Taxing for Money?

Taxing for Money?

Adam Smith is out in Vegas as the world, including the Shadow Chancellor, waits to see who prevails...

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Adam Whiteley says...

Brian Hamill, im with you on this one, floyd is a ducker, fact. why didnt he fight cotto after hatton? or sugar shane back then? margerito? paul williams? now ducking manny pacquiao. retiring and then saying theres no where els to go is just plain disrespectful, no wonder he dont get the respect he thinks hes entitled to, he aint fought all there is out there to fight yet. i belive floyd will most definatley come unstuck against manny pacquiao, why? because as good as floyds defence is, it is no match for the attack manny posseses, manny has proved he can punch throughout the entire 12 rounds at a ridiculous rate.

Posted 10:48 30th April 2010

Floyd Sinclair says...

I do like Adam Smiths blogs. Hes a true boxing fan like myself and does not let the personality of a fighter blind his judgement. Pernell whitaker was a great fighter but for me in terms of skill and ability Floyd is the best since Sugar Ray Leonard. Whether he has the heart and courage of Leonard is something we would all love to find out. The way Leonard pulled it out the bag against Hearns was true greatness, can Floyd handle adversity the same way? nobody knows. We are all entitled to our own opinion which makes sport so great we all see something a little differently. What I see when I look past Floyds sometimes annoying, sometimes entertaining personality, is a genius I feel privileged to be able to watch. For me Floyd beats Mosley and then puts on a boxing masterclass against against Manny Pacquiao.

Posted 10:36 30th April 2010

Brian Hamill says...

Adam, if you believe that Floyd Mayweather is the best fighter since Sugar Ray Leonard then I suggest you watch these fights: - Pernell Whitaker vs Azumah Nelson - Pernell Whitaker vs Julio Cesar Chavez - Pernell Whitaker vs Buddy McGirt II - Pernell Whitaker vs Greg Haugen - Pernell Whitaker vs Jose Luis Ramirez II Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker fought the best (unlike Floyd), and beat them in style. He had a far better jab than Floyd, an even better defence, was a far better combination puncher, was more versatile, better on the inside, and was a far better ring general. Floyd will beat Shane, but don't be fooled by his never-ending self-propaganda, he is nowhere near as good as he makes out. Roy Jones was a more effective fighter in his prime as well.

Posted 17:43 29th April 2010

Andre Austin says...

It just doesn't get any better for boxing fans at the moment and after the tremendous battle between Froch and Kessler last weekend we have the first superfight of the year. Let's be clear Sugar Shane can win this fight and I see him giving FMJ some big problems early on but much as I want to see Shane win I just think FMJ'S youth gives him the edge on fitness and expect to win a close UD.

Posted 10:08 29th April 2010

Dane Bajic says...

I do respect the comments of Adam Smith, But I hope that it will be a classic in respect that Floyd gets off the floor at least once in the fight and so too does Mosley. You cannot say it will be THE fight of the year without those ingredients in my opinion. If Floyd wins that way it will prove that he is able to go to the trenches, get knocked down a couple of pegs and come out victor and will get my respect instead of running then hitting because in all due respect to the style of Floyd he will not be able to run from Manny Pacquiao who will for certain test him in that way. Mayweather cannot run, duck and weave all his life he will get found out eventually, IF he decides to fight Manny. I believe that Mosley can and hope that he does provide a stern test for Mayweather because I rate him more than all the fighters Mayweather has faced so far in his whole career. He will stalk Mayweather all night long and will test his chin and will remember to keeps his hands up unlike Ricky Hatton who got hit by a glove and by a ring post for doing that! If Mayweather wins on points without being thoroughly tested, coming off the floor, or winning by knockout then sorry Adam it will not be a great fight as it proves nothing except to fuel Floyds ego. But it will be for Mayweather and his loyal fans until Judgment Day with Pacquiao .

Posted 18:51 28th April 2010

Gary Forbes says...

Hi adam, great blog, finally nice to see some commentators giving Floyd the credit he deserves. Many people are often out of by his brash loud mouth comments, however when you actually look at the work he puts into the gym you must give credit where credit is due. As for the fight its self, its is conceivable that Floyd will put on another defensive masterclass and frustrate and couter Sugar Shane the whole night! However this is not likely to get Floyd widespread acclaim as the general sports fan doesn`t appreciate this style as much as the styles of brawlers like Pacquiao and Hatton. Nonetheless, this fight is without doubt going to be epic! And for you Adam, you stick to boxing analysis and less talk about politics!

