'Dark day for Britain'

'Dark day for Britain'

Glenn McCrory says Dereck Chisora and David Haye are an "embarrassment" to their sport and country.

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Will Moores says...

I can't believe so many condem what have happened. For years now fans have been calling for boxing to be more like it was 20+ years ago but now two men have a genuine dislike for eachother have a fight, which did make them look foolish we all want there heads. These two men are FIGHTERS we pay thousands on travel etc. to see them knock ten shades out of eachother and we got a fight for free. And when did the greats Ali or Tyson show any respect to there opponents?

Posted 10:00 20th February 2012

Jay Amoo says...

Whats wrong with everyone?? This is BOXING. We're all aware its a violenet sport that can lead to confrontations, people getting hurt (and unfortunately) people ending up with life-threatening injuries. Its one of a few sports where if 2 guys don't like each other they are obliged for it to be made known because due to their sport thats what they instictively know. This is not pantomime. Most Boxers are not politically correct where they will see someone they do not like and be able to stay calm if that person is verbally abusing them, and if you're honest, not many people in society would be able to remain calm if they were getting verbally abused by someone they did not like. As normal, press and media are blowing the incident out of proportion and making it seem worse than it was. If it was 2 Golfers going at it I can understand that being disgraceful, but 2 fighters doing this is not tolerable but understandable. Can those without sin cast the first stoneplease!!!

Posted 09:59 20th February 2012

Jon Smith says...

I have always felt that David Haye is a THUG, he gives boxing as a whole a bad name, I dont know much about Chisora to be honest but i feel that they should both be facing life bans for what happened. They should both be ashamed of themselves!

Posted 09:58 20th February 2012

Danny Davis says...

Jazz Blank what the hell are you going on about. your observations are just stupid. These guys are supposed to be Professional Athletes so regardless of what they do in the ring, it should not spill over into press conferences before or afterwards. If Chisora had won this fight (obviously completely hypothetically speaking), then he would have been Heavyweight Champion of the world which is world sport is one of the biggest achievements. So do really think it would be appropriate for somebody who holds that title and is looked up to by so many people around the world to act how he did. Inside the ring it is acceptable for these guys to hit each other because it is sanctioned and there are rules, but outside of the ring it is assault!!

Posted 09:49 20th February 2012

Jim Doogie says...

People defended Dalglish about his comments last week when he was wound up after just losing a football match. If benitez was standing at the back calling dalglish a something last week i expect Dalglish would of got up and had a go at Benitez.. Chisora here is wound up he has just had a fight he lost. Haye is upset aswell he didnt get klitschko fight after klitschko agreed it with him. Someone stading at the back of the press conference giving you grief you will get up and hit him. Lets remember here these men do punch people for a living. Journo's want to have a go right, i have an idea then put them in the ring and allow no press in the arena to watch the fight and lets see how you all like it when you cant actually comment on people hitting eachother.

Posted 09:46 20th February 2012

Johhny P says...

I think I'm the only person who found the whole thing hilarious, only in England, eh!!

Posted 09:36 20th February 2012

James Cannon says...

Jazz Blank, well said buddy, i'm with you! This whole incident makes the heavyweight division interesting for once and something to talk about which isn't about how weak the division is! A lot worse has happened in the world of boxing! It's fighting end of the day and that's what these dudes were doing, right or wrong its happened and got everyone talking. Let's hope the Hayemaker meets Del-Boy in the ring! David Haye to win, then fight and beat Vitali. Glenn you mention earning the right to fight the best, well the fact is that David Haye is one of the best in the division, retired or not and he can walk back into a title fight, like Floyd Mayweather does. People aren't interested in the other guys, like him or not Haye brings interest to his fights!

Posted 09:19 20th February 2012

Mazin Sharaf says...

boxing is a fantastic clean fighting competition, but this starts in the ring and ends in the ring, Chisora acted like a street fighter, his tactic started at pre-match press, this is completely not acceptable, he must be heavily punished not only fined, Brittain name should not be held with such dirty hands .....

