Glenn McCrory blogs on Floyd Mayweather and why Kelly Pavlik's retirement is sad for boxing

Glenn McCrory blogs on Floyd Mayweather and why Kelly Pavlik's retirement is sad for boxing

I would be very surprised if we see Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao square off.

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Aidan Mackin says...

I fully agree with this article. I also don't consider mayweather an all time great. If a book was written on mayweathers boxing career would it really be interesting? Spoon fed to the top from a rich boxing background, no real rivalries, never troubled, never tested, never an underdog. What fight of his will be remembered in years to come? Who has he defeated that also will be remembered in years to come? Saying he's an all time great just because he's undefeated is just like saying calzaghe is too. I don't consider Ali the greatest because of boxing ability. I consider him the greatest on the story of his life. From a poor background he fought his way to the top only fighting the best, Fraser, foreman, Liston who are all considered all time greats themselves. Rumble in the jungle, thriller in manila, two fights that will never be forgotten. He was striped of his tittle sent to prison only to win it back. He's been knocked down and got back up, Liston put substances on his gloves so ali couldn't see. He still won! And there was many many more great moments. Ali is the bench mark of greatness and boy does he deserve it. So the question is...What has mayweather ever done in his career to be considered an all time great? I rest my case.

Posted 16:43 27th February 2013

Chris Brennan says...

Just because he is not a warrior means he is not an all time great? How do you know he is not a warrior? He would need someone on the same level as him to drag him into a fight, there is no one on his level! Also boxing is a risky business, if you can avoid being hit then you should do it. Nobody ants to see Floyd ending up like Ali or Meldrick Taylor.

Posted 14:28 27th February 2013

David Rendall says...

Some great comments, Glenn. However, I think if you asked any fighter, they'd really like to remain unflattened, unbroken bones and still with a zero intact.

Posted 13:41 27th February 2013

David Cullen says...

Everyone loves a warrior, someone that just refuses to give up but that attitude doesn't make you better than someone who through his own talent and skill never lets himself get into that situation. Mayweather, love him or hate him, is one of the best boxers there's ever been. Also, I hope the fight with Manny doesn't happen as Floyd would just pick him apart now, it's two years to late.

Posted 13:41 27th February 2013

Thomas Matthews says...

i think that is credit to him that he hasnt been in a fight, he controls the ring an fights at his pace and makes it comfortable for himself, no other boxer in the world can do this... you don't need to get into a fight or hurt to prove you are a good boxer if you can win fights by avoiding that i think that is more of an achievement (play to your strengths) greatest boxer in my era i have seen... people should respect him because they are seeing a genius at work and she appreciate this before he retires.....

Posted 13:25 27th February 2013

Ibby Ahmed says...

He is a great champion and a great technician - but not an all-time great. I feel a bit like Glen's having a go coz Mayweather doesn't get involved in tear ups. Well when your Technician like Mayweather, its up to the other guy to turn the fight into a tear up. It just goes to show the skill of the guy, who in all his fights only ever looked like going down to mosely, twice in one round and then came back out and closed the show on mosely. Boxing is an Art, and pure boxers are Artists and Mayweather is like da vinci. Swim without getting wet! SWIM without getting WET....

Posted 13:16 27th February 2013

Caspar Van roon says...

Cannot agree Glenn. To say he isn't a great because he hasn't been knocked down is folly. Ever thought he hasn't been knocked down because of his superior defensive skills? Agree boxers must show bravery, but just because he hasn't been knocked down yet to show bravery doesn't mean he isn't a great. By the same token perhaps boxers can only be considered great if they had poorer defensive skills to actually be knocked down?!?!!?! I think not. Whether you love or hate his personality, there is little doubt he is an all time great.

Posted 13:02 27th February 2013

Luke Plumb says...

How can Mayweather not be classed as a great? He has won 43 out of 43 fights, What more could he do? and the reason he has never had to pick himself off the floor because nobody has been able to put him there

Posted 12:35 27th February 2013

Mark Gibson says...

