Wladimir Klitschko: Heavyweight star could struggle without Vitali

Wladimir Klitschko: Heavyweight star could struggle without Vitali

Wladimir Klitschko stands above every other heavyweight at the moment - but I feel he will be hit hard by his brother's retirement.

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Peter Harrison says...

I would have to disagree with Glenn's assumption, that Wladimir will struggle to carry on the legacy. Firstly, his legacy has already been sealed. He has the 2nd most number of title defences in history. Second, he is all about the sweet science, the art of hitting, without getting hit. And third. There ain't a heavyweight out there who can beat him. As a Brit myself, I want to see the progression of heavyweight boxing. But the current lot, excluding Anthony Joshua, don't fare very well. Joshua, like Wladimir, is an Olympic Gold medallist, and an excellent amateur, and if he can take a piece out of Lewis, or Wladimir's book, then he will go very far. The Klitschko brothers have been excellent ambassadors for the heavyweight division. We all hear from the casual fans, that it's no longer 'entertaining'. However, on technical boxing ability alone, Wladimir stands tall above everyone else. And I guarantee, once the great Klitschko retires, you will see an even weaker era, a division where the alphabet belts are passed around like candy. And that's not a division I want to see. At least now, the belts are being held by a world class athlete, with an exemplary amateur pedigree. Long live Wladimir, and enjoy him while we can....

Posted 02:55 15th January 2014

Matt Hughes says...

I do not rate fury at all , who has he fought? He's another one of the typical British boxers who has a great record on paper but when it comes to the crunch he will lose badly , it's the brutal truth for those of you who think he will win a title! Boxing has turned bad over the years,boxing seems to be about building a good record by knocking out journey men and getting a shot at a belt, there seems to no proper ranking system it's about who offers up the most money,and there are to many belts in the divisions there should be one per divison, there is no passion to be the best boxer it's all about being the richest , quote me if I am wrong!

Posted 12:32 11th January 2014

Ben Lockwood says...

Can't agree with the three American prospects tipped here. Wilder definitely, but Mitchell and Banks have both performed really badly against each other and don't have the skills to keep up with the too six boxers in the division. I would have been tipping Perez over these two, and I still think Marco Huck is someone to be considered up at heavyweight. Chisora needs to go after Wladamir and leave Fury to go after the vacated title once it's found a home.

Posted 01:16 11th January 2014

Paul Keohane says...

In my view Tyson Fury is not in the running, he should not be in the top 15.........He hasn't got the hand speed or skill level to trouble Wilder.........Glenn, I agree with you about Wilder but I will go one stage further............Mark my words, he will be the next big name in the heavyweight division. Comments please.........

Posted 17:50 10th January 2014

Martin Dronfield says...

Its a sad state of affairs when Tyson Fury is tipped for the world heavyweight title, rewind 10 years, Lewis, Tyson, Bowe, Holyfield, it would have been a different story. Poor fighter in a poor age for boxing.

Posted 11:02 10th January 2014

Vincent Doyle says...

I think we will see Haye make a miraculous recovery from his shoulder injury now the WBC belt is floating about. Arreola will fight Stivern. Tyson will fight Arreola. Haye will fight Tyson.

Posted 09:40 10th January 2014

John Skinner says...

The only 2 real box office, up and coming heavyweights are Fury and Wilder. Would be good to see those two meet later on in 2014 with a title at stake!

Posted 19:37 9th January 2014

Adam Fox says...

Couldn't agree more with you Glenn. A good piece with a lot of food for thought on who should face who in eliminators for a wold title shot.

Posted 18:11 9th January 2014

Neal Morgan says...

I agree 100% with what you say, I personally think wladimir will only have 2-3 more fights before he calls it a day. Regarding the british scene, i think fury is 2 fights away from a title shot, he needs to get through his next fight (unnamed oppoent as of yet) . then he can fight the winner of Arreola-Stiverne the for the right to face wlad. I think joshua should be aiming for the euopean belt by the end of 2014, and all going good, push onto world level next year. I think chisora would give fury a good fight, most likley going to fury on points, but would like them both to challenge others in hope of a bigger rematch later on if they both continue to improve!

Posted 15:39 9th January 2014

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