David Haye should fight David Price and Tyson Fury to bring glamour to British heavyweight scene, says Glenn McCrory

David Haye should fight David Price and Tyson Fury to bring glamour to British heavyweight scene, says Glenn McCrory

David Haye has called Vitali Klitschko out again and while that fight would still be intriguing, I don't think it has the pull it had in the past.

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Rob Mudriczki says...

The Klitchko brothers have dominated the Heavyweight scene since Lennox Lewis. Why would Haye fight Price? If he won and retired then people would still say that he lost at the highest level at Heavyweight. I think McCrory has lost perspective here. If I was Haye I'd fight Wladimir again and take more risks. Wlad is a great Champion and has honed a very successful style to avoid getting hit but he still has a suspect chin and with that in mind can be beaten!

Posted 11:47 10th January 2013

Paul Smith says...

Lol at all you David haye haters I agree he should have gave more in the wladimir fight but he is our best heavyweight by miles. chisora took vitali all the way and troubled him in points of the fight and haye destroyed chisora who is a true heavyweight and a lot bigger then haye if haye was abit more willing in the wladimir fight to get on the inside and risk getting hit there is no doubt haye would take either brother out fact!! As for Tyson fury haye would out class him by miles far faster hands better footwork and has way more power and price is not ready for haye yet why rush price in to these big fight s so early as he will if haye don't dethrone wladimir you wait and see

Posted 21:57 9th January 2013

Nick Berry says...

IHaye is at world honours level and fighting for the WBC title (the title held by the likes of Ali, Tyson etc etc) is the true way to put glamour back in british boxing. There is absolutely no sense in Haye fighting Price or Fury. If he wins, then they are both out of the equation for fighting either Vitali or Vladamir. If Haye loses, then he is a small heavy weight against bigger men and the press will say he should have lost, Also, Haye against Vitali will make Haye between ¿10m and ¿20m - against Price or Fury probably around ¿1m and not for a title. So why would Haye take a step backwards?

Posted 21:56 9th January 2013

Paul Wakefield says...

A lot of deluded David Price supporters on here - Haye is old now but still quite a bit younger than the pensioners Price has been fighting. I agree with Ben Johnson (surely not that one?) that the fights don't make sense, Haye has nothing to gain from them and that's why they won't happen. I hope Haye gets a final fight with Vitali because I think he'll give the old lad a lot of problems.

Posted 19:27 9th January 2013

Jason London says...

I think Haye would kill both them giants, he is a giant killer, not a natural heavywieght, but skills, moves and power he has... once the klictkos go, he dominates the division if he wishes.simple dedication to sport like he has, rewards fighters. These comments seem to come from people who watch the sport.. but have never participated ... huh

Posted 18:58 9th January 2013

Martin Parker says...

I agree Haye should fight Price or Fury instead of chasing a fight against a 42 year old veteran. Haye is all mouth and I for one will never forget the massive let down against Wladimir when he gave it the big I am and then ran away for 12 rounds afraid to take a shot. If you look at Haye's record he's basically faught nobodies all his career. The only top class fighters he's faced he's lost to - Klitschko and Thompson. You can hardly class Enzo Mac, Mormeck, Monte Barrett, Ruiz, Fraudley Harrison or Chisora as class opponents. He's made a career out of fighting poor opponents and running his mouth! Price would destroy him within 4 rounds!

Posted 17:31 9th January 2013

Andrew Hall says...

David taylor, mark jones, im sorry but you two obviously know absloute squat about boxing. Your talking about the david haye that unified the cruiserweight division here, ok he chocked against klitchko but theres no denying he is one of the best boxers of his generation. Just because you dont like the bloke doesnt mean hes not a good boxer. He would finish fury in a couple of rounds, and although im a massive fan of price, haye would also take him. Haye and price are good friends and have sparred quite a bit, im sure they both know who would win and thats why they think there's no point.

Posted 16:42 9th January 2013

Joe Luxton says...

I cannot see David Haye taking on another domestic opponent. He has stated on more than one occassion that there is only one fight out there for him - The Klitschko's. Haye must go all out for Vitali, after all Vitlai's not getting any younger and this could be his last chance land him. It's Haye's best chance to beat a recognised, world class opponent and land a highly regarded heavyweight belt. Haye to fight Klitschko, Fury to fight Price - everything else should wait.

Posted 16:36 9th January 2013

Danny Pilkington says...

Your right Glenn, Haye has rebuilt his rep with the jungle thing but he may come unstuck against Price as I think Price is the real deal. Haye will say that he won't fight Price because he's not at world level yet but I reckon its because he does'nt fancy it!

Posted 16:05 9th January 2013

Muhammed Khalid says...

Agreed a showdown between David, Fury and Price would be great for British boxing, but the question remains are Fury and Price prepared to risk their reputations, I mean David is no pushover and is a massive risk, maybe a challenge to early for Fury and Price. I'm sure if Fury and Price pushed for it David is unlikely to turn down the challenge, but neither are and I don't think their promoters would fancy the idea either. If fights between these 3 happened it would be brilliant for British boxing. Adrian Broner is being touted as the next big thing in boxing. I think he still needs to prove himself. A good durable boxer may pull a fight off against Broner we saw this when he fought Ponce De Leon where Broner got the decision yet it should have been the other way, it brought memories back when Floyd fought Castillo in their first fight, I mean should Floyd even have his O, great fighter nevertheless, boring to watch, but each to their own.

Posted 14:24 9th January 2013

Andrew Baker says...

Haye has a chance with Vitali as he is a lot slower now. Haye should take a fight with Fury cause he would KO him in the middle rounds. He should avoid Price though, he's far to dangerous.

Posted 10:48 9th January 2013

Mark Jones says...

He is not in either Price or Fury's league. There is no chance Haye would take those fights as it would be a bloodbath. It is disgraceful that he is, yet again, not having to earn a title shot. Haye was demolished by the poorer Klitschko brother, why on earth would he get a fight against the better one? Make him fight an eliminator or don't give him a shot

Posted 02:04 9th January 2013

Ben Johnson says...

Why would Haye fight either of those two? Fury doesn't have the talent and Price isn't ready yet. His only competitor is Vitali and at 41 he may not be willing to wait for Haye to fight someone else first, especially as he could wait for nothing should Haye lose. Haye has nothing to gain from such a fight.

Posted 23:12 8th January 2013

Martyn Bousfield says...

Never happen . fury is a none starter because haye would knock him out within three . and haye would never fight a dangerous price for such little reward .

Posted 21:32 8th January 2013

Stephen Bell says...

David Haye wont fight Price. I would fancy him to beat Fury, but Price would be a difficult, high risk job for him that might effect how he is remembered if he loses. Only reason he chases Vitali is as Glenn says, he is the more beatable of the Klitschkos and would gain a massive payday out it. Look at the drama he had to stir for a big payday with Chisora, potentially could do that with Fury who likes to mouth off but I think he has his eye on Vitali as it is the biggest earner and he has a good chance of winning against an ageing great. If he wins that, earns a few mill, he can retire saying 'i beat a klitschko' which all in all would sound pretty good for him

Posted 19:44 8th January 2013

David Taylor says...

Haye doesn't want any of these as he would get destroyed by Price and probably struggle with Fury.He is after a pay day with Vitali.I think he is a joke really,he talked the talk against vladimir and look what happened so no doubt the same again.He should fight one of these two and then maybe then a crack at one of the brothers.

Posted 19:18 8th January 2013

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