England's Matt Prior is best wicketkeeper-batsman in world, says Bob Willis

England's Matt Prior is best wicketkeeper-batsman in world, says Bob Willis

Wicketkeepers are often the forgotten men in cricket teams so I was delighted to see Matt Prior named as England's cricketer of the year.

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George Staples says...

I agree with most of what Bob says BUT Prior has improved but is not the consistent keeper he should be. His glovework is often shoddy and he does not decide whether to stay up or go back he seems to be reactive rather than proactive. His batting has improved (apart from in this Test match) but is not consistent enough. I don't agree that Dhoni has slipped down the world order, he is still a fine batsman in any form of cricket, he's a good captain and a very good consistent batsman. George

Posted 12:53 17th May 2013

Dave B says...

Best wicketkeeper batsman? I think AB would have something to say about that. As good a keeper, on a different planet as a batsman! Maybe conveniently, we dont class AB as a keeper batsman!

Posted 10:12 15th May 2013

Jody Killian says...

have you seen AB de Villiers lately he's more consistent with the bat in all forms of cricket and better with the golves...AB is simply a much better all round player than Matt Prior.

Posted 10:05 15th May 2013

Shaji Geevarghese says...

Agree with Bob that prior is good, but to say he is better than Dhoni is taking it a bit too far . Dhoni is a class apart when it comes to batting! The most dependable and exiting cricketer of our times!

Posted 07:21 15th May 2013

Jignesh Patel says...

i dont think so, ms dhoni is the best in the world by miles!

Posted 17:34 14th May 2013

Selwyn Van schalkwyk says...

Any consideration given to AB de Villiers?

Posted 17:29 14th May 2013

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