Hollywood or bust

Hollywood or bust

"One mistake and Barrera will knock him out." Adam Smith talks high stakes with Team Khan in California.

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Reece Carter says...

Something doesn't add up here. Why is Barrera coming to the UK to take on an up and coming fighter? Something fishy is going on with Frank Warren too. He likes to sheild his fighters until they get a world title shot or until he knows he can make a few million out of them. So why take a gamble and fight Barrera?? There is no question in my mind that Warren has had some inside info here, and that Barrera has some sort of problem. Whether that be a niggling injury that can be exploited or just something he has heard through the grapevine which has tweaked his interest. Warren wouldn't take this massive gamble otherwise. Something here isn't right!!

Posted 17:25 3rd March 2009

Kenneth Burrows says...

Roach is only making his "one mistake" remarks to keep Khan focused. But focused or not, it's going to be another big fall from grace for the lad. Because let's face it, if Willy Limond and Micheal Gomez can deck him, MAB is going to send him straight back into Prescott-la-la land.

Posted 21:24 2nd March 2009

Hugh Mcloone says...

No one can deny that Khan cant take a shot, in earlier fights he was nearly taken out by shots from non punchers, however im certainly not a Khan hater and would love to see the lad go on and prove his doubters wrong. I think this fight depends and how well Khan has sorted out his defence and tactics ,and even at that if Barrera has come to fight it could be a long hard night for the lad but if it all comes together for Amir he should be able to pull it off. As for picking Barrera as an opponent in the first place, putting Amir in at the deep end , its either going to inspire him to go on and win and prove he is World class ,World champ material , or if he loses then maybe himself and the rest of us may have to accept he is never going to be the boxing prodigy we belived him to be.

Posted 12:51 28th February 2009

Mat Eves says...

Its gonna be a hard fight for Khan but a fight he can win with his speed, power and now better footwork. However, F Roach says on this page 'one mistake and Berrera knocks him out' that doesn't sound to me that he thinks Khans chin is up to the job, should make for an exciting fight, good luck Khan, give him hell and keep em hands up and chin down

Posted 19:44 27th February 2009

Carl Barraclough says...

I'm just being realistic, I don't like that in this country we build people up on a pedestal and then knock them down. I prefer to let the boxers fists do the talking and so far Khan has nowhere near lived upto the hype. He has been floored too many times in his fledgling career by has beens and never weres such as Gomez and Limmond. I just can't see him being the best in the World, I think he may get a World title but he will be nursed to it and the fighters will be hand picked. Every true champion needs to be able to take a punch cos no matter how hard you work on your defence some fighters will hit you on the button now and again. The problem with Khan is that when he gets hit flush he simply goes down. He's a younger version of Audley Harrison, not as talented as his words would have us believe, no heart and no chin. Barrera will wear Khan down and the knock him out. Barrera is not renowned for being a knock out artist but he doesn't have to hit Khan too hard to knock him out.

Posted 16:26 27th February 2009

Roger Robert says...

Give the lad a chance instead of witting him off all the time...everyone is questioning his chin over one fight...freddy roach the finest coach alive a true legend maker has clearly stated that he cant give Khan a new chin but he'll teach him how to protect it...this was clearly seen in the fagan fight...The boy is hungry and ambitious and ready to put british boxing back on the map...all the people criticising him now will be the one chanting his name when he finally becomes a WORLD CHAMP!!!instead of being glory hunters, better support the lad....GO ON LAD DO IT FOR BRITAIN!!!!

Posted 11:31 27th February 2009

Garry Pietras says...

Khan is a great prospect with vast potential but I think he will have to dig deep against a fighter of Barrera's caliber. The guy has been in with some of the biggest names in the sport and come out on top. I think that experience will edge the fight in Barreras favour especially in later rounds I say Barerra on points

Posted 21:51 26th February 2009

Carl Barraclough says...

