Courtney love!

Courtney love!

It's a lottery but Adam Smith says Courtney Fry might just be the winning ticket when Prizefighter returns...

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Mark Stolworthy says...

I have just viewed the reversed decision for the Dilks and Stubbs bout. Were the judges watching the same fight? Boxing is about throwing punches which land, not work rate, which consists of walking forward and missing. Dilks won the fight easily. It was an awful decision. And as Dilks rightly said, 'how can you count three rounds incorrectly?' It is a disgrace and I feel sorry for Dilks. I feel cheated as a viewer. The wrong man was in the final. Obviously, a lot of money had been placed on the favourite Oakey and Dilks would of been to bigger risk (no disrespect to Tony Oakey).

Posted 00:04 21st February 2009

Sam F says...

Courtney Fry will walk this event, a shut out over Davies, too smart for Oakey and then a knockout finish over Stubbs in the final. It's about time Fry shines in the paid ranks.

Posted 11:57 19th February 2009

Andrew Brito-coll says...

Going down on Friday to watch it. Will be supporting Carl Dilks & as one of me mates hope he can come through it as champ. Have watched seen him b4 & he's good!!! Come on Dilksy!!!

Posted 00:50 18th February 2009

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