Leader of the Pac

Leader of the Pac

Adam Smith drops in on the Wild Card Gym to join Team Pacquiao as they tune up for Ricky Hatton on May 2.

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Thomas Holt says...

Great blog Adam, you don't need anyone to carry your laptop/notepad/pen do you? Really looking forward to the fight. Have tremendous respect for both fighters, both will leave it all in the ring which means we are all in for a real treat. Too close for me to call, will Hatton be able to hurt Manny earler in the fight? Will this be the fight Ricky's lifestyle (I am not criticising, good luck to him I say) between fights catches up with him going in against such a quick fighter, so many ifs. One definite though, two fantastic ambassadors for both the sport and their respective countries. Good luck gentleman!

Posted 16:58 15th April 2009

Zloc Zloc says...

Hatton needs to hurt Pac Man early; if Hatton can handle his speed I think he's got a great chance

Posted 13:17 15th April 2009

Billy Killen says...

Another great article Adam. I'm starting to grasp from reading this article alone why Pacquaio is such a role model/ icon for many Filipino's; his generosity and good heart is very hard to come by in this day and age and this man deserves every tag or title he's earned on merit alone. To get an insight of his family dedication and his gruesome training routines is very interesting to myself or for any other fight fan. I consider myself to be a Ricky Hatton fan and want Ricky to win desperately, but the way in which Pacquaio presents himself and how he represents his country, I feel for the nation of fans that could potentially be heartbroken come May 2nd. This fight is to close to call - my heart says Ricky and my head says Manny. Roach is a master tactician and Mayweather Snr is a defensive genuis and they are both paired with two of the world's most iconic boxers and peoples' champions, so I'm gonna stick with my heart tho and say that because Mayweather will have taught Hatton to fight more on the outside than usual, slowly bullying his way into the inside where he will do the damage that will win the fight. Good lucky Ricky and Manny, i think there could be a friendship blossoming after the fight... does Manny like Guinness?

Posted 12:05 15th April 2009

Luke Smith says...

Best blog anywhere bar none. Everyone says that the bigger man should win, but Pacquiao seems to be so quick and skilful I fear for Ricky on this one...

Posted 17:26 14th April 2009

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