Tim Tebow's talent doesn't match his popularity with fans, says Simon Veness

Tim Tebow's talent doesn't match his popularity with fans, says Simon Veness

Last week's column was devoted to the roller-coaster three-year NFL career of former Denver and New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow.

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Howard Krugman says...

Is Tim Tebow just too wholesome a man for the NFL? I'm not saying there aren't other wholesome players, but Tim is a standout. He is an example to all Americans, especially youth. Did everyone forget his standout performance with Denver at the end of the season including a playoff win? The Jets should never have taken him. The Jets ruined his career by not letting him play. I'm sorry, but to all those Tebow doubters, but you just do not win a Hysman trophy and be nominated again for nothing. Not to mention leading his team to a national championship and other winning seasons. Has he really ever been given a fair chance? There are several mediocre quarterback in the NFL that I believe he is better than. What is wrong with expressing a strong belief in God? You see other players crossing themselves before and after a play all the time. Tim Tebow is a proven leader and qualified to play in the NFL

Posted 21:35 31st May 2013

Jojo Jones says...

Amen Brother! I think tebow might be good enough to be a backup, but who wants to take on that circus for a shoddy backup? He was the only backup QB in the NFL to get his own post game press conference for god's sake! I mean, he really has himself to blame here. He wanted attention and now he is paying the price for his media whoring ways. I imagine we will all be seeing him "te-bow" in the near future at the end of his dancing with the stars routine or some such nonsense.

Posted 19:25 31st May 2013

Christian Rhys says...

Your argument for Harvin and the other NFL talents who played with Tebow is somewhat one sided. I'll quote a line from the Bible Tebow used to address his Broncos team, "Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." During the 4 yr period that overlapped Tebow's tenure at Nease High School, 32 players signed to play Division I football - the first 20 yrs of the school's existence, only a handful. Tebow was regarded by the coach as the catalyst for the talent boom. Now you have to ask yourself, how much influence did Tebow have on his Gator teammates.

Posted 18:54 31st May 2013

Greg Conlentz says...

No quarterback in NFL history has been a super star on his First year, not even Payton Manning! Tim Tebow doesn't fit the NFL mold. You've got to beat your girlfriend, be a drunkard, have tattoo's all over your face, be a trash mouth, and the list goes on to be praised by the NFL and many others. The truth is that Tim Tebow is too good for the NFL. As a beginning quarterback for Denver he did great by most standards but that's where it ends. As far as I'm concerned Tim Tebow is a great NFL quarterback even though he was unceasingly ridiculed, mocked, made fun of, by the NFL and press, he still managed to take Denver to the playoff's. How many rookey quarterbacks have done that?

Posted 01:48 31st May 2013

James Langenmayr says...

Really? All you hear is silence? How about this: How many players do you know that have broken as many records as Tebow did in college? School, conference, and NCAA? Total touchdowns in a season? Passing percentage? Offensive player of the year how many times? Walker award, Manning award, the list goes on and on and on. Obviously you need to do some more research. Sure, he was surrounded by talent, but so is A.J. McCarron. McCarron's stats - they don't come close. Try telling anyone Bama doesn't have just as much talent as Florida did during Tebow's years. Tebow is playing against many of the same guys as he did in college, as you pointed out in your article. Why can he not get the same results? Answer- he can in the right offense if he's given half a chance. And just in case you didn't understand any of this, TIM TEBOW WINS FOOTBALL GAMES!!! Isn't that the point of playing in the NFL? So, before you bash a player for not having the talent to play in the NFL, give an honest effort, and do some background, or find a real job!

Posted 00:32 31st May 2013

Andy Kimball says...

As much as Jerry Jones loves the spotlight and given Tony Romo's history I am surprised that he has not already signed with The Cowboys, I think that Tim would be a nice addition to Dallas,

Posted 15:42 30th May 2013

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