Glen. I find it unbelievable that you can say mayweather is not an all time great! He is an un-beaten 5 weight world champion!!! Does he need any other argument? I understand he has never shown the type of heart as a Hagler, or sugar ray but he's never needed too! Boxing is the art of hitting without getting hit an noone executes this better than mayweather! And his greatness certainly shouldn't be tainted because he is probably the best technical boxer with the best defence that has ever climed through the ropes!!

Posted 12:23 27th February 2013

Matthew Cole says...

How can you say FM is not an all time great? He has fought the best fighters within his division and seen them all of with ease and has a perfect record, he has not fought with a broken jaw because his superior skills prevent him from getting into a war. He is one of a kind and will be sorely missed when he eventually hangs up the gloves. Mayweather is a boxing legend.

Posted 12:22 27th February 2013

Lawrence Field says...

Totally disagree with Glen in regards to Mayweather, in my opinion he has to be the best boxer ever to lace up gloves, boxing is an art of hitting and not getting hit which Floyd has mastered, I think he would beat Pacman comfortably and maybe even stop him late on, not that we will get to see the fight now as its never going to happen after pacman getting knocked out by Marquez

Posted 12:22 27th February 2013

United Red says...

Glenn - you say that Mayweather has never been a warrior, never picked himself up off the floor with a broken Jaw. Surely that is the very reason that he should go down as an all time great, because his skills are so superior that he has never been in that kind of trouble. although the Pacquiao fight should have been made when they were both at their peak, look at the list of fighters Mayweather has schooled and it's easy to see that he should be considered an all-time great. His fights may not be the most dramatic or enjoyable to watch but that is purely because he is so techinically gifted that even against elite opposition he rarely finds himself in trouble. His persona may also count against him when compiling a list of all time greats but if we are talking about a list of the all time greatest boxers, the fact that he can comfortably beat the rest of the elite of his generation means he must be up for consideration. I think Mayweather will win a landslide decision against Guerrero and if the name of the game is to hit and not get hit then Mayweather has to be one of the all time greats

Posted 12:16 27th February 2013

John Dutton says...

Completely agree with your points on Mayweather Glenn. Undoubtedly masterful with skill and talent to spare but his record and calibre of opponent simply isnt good enough to be considered great. He has cherry picked opponents as soon as he was in a position to do so and i mean that in the sense he worked hard early in his career beating Castillo twice, Corrales and so on but his only credible opponent in the last 6 years is de la hoya. The rest have all been way past there best. He came in dangerously over weight for Marquez, He should of fought Cotto 4 years ago when he was tearing up trees. He avoided Mosley until he couldnt pull the trigger and posed no threat. He outright avoided Pacquiao and WILL probably end up fighting him now he's over the hill. Calzaghe was exactly the same. Both should of made more with talent they had and built a record the talent deserved.

Posted 12:16 27th February 2013

Pat Barlow says...

Surely the fact he beats everyone hands down is not enough to show that he is a legend but the fact he fights everyone when they are there peak and has done all his career , he does not wait for the 0 to go like paciquoi does and wait for mayweather to beat them up and destroy there confidence , no he is a living legend but lets remember hes too good to in the sort of situation that glen is talking about thats not his fault just the same as its not joe calzaghes fault there was no one better than him

Posted 12:15 27th February 2013

Martin Batley says...

Completely agree with the point regarding his five other fighters. Would be great to see some big names, with him potentially finishing with Broner, but I can't see it happening. Again I agree that he isn't a warrior like Sugar Ray and Ali, but that shouldn't mean anything less towards his legacy. The fact that he hasn't had to climb off the canvas is due to his incredible abilities as a boxer. He has fought some incredible boxers in his time, and with the exception of Pacquiao, has fought everyone out there who has dared to challenge him, even if it meant going through the weights. Would I put Mayweather in my top 10 boxers of all, but should his last six fights be up to scratch, I see no reason why he couldn't be by 2015.

Posted 12:12 27th February 2013

Philip Royle says...

Bit of a controversial article saying Floyd isn't an all time great. He hasn't been knocked down or suffered a broken jaw, is that because of the calibre of opponent or down to floyd's skill of hit and not be hit? He will be in the HOF first ballot for sure which could be seen as a sign of an all-time great, but will he remembered in 50 years time as one of the best? Time will tell

Posted 12:09 27th February 2013

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