Glenn McCrory blogs on Floyd Mayweather and why Kelly Pavlik's retirement is sad for boxing

Glenn McCrory blogs on Floyd Mayweather and why Kelly Pavlik's retirement is sad for boxing

I would be very surprised if we see Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao square off.

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Nemz T says...

to be honest mayweather is one of the all time greats but i personally think manny will be remembered more as he has been tested alot and has had more memorable fight/wars would love to see manny vs mayweather but thats long gone mayweathers wants to keep a perfect record and he will end up doing just that,

Posted 11:57 14th April 2013

Danny Smart says...

I agree...Mayweather is no great. Who has he beaten to make him great? De La Hoya and Mosley had seen better days, Hatton came up in weight, Cotto is a good scalp and was probably one of Mayweathers most entertaining fights. He always talks about being great, to me greats fight the best, Hearn, Hagler, Leonard, Duran.....need i say more? He has avoided Manny, he can talk about drugs tests or gloves, money, to me if two men want to fight i am sure they will work something out. Boxing needs the best to be fighting each other, with UFC becoming so popular it is vital that promotors/fighters stop cherry picking fights, the super six was a great idea, men like Carl Froch and Kessler should take the plaudits for giving the fans what they want. Martinez, Canelo, Trout, Broner, Bradley, Brook - Fights i would like to see.....

Posted 08:51 9th March 2013

Ashleigh Lee says...

The fact you are comparing him to the likes of Ali and Leonard says it all. I sense you're not a big fan of his personality, which is fair enough. You could see with his row with Joe Cortez, he's as passionate as anyone in the sport, he wants to be loved and he's always backed up his words - No one's really got near him. I expect 5 years after he hangs up his gloves, he will be remebered as a great.

Posted 12:52 28th February 2013

Ian Shannon says...

I am not going to say McCrory don't know anything about boxing but he is definately mistaken when he says Mayweather isnt an all time great. He has fought the best in the business for years and still remains undefeated. Just look at his list of opponents. So he hasn't fought with a broken jaw or got up and won after being on the canvass? Thats because he is so good he dont get hit. Isnt that boxing? Have you ever seen a mark on his face? Nope Every opponent has said they will beat Floyd but none have come close. The reason his fights havent been thrilling recently is because he knows how easy it is to get a victory. He will have his 6 fights & he will win them all!! FACT

Posted 12:39 28th February 2013

Craig Davis says...

agree totally ,Mayweather has hand picked fights all the way ,fighters on the way down rather then at there peak ,mayweather vs pacman should have happened three years ago hagler,hearns,duran,leonard and not forgetting benitez five fighters in there prime that fought lost to eachother at different weights in there prime now there legends ,Mayweather it fit to lace there boots ,all about the money FACT !

Posted 12:16 28th February 2013

Philip Reed says...

I have to disgree completely with Glenn's comments, To say he is not an all time great or will be of the sport he has dominated for 16 to 17 years with no great difficulty has to raise a few eyebrows. Mayweather is without doubt the biggest name in boxing since Mike Tyson. He is the PPV King, Having spent 6 months in the US my self in 2011 i have spoken many times to people about Mayweather and people either love him or hate him but people always pay to see him fight. 8 x World Champion in 5 Different Weight Classes speaks for its self. Few special people in life are bless with a gift and I would say he is one of them. He has showed time and time again that he can win at different weights, The Cotto and De La Hoya fight for example he stepped up to their weight and did the business. I do believe as many would like to see him fight more regular but at the age of 36, he is already in his 2nd comeback and he is back on top as P4P King . I would love to see the Pacquaio fight but he is past his best and if the fight were to take place the excuses would start in the media immediately on Pac's defense that he is past his best, he would of beat him 5 year ago, But maybe but we dont know as it hasnt happened. If was in Mayweathers shoes, he has beat the best and what has been put in front of him he will want a few more fights and to retire on top, he has earned the right to fight who ever he wants to pick out, end of the day he isnt exactly fighting mugs, these are either current or ex WC's right up in the pecking order. But there isnt much left for him out there and he is running out of options really, Nothing in GB anyways Amir Khan isnt up to his scratch, Kell Brook needs to learn his trade 1st before he can ever be mentioned, As a huge Mayweather fan, I hope he does have another 6 fights I would love to get to see one in Vegas and also that he wins a few more Titles and remains Unbeaten.

