Glenn McCrory on Nathan Cleverly, Scott Quigg and Ola Afolabi

Glenn McCrory on Nathan Cleverly, Scott Quigg and Ola Afolabi

It's probably fair to say that Nathan Cleverly is not yet a boxing superstar.

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James Gilbert says...

Aaron Cooper... To be the best you have to beat the best. Taking 15'000 fans to the states does not make you a champion. Ward might have fought the majority of his fights in California....however, in the one fight that mattered outside of California/Nottingham at the Boardwalk, Ward did the business. Bigging Cleverly up to be something to get excited about is stupid, you can see already he is not going to be one of the greats. When he comes up against someone of a similar calibre he will get found. Froch for sure would do a job on him and then where would that leave him?

Posted 10:32 26th June 2013

Iain Hamilton says...

I respect Glenn's opinion as a former world champion. I think if Froch has any guts he will take on Cleverly at the end of the year cause Cleverly is fighting Kolavev but I think Froch needs a good domestic dust up and Cleverly in my opinion is the right choice these two will give you a tearup, on Afolabi I think he should look to sign with one of the British promoters cause K2 just handle the Klitschkos and either Frank Warren or Eddie Hearn can give him exposure over here and make him champion.

Posted 13:23 23rd June 2013

Aaron Cooper says...

Yes Froch has fought just over half of his fights in Nottingham but Andre Ward has fought the majority of his fights in California..his home state. Froch is also a 3 time world champion and lost to one of the p4p best so how did he get found out? Hatton is just about the only guy who could bring 15000 fans with him to the US AND oh he has only lost to a former p4p king and probably the best boxer in the last 15 years..James Gilbert you are clueless!

Posted 15:28 21st June 2013

James Gilbert says...

Cleverly is another one who only fights in his comfort zone, wrapped up in cotton wool, fighting domestic Joey's. As soon as he steps out of that comfort zone he will get found out. Just like Froch did the first time he fought Kessler and a second time when he got schooled by Ward. Cleverly is a good fighter but he is never going to be a true boxing champion. Froch fought in front of 9/10 thousand in Nottingham for the majority of his career. In my opinion, the equivalent of Man Utd playing at home every game for a full season. Cleverly will get found out on the big stage just like Froch, Naseem and Hatton.

Posted 12:20 21st June 2013

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