Posted 09:18 20th February 2012

Dan Murray says...

'Dark day for Britain' - One thing that really annoys me about this article is the insinuation that we should all feel some sort of shame for what Haye and Chisora did. Without condoning it (Chisora's actions all week were ridiculous and I've no idea what Haye was thinking punching him, bottle in hand) it builds interest in the sport and particularly in these 2 boxers. You can guarantee that a Chisora/Haye fight would be 10x bigger than it ever could of been before this weekend. For two fighters with limited options opponent wise (and limited skill sets in Chisora's case I'd say) the whole debacle is about the best thing that could of possibly happened to either of them, particularly in a financial sense. Getting back to my original point, why are Brit's supposed to feel ashamed? Nobody chose Chisora or Haye to represent us, they're wholly responsible for their own actions. I personally wouldn't judge every American as a cannibal because Tyson bit Lewis' ear. But hey, I guess if we take pleasure in their success, maybe we have to take shame in their downfalls.

Posted 04:39 20th February 2012

Tim Anselmo says...

Jazz Blank this does not make boxing anything else than disgrace. Characters like Chisora and Haye are disgusting. They should not be among people but among animals. The Kiltshkos are much better athletes and above all human beings. They helped much more African kids than these African descendent people like Haye and Chisora ever did. And if Chisora believes that Africa is the future he can always give up his British passport and go back to his homeland. I doubt it though because it's anything else than the future.

Posted 16:27 19th February 2012

Dan W says...

Would the result of made the backpages? would it of had people talking on how well Chisora did? No, actions like this get people interested in boxing. Boxing nowadays needs characters like this because i am afraid its a dieing sport. People 'ducking' each other people are sick of it. At least this got people taling about 'boxing' over the weekend

Posted 16:08 19th February 2012

John J says...

Disgraceful. Probably. But it's been the most exciting thing to have happened in this boring Heavyweight division for years. I for one enjoy David Haye and his smugness, who cares if they fought with each other. They get paid to do the exact same thing in a ring.

Posted 15:35 19th February 2012

Russell Thomas says...

100% Glen, absolutely disgraceful!!

Posted 14:30 19th February 2012

Paul Brown says...

Generally agree Glenn. A very sad day. For me, David Haye has ruined any legacy he may have had. Both with his last performance against Wladamir, his disgusting taunts before the fight and his pitiful excuses afterwards. As a British boxing fan I found myself supporting Wladamir, as I was so disgusted in his conduct. And now, this. It beggars belief. As for Chisora, he has behaved like a thug. Which is no surprise given some of his previous antics. I actually thought he gave a brave (if limited) performance in the actual fight but his behaviour before and after the actual contest was completely disrespectful and downright thuggish. It has no place in any sport. He is nothing short of a disgrace and I hope a lengthy suspension is forthcoming. He will be no loss to the sport. Like you, I hope David Price can continue to develop as a true role model and genuine heavyweight talent for the sake of boxing in this country. God knows, we need one!

Posted 13:22 19th February 2012

Andy S says...

I agree It was an absolute disgrace to British boxing and both of them should be ashamed but you seem to be prominently blaming Chisora. This would not of happened if Haye had stayed away and not tried to make everything about him like always. From what I saw from the footage it looks like Haye throws the first punch. Is there hint of bias to this column seeing that Chisora is a box nation fighter...I think so! Both fighters could learn a thing or two from how the Klitschkos conduct themselves outside the ring!

Posted 12:43 19th February 2012

Jazz Blank says...

Glen, it's a blood sport; you're going to have all kinds of characteres (the wrong kind included) in the game. That's what makes boxing boxing. You can't always hope to have a sport marked by violence controlled and conducted civilly. So Chisora was disgraceful, yes. He was discurteous to the man giving him his shot, yes. So what! This is a sport where two grown men pummel each other for x amount of rounds, and we watch it! Is it civil of us to watch it? We just do. Stop whinging and accept that this is the "sport" you have spent the most of your life breathing in. Accept it for what it is.

Posted 12:19 19th February 2012

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