Simon Veness says a London franchise for the NFL is close

Simon Veness says a London franchise for the NFL is close

Simon Veness sees the move to put an NFL team in London gathering pace.

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Jj Jones says...

The Jaguars are in lease with Jacksonville until 2027. Sorry bro, you gotta steal somebody else's team.

Posted 11:16 9th June 2013

John Purches says...

Disaster waiting to happen. People come from around the country to Wembley for one, two, maybe even three games a year, because it's an EVENT, a treat to see the big names that they normally only get to see on TV. Make it a regular, happening, and, yes you'll get a hardcore of London, fans, but the fans from outside the capital won't come, or won't be able to afford to come every other week, so what then, take the team on a 'Around the UK roadshow' - anybody remember the London Monarchs becoming the nomadic England Monarchs, playing in football stadia on shortened pitches? Plus, one of the notable characteristics of the people who have crowded out Wembley for the last few years has been the range of uniforms on show, people already have their allegiances, would they all suddenly cast off their Raiders, Dolphins, Patriots shirts for a Jags one? True fans of NFL in this country have a passion for the game, and through that, a passion for their own 'adopted' US city team. I think it will be a struggle to maintain a high enough level of support for a local team to make moving a franchise here on a permanent basis a truly viable option.

Posted 07:48 9th June 2013

Stevie Goliath says...

I think a London franchise would go a long way to capturing the imagination of the public. I'd personally like to see it help change the ethos of sport in this country. The NFL is really ahead of the game in terms of its attitude towards the commercialism of sport, it embraces it and has put in measures to stop it destroying the game, salary caps, draft etc. The way football is going in this country, the premier league and UEFA could learn a lot from the NFL.

Posted 20:06 8th June 2013

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