Posted 11:37 28th February 2013

Matt Bevin says...

I thought that Boxing wasnt about being the toughest or the meanest. . but being the cleverest, the person with the best tactics and pugilist skills. Mayweather needs more respect than this, he is a master of defence, his offence is unbelievable and he hasnt had to fight with his jaw hanging off, or his eye blown up because he is simply too good. I think that by being so good in defence this draws unfair criticism. This is from the Larry Merchant school of thinking and it all comes down to not liking Mayweather personally. Forget his 'Money' tag - he is an unbelievable athlete who has been tested against the best out there and has always found a way. Manny is awesome too and yes it would be great for them to get in the ring together, but give Mayweather his full credit please. Boxing has a place for greats from all genres, it doesnt have to be about blood and broken jaws, sometimes a pugilist comes a long who is above and beyond this and we are lucky enough to have seen him in our time.

Posted 11:34 28th February 2013

Ian Cazaubon says...

Does an all time great have to get knocked down to be considered great although he hasn't lost a fight and made good boxers look ordinary like he did to the last dude who knocked out Manny?

Posted 11:18 28th February 2013

Mark Evans says...

Glenn To say Broner has shown more than Mayweather in his short time is just being sensationalist. Be real Money is the best p4p boxer. Pacman has lost his last 2 fights and ANYONE Mayweather fights gets labelled 'overated' or 'over the hill' as soon as he embarrasses them. Mayweather is a multiweight champion unbeaton so have just a little repsect. I love Brook and Khan but neither are on his level. I beleieve he will win his final fights and retire maybe he is not the greatest ever but the best we have.

Posted 10:34 28th February 2013

Stephen Tims says...

The reason we've never seen him fight with a broken jaw or get up from the canvas to win is because he's simply that good that he doesn't take punishment.I can't understand how you wouldn't consider him an all time great when on every occasion he outclasses who ever he's in the ring with.He has always boxed the best at whatever division he competed and preved he's on a completely different level

Posted 10:04 28th February 2013

Dean Burgess says...

You've never seen Mayweather fight with a broken jaw or get up from the canvas... maybe that's because he's too good a boxer to get hit like that. He'll definitely go down as an all time great.

Posted 09:04 28th February 2013

Fletcher-fletch Fletcher says...

The fights dictate who becomes a legend, I have to agree Floyd with all of his undoubted talent has never really put it on the line. He had the chance with Pacman but then came out with all these ridiculous blood test requests, had the chance to man up but didn't! People like Hatton will always gain more adulation because they put it on the line. Like Hatton's first fight at welter weight against Luiz Callazo, a big gamble in my opinion against a bigger tough live opponent.

Posted 08:13 28th February 2013

Alan P says...

Spot on Glenn. I have always thought of Mayweather as a superb boxer but for me he doesn't fight often enough and doesn't always take the hard fights, the 50/50s. He is 100% scared of losing that zero. I don't know why boxers are desperate to keep hold of that zero so much. How many of the greatest fighters of all time have a zero? Having that couple of defeats and still coming back to be champion shows more than a zero. It wouldn't surprise me if Mayweather wanted to face Pac-man after his latest defeat. I can't really remember many of his fights either. Compare Mayweather to our very own Froch, completely opposite but I know who I would want on my side. Froch is fearless, not technically brilliant, but has the workrate, the heart, the grit and the determination. I really hope Guerrero beats Mayweather, or at least pushes him all the way. But spot on with your assessment of 'Money'. Not many people in sport would be willing to say that i don't think.

Posted 08:01 28th February 2013

Dave Hasol says...