What is all this rubbish that Prescott would have knocked anyone out with those shots? The truth is that a decent fighter wouldn't have let him throw them shots and a half decent fighter would not let them land on the chin. You wouldn't see Hatton, Manny or Floyd get hit by them shots in the first minute of a fight. Yes Khan is fast, yes he can be over eager but also yes he has the worst chin in boxing. I won't lie there is a slim chance that Khan might over power Barrera but a bigger chance that the wise old baby face assasin will bide his time and take Khan out. If anyone thinks Khan will be a dominant world champion they better stop watching the sport, he's over hyped and soon he will be overwhelmed, again.....

Posted 21:08 26th February 2009

Billy Killen says...

Its hard to predict this fight because on paper it looks so much of a mis-match.. if it were Barrerra 8 years ago or even 3 years ago khans name wouldnt be aloud to be mentioned in the same sentence as him because the man is a legend to boxing......But Frank Warren being the crook that he is has pulled something out of the fire here, hes got a marketable fighter a legend in his own right to try and re-establish one of his main pedigrees. Lets weigh up the tape here, Barrera hasnt fought in while ,the last time he fought he didnt look a shade of himself and reverted to brawling and was outclassed, hes stepping up in weight. As for Khan hes young, hungry, determined to prove the critics wrong and has bags and bags of speed, the saying goes that speed beats power every time on the distance, on this evidence alone it looks like game over, not until u mention the fact that khan has the chin of a 14 year old. and so the question remains, Will khan step up to the plate? what barrera will show up? has roach finally got the best of khan? the list goes on,, my prediction is that because of youth, style, speed and hunger i predict khan in round 9 and if not def on points, (not because i like khan i do believe hes over-rated)because there is to much at state here for the bolton lad to lose, hes got potential and no ones doubting that, but how much? and how far can he go with it? there is only one ricky hatton

Posted 14:44 26th February 2009

Jamie Mcmillan says...

I think that Amir Khan is a great talent he has good skill, great speed of hand and has shown he has got power at times, he seems very professional and humble and seems really dedicated to his family, he is a very determed boxer his career has really sky rocketed and his profile is ever growing. Having said that I think this fight is a big risk to his career and after getting knocked out in his last fight you would have thought that his manager, background staff and promoters could have chosen a more sensible fight to ease him back in to action, Barrera is WAY out Amir's league and I think that this will be a hard boxing lesson for him as he hasn't had to fight anyone with Barrera's skills and experience yet. I hope Im wrong because as I said at the start he is a great talent and imagine what this would do to his career if he won, but is this a gamble worth taking at this stage of his career? I say NO and I think this will turn out to be a case of "bitten off more than you can chew" Barrera will be too good and will defeat a brave Khan in 5rounds. Good Luck though Amir go and prove me wrong!

Posted 14:42 26th February 2009

Yaseen Yousaf says...

Freddie Roach is a quality trainer. He knows how to beat Barrera. It's all about what Khan does and whether he sticks to the game plan. It's obvious, he's got to dance all night, box on the back foot, hit and not be hit. He's bigger, stronger and faster than Barrera. However, you can't put muscles, strength and endurance on your chin. Even Freddie Roach has said that one mistake will lead to his fighter getting knocked out. Barrera has had more knockouts that Khan has had fights. I'm sure the Barrera camp will be doing their homework and exploiting the Khan weaknesses: his chin and trying to get inside and pound the body. This is why this fight is so interesting and a great match up. Having said all that, I think Khan will prevail because he's faster and speed kills. He's also very attentive and I think he will stick to the game plan and possibly score a TKO in the later rounds.

Posted 11:19 26th February 2009

Russell Thomas says...

Of course this is a gamble for Amir, I hope Frank Warren has given this one more thought than Prescott! However let us recognise the many skills Amir has... speed, footwork and head movement etc. The main obstacle to him winning is that innate drive to stand still and fire off combos. against Barrera this will end in defeat. To win this he has to keep moving, dominate the ring and use his physical advantages in height and reach. This plus his speed and natural talent I believe can see him through... come on Amir!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 08:25 26th February 2009

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