Calling the shots

Calling the shots

Amir goes it alone and Ricky's back, but who have they got in their sights? Adam Smith looks at the options...

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Greg Doyle says...

Graham Kerry Kayes has gone on to say he will never work with Ricky unless Billy Graham has something to do with Ricky. I hope Ricky comes back but gives his body enough time to become really healthy without a struggle. If Ricky was hitting the form of which he once did against Kostya Tszyu then Amir Khan would not dare even mention Rickys name. I Hope and Pray that Ricky comes back and shocks the world.

Posted 15:49 22nd January 2010

Matthew Coole says...

I'm loving Khan's improvement under Roach. I know everyone still has their doubts about him after the Prescott match and to be honest I have my doubts to but give him a chance. Any boxer can be knocked down if caught cold by a big punch early on, look at calzaghe against jones and hopkins, had khan had a little more experience he might have been able to muddle through the first round and get himself back into the fight, who knows but don't count him out until he's at least had a chance to prove himself on the world stage, he's certainly got the boxing skill. I certainly hope the pacman mayweather fight happens as it's the fight the whole world wants to see. Pacman is almost certainly going to destroy whoever else he faces and I'm sure mayweather will out box and out point anyone he faces, even mosley. The only fight either of them could be in where you wouldn't really be sure of the winner is against each other, because of that for me it's the only fight I'd be interested in seeing either of them in.

Posted 12:57 22nd January 2010

Edward Usher says...

I will look forward to seeing Amir Khan fight a live opponent in America.This parting from the protective cloak of Frank Warren should remove all doubts about his ability to deal with a puncher. his only meeting with someone with a punch ended in disaster.If he fights Ricky Hatton and it goes the distance Amir Khan will win. Ricky will have to stop him early to have a chance.

Posted 21:11 20th January 2010

Graham Collins says...

Very interesting blog as usual Adam. I'm just wondering again about the training camp of Hatton. Do you think we will ever find out everything that happened? and how much of it do you think contributed to Ricky's defeat? Also, I've followed Rickys career for a while and i always thought Kerry Kayes was instrumental in making the most of Rickys physical advantages. I think that once Kayes departed Ricky lost a major part of what made him so successful (smother opponents for every minute of every round) The difference Alex Ariza had made to Pacquiao speaks for itself. Surely it was a major mistake to not have someone like Kerry Kayes for one of the biggest fights of his career. Do you think Kerry will be involved with Ricky now that Mayweather Snr is gone?

Posted 17:38 20th January 2010

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