This is ridiculous! Mayweather is a fantastic fighter who is in excellent shape come every fight! Noone trains harder than him, no one can beat him and certainly no one has come close. He should be one of the best because he has never lost a fight and has defeated top fighters with ease which other brilliant fighters had trouble beating ( think we all know what I am talking about). Everytime mayweather gets an new opponent everyone says its gonna be a tough fight for mayweather! But really people need to look at his record, it speaks for itself.

Posted 03:51 28th February 2013

Mark Healy says...

Last time I checked mayweather was a boxer not a bar room brawler. Boxing is about more than fighting, it's about hitting and not being hit which makes Mayweather a great. This piece is a little disrespectful to be honest because Mayweathers ability to avoid having "a broken jaw" or "getting up off the canvas" is probably what put him up along with the names you mentioned.

Posted 02:33 28th February 2013

Mark Green says...

I disagree with Glenn's comments on Mayweather. He doesn't need to be a warrior. His skills are to beat what is in front of him. He does this without being hit. He has never been on his backside and has a big fat zero on his record. I cannot see him losing that either. The only thing I would like to see is his attitude change, but this is who he is. You cannot say he is not an all time great. the facts are there. I'd like to hear Glenn come back on this one....

Posted 01:06 28th February 2013

Jay Mosey says...

How can you criticise a fighter who in 43 fights, 22 of them being world title fights has not only never lost, but never been knocked down and has fought names like Judah, de la hoya, hatton, marquez, mosley, cotto etc. Guys with real speed, real power and real will to win and beat all of them, most of them comprehensively... How can you say that his gut is not an all time great, he has 6 fights left to secure his legacy and I see Guerrero going the full 12 but floyd neutralising his offence and taking the UD with maybe a 116-112 washout.... Just my opinion though!

Posted 00:46 28th February 2013

Paul Wakefield says...

I agree with Glenn that Floyd is certainly not an all-time great however not for the reasons Glenn gives. Floyd's record is simply not that of an all-time great as there are things that are more important than the 0. Floyd has very carefully chosen his opponents throughout his career; he has avoided many dangerous fighters (Kostya Tszyu, Manny Pacquiao), fought others when they're passed their prime (De La Hoya, Mosley, Cotto) or even not allowed boxers to fight using their natural style (Ricky Hatton) while others on his record are not much more than club fighters. Another reason which is not really Floyd's fault is that he hasn't had a career defining fight against a very dangerous rival (e.g. Ali-Frazier, Leonard-Hearns etc). Instead Floyd has simply protected his 0 at all costs, and that impresses some people who know little about boxing and are susceptible to the illusion Floyd and his team create. However Floyd should not and will not be held in the same regard as Robinson, Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Duran, Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Benitez, etc etc

Posted 00:20 28th February 2013

Jamie Mclean says...

Don't get me wrong, I too would love to have seen Floyd fight Manny to really prove he is an all time great. I think the fight would have been better had it taken place a year ago before Manny's two loses (one controversial). However, just because he is not an all-out attack does not take any credit away from what he has achieved. The object of boxing is surely to hit your opponent and avoid being hit to win, so by the fact he has avoided fighting with a broken jaw etc would add to credit Floyd deserves. The man is unbelievable and its not as if he has managed to avoid big fights in his 43 wins. He continues to come out and fight the up and coming names at that time, ortiz for example. I think you have been a touch overly critical on Floyd purely down to his fighting style, however, in fights and videos on youtube, his skill is second to none, without doubt! His reactions and ability to withstand a barrage and actually not get hit by a clean shot (most of the time) is truly phenomenal. Again don't get me wrong Ali and co will go down as the greatest, however no one has, and can match Floyd's ability.

Posted 23:59 27th February 2013

Craig Cottrell says...

Mayweather is an all time great, but his career in the last 6 years has been largely a disappointment after the standards he set below and at lightweight. He could have done so much more, alas ego for him is everything, and as much as he would hate to admit it, his legacy has suffered because of this.

Posted 23:05 27th February 2013

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