holt www.thaiboxing.co.uk

Posted 05:17 22nd February 2012

Harry Redmond says...

It was nowhere near as bad as is being said. The media are making a massive deal out of a brawl and it seems boring boxing fans agree, the heavyweight division has become boring and this spices everything up massively. I also have some replies to previous naive comments: - klitschko personally asked chisora for the fight due to his courageous efforts and the fact he was robbed in his last fight. - Chisora was scheduled a match with wladamir anyway so whys chisora fighting a champion such a shock for everyone? - The brawl was good entertainment. These men are not disgraces, they have built up a big lively fight, even though haye is a bit of a prick. - anyone remember tyson fury? well in 2 years or so he'll defeat the klitschkos

Posted 17:42 20th February 2012

Mike Hall says...

The francas was a disgrace. I am not for one minute condoning any of it. It should never have happened. Ok David Haye has a habit of trying to promote himself for fights. Did he deserve one? Maybe not. Was he promised one. Yes he was. Adam Booth was spot on. Bernd Boente is a bitch. He agreed a fight in December & backed out on his word. He involved Haye in the conference. Haye was quiet until his name was mentioned. Should Chisora have chipped in? No. What did he expect Haye to say when he mentioned his big toe. It was banter. Haye said 'you've lost three fights in a row. Your a loser'. The truth hurts. What transpired after was a disgrace, but could so easily have been avoided. David may have been heckling from the back but why didn't anybody stop Dereck from getting up, taking his coat off, walking down and confronting David with a couple of his entourage?The footage clearly shows Dereck walking around the promoters, then walking around security. Nobody stopped him. I'm leaning towards blaming Dereck for the whole thing regardless of who threw the first punch. What would you do if you were confronted by three burly fellas who look like they want a scrap? I'm with Haye on this one.

Posted 17:34 20th February 2012

Lee Jones says...

The majority of the blame should lie with Chisora, He was the agressor in the situation, David Haye was there as a business man. To promote a possible future fight as it seems negotiations had previously broken down. Chisora on the other hand had promised Haye a slap during the build up of the fight and then provoked Haye upto the point of Haye throwing the first punch. Chisora is a mug and shouldnt of even been involved in a world title fight in the first place. Maybe the bbbc can look into how someone with such little experience became involved in sutch a high profile fight in the first place? Chisora's lack of experience and self control where to blame for the whole escapade. He was a total idiot during the build up of the fight without taking the brawl with Haye into consideration.

Posted 16:19 20th February 2012

Richard Eldred says...

Good point about Vitali giving Chisora the opportunity. Sure there's a dearth of opposition and a british boxer no doubt generates more dollars than most, but Vitali was still doing Chisora a massive favour by fighting him. Has anyone in the history of boxing ever been given a title shot off the back of two consecutive losses?! It also had to be the biggest payday of Chisora's career - so how does he say thank you? By slapping him in public, spitting in his brothers face and brawling at the press conference. He should be suspended for at least 3 years and fined most of his purse, but you couldn't really argue if he's banned for life. Disgrace.

Posted 15:47 20th February 2012

S Gladwell says...

could these two blaggards ring their families this morning and say "you can be really proud of me " i think not !!

Posted 13:49 20th February 2012

Sean Webb says...

Anyone not think this is great for boxing?? It's been a while since boxing hit the front pages! The lesson children must take from this is this is that there is no place outside the ring or laws of the sport for aggression, so this may lead to an increase in young and disciplined fighters? Obviously, someone should TRY and put a positive spin on this?? People have been worried about boxing losing some of its sponsorship deals because of last weekends inciden, but if you get those two in the ring, they'll both get a huge pay out, sponsors will pay vast amounts of money to be involved and if the good people at Sky had any sense, they'd be trying to promote such a fight and make more millions of Box Office!

Posted 13:11 20th February 2012

Ali Haider says...

British boxing is at it's knees with these two buffoons. David Haye is just all talk and no substance and chisora, well just look at his past performances and it shows how much class he has. Gone are the days of proper boxers with dignity and class, Henry cooper, Lennox Lewis etc. These boxers had respect from the likes of Ali etc. Who is Haye and Chisora, just a dark stain on british boxing!

Posted 13:09 20th February 2012

Gav L says...

I loved this, its what boxing should be about, two guys in a grudge match against each other. Boxing has gone dull over the years, but sometimes you need characters like Haye to spice things up and bring it to the spotlight a little. You cant deny now that everybody will want to see Haye v Chisora, regardless of what that idiot Frank Warren has said.

Posted 13:05 20th February 2012

Rocky S says...

Agree with you Glenn. Chisora is an animal and a thug, who was done 2 years ago for assulting his girlfriend. If you watch the footage carefully, Chisora raises his fist first to Haye. Haye reacted (badly may i add) to Chisora bully tactics. Chisora entourage didn't help, the guy in the white jacket tried punching Haye whilst on the ground. Ban for both!

Posted 13:03 20th February 2012

Darren Delves says...

All you people saying its a disgrace to British boxing are living on a different planet, if Delboy and hay fight this with be one of the biggest fights in history, all the american boxing websites are talking about it.....this has done nothing but good for British boxing and all the intelligent people no it.......bore off you haters!!

Posted 13:00 20th February 2012

G Man says...

David Haye can pull some distasteful stunts to get a fight, and get into his opponenets mind, which if we are honest, is part and parcel of the game. David Haye was trying to make a point to Vitali Klitchsko and his manager, not Chisora. At the end of the day, is what David Haye saying about Chisora incorrect? How does someone lose a British Title fight, a European title fight and get a shot at the greatest boxing belt there is? At the same time, does Haye deserve a shot? I can count on one hand the number of elite heavyweights, so although Haye doesn't deserve a shot, who else is there? I thought Chisoras all round behavior leading up to the fight was disgraceful. The slap, the spitting the attitude, and if we are fair to David Haye, when three big guys come and surround you, with the attitude of Chisora, what is he supposed to do. The first thing Chisora did is talk about his entourage, and what they were going to do to David Hayes entourage. Did anyone see an entourage with David Haye? All I saw was David surrounding by Dereck and his crew, What happened was disgraceful, and Dereck Chisora needs to be punished for his actions in the lead up to the fight, and his actions after it. Its not all Derecks fault, David needs to accept responsibility as well.

Posted 12:51 20th February 2012

Sam Tommy says...

its time for david haye to hang up his gloves

Posted 12:46 20th February 2012

Paul Marks says...

the heavyweight division has been so boring for a long time the champions are the most boring infact so i think it needed this spark to liven things up abit and for everyones information david haye was there as a commentator not just to pick a fight so get their facts straight

Posted 12:42 20th February 2012

Scott Robbins says...

They both deserve lifetime bans. Haye might feel he was defending himself, but the whole hype-circus he planned, has blown up in his face. I know he wanted a match with Vitali, but any hope of that is gone now. And Chisora is a loose-cannon, his hat trick of antics this weekend is nothing short of disgraceful. Firstly to slap Vitali in the weigh-in, then spit water in Wladimir's face in the ring, then walking from his seat at the post-fight conference and get in a fight, was the tip of the iceberg. It completely overshadowed what was a very game performance by DelBoy. Vitali had too much for him, but his relentless determination to plough foward and take everything that was thrown at him, was highly impressive. The funny thing is that Chisora comes across as a laid-back guy, but his temperament to handle a tense situation is non-existent. Mike Tyson got away with it for years because of the amount of money he generates. Somehow i don't think the BBBC will be as forgiving.

Posted 11:35 20th February 2012

Yassine Bader says...

I do believe this is an absolute disgrace to the world of boxing!! However people making comments such as the one stating that its the way boxing work is even more of a disgrace. Boxing is not about "PUMMELLING" each other in any way, its a SPORT in which two athletes work tremendously hard with their trainers and coaches to get to their physical condition. The objective of the sport is and has never been to kill one another, its to win. Whether its by points or knockout (although a knockout can be seen as electrifying) has no difference in the slightest. I have been a huge boxing follower for a long time and i can personally tell you that boxing is not for thugs which is why the likes of Chisora should be banned from the sport. you have to think of boxing as a game of human chess where most of the fight is one in the head of the fighter not his fists. People stating boxing is just about hurting one another also have no place in the sport. The reason boxers say the hate each other or want to hurt the other is purely to sell their fights. THEY NEVER HAVE PERSONAL ISSUES AGAINST THE OTHER.

Posted 11:24 20th February 2012

Paul Williams says...

Superb article Glenn! Just the one criticism, it bothers me that everyone is saying that both Haye & Chisora are embarassments to 'Britain'. There is absolutely no doubt that the pair of them are a disgrace to the sport and should be heavily sanctioned for their actions, but both men are from London. My father is Scottish and my aunt is Welsh and they are incredibly annoyed hearing many people say they are an embarassment to Britain! They are an embarassment to London boxing...not British boxing! I must say I admire the Klitschko brothers attitude and manners on camera, regardless of what happened in the dressing rooms pre-fight, they maintain their dignity, unlike Chisora & Haye.

Posted 11:20 20th February 2012

Matt Higginson says...

ok it is a bad thing to happen but at the end of the day its what there paid to do fight suddenly your suprised that 2 boxers both want a shot at Vitali and end up fighting ? don't ban them give them both a fine yes ! but then let them to slug it out in a match it would be brilliant to watch and both would show how much talent they both have and show everyone what to exspect from british boxers come the olympics its easy to foucus on the bad points but if you spend every day trainning to fight and get paid to fight then when someone starts getting aggressive towards you it was only going to end one way ! I say let them go the 12 rounds and show the world how good british boxing can be !!

Posted 11:04 20th February 2012

Harley Skidmore says...

Tottaly agree with JAZZ here ! The sport is made up of all different types of characters and these boxers sell fights this way. If chisora fights haye next we all know thats going to be the biggest fight world wide !! these scenes make fights and very good fights which are exciting and interestr alot of people. Derek Chisora said in a interview " I DO WHAT DEREK DOES, I JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN IN BOXING". SO WHAT HAPPENED WHEN MIKE TYSON WHENT PRISION AND ALSO BIT A BOXERS EAR ? THIS IS HARDLY ANY WORSE !!! STOP BEING SO PATHETIC AND LETS SEE THEM SORT IT OUT IN THE RING !!!

Posted 10:56 20th February 2012

Jason Smith says...

This is all laughable, the holier than though comments from pro's and ex pro's, Ok this incident was not acceptable but life long bans etc being mentioned are a joke, i do not remember Mcrory calling for Tyson to be banned for life and he was a CONVICTED RAPIST,

Posted 10:55 20th February 2012

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