Posted 18:51 28th April 2010

Amerdip Singh says...

I can see why everyone is picking Floyd, but in my opinion he lost to Oscar, and had a big struggle vs a speedy Zab Judah. I think Mosley can take heart from this and concentrate on sneaking the rounds. I feel if Mosley fights a clever fight and is sharp he could catch the eye of the judges and get a close decision, anything less than his best Vs Floyd will not be good enough! I don't think it will be the most exciting, fun thrilled of fights, but a chess match of boxing minds! Come'on Shane!!

Posted 18:12 28th April 2010

Tim Eccleston says...

First off thank you Sky for getting this fight! Boxing is really beginning to hot up and it's great Sky put so much into boxing! For me Mayweather wins this by UD

Posted 17:34 28th April 2010

Steve Cannon says...

I agree with Adam, I see a wide points win for Mayweather. Keith I wouldn't look too far into the 24/7 episodes, they're purposefully created to hype the fight and make it look like a toss up between the two fighters as to who will win. I remember the Marquez vs. Mayweather 24/7 made it seem like Marquez could win, as did the Roy Jones - Joe Calzaghe series. Mosley doesn't have enough left to beat Mayweather. He looked awful against Mayorga before getting the knockout and Margarito was made for him, not to mention that he'd just been caught with loaded gloves and his mind will have been all over the place. He hasn't fought in 15 months and it will tell, Mayweather is going to make him look old and win comfortably IMO.

Posted 16:44 28th April 2010

John Dutton says...

I find myself as somewhat of a boxing romantacized always rooting for the little guy and the underog. That being said I honestly can't believe the overwhelming confidence people have with Mayweather winning comfortably. (bias aside) Please dont forget that although Sugar is 38 he STILL packs one hell of a punch! if his foot and hand speed are as good as his last fight against Margarito he has one hell of a chance of Knocking Mayweather out never mind beating him. Dont get me wrong Money is one hell of a fighter. Even if the choice of opposition over the years has been frustrating . People are talking about Money just picking him off but you dont read into the fact that Sugar will gladly take a punch to get inside. If he does get inside Mayweather will have sore ribs for weeks. Mosley Ko down the stretch if its tight on points.

Posted 15:47 28th April 2010

Alistair Tinsley says...

First and foremost, Adam your column alongside Jim Watt's are by far the best read's I have ever come across. Glenn's seem to have gone from fence sitting to personal crusades of late and I'm sure he mentions to you all the time about him being a world champion. Jokes aside, I think what your saying is spot on. I just hope the blood doesn't go from Shane's arm (the olympic blood testing) to his head and he trying to bum rush Floyd, i can't see it, but the occasion can affect both fighters equally. If he does Floyd will tear him apart, school him and it will be a mirror image of the Gatti fight. I remember the build up to that, Floyd moving up in weight, the fans thinking Gatti would make floyd fight, Gatti's management not wanting the fight and the result just being a masterclass from a terrific master of his class. I would like to ask you Adam, how you got into the pundit world, you do such a great job at it and just wondered how you came to be our man on the floor Live in Vegas!!! I bet you pinch yourself every morning, lucky man. Floyd to win by Majority Decision, first 4-6 rounds to be close but Floyd showing Mosley why he is the true fighter of the decade. Nothing against the Pacman there, he is the most exciting boxer of the decade I would think, but the title of "Boxer of the Decade" goes to the most pure Boxing talent i have ever seen, Floyd Mayweather Jr. All the best Adam, look forward to your post-fight analysis!! Cheers, Alistair.

Posted 15:15 28th April 2010

Nick Berry says...

What a treat this will be. I think it will be competitve for the first 4 or 5 rounds and then I think Mosely will become frustrated and possibly a little disheartended. He will then make mistakes and then Mayweather will pick him apart. Points for me, but a weary looking Mosely at the final bell will tell the story. Mayweather, as usual will look fresh as a daisy and ready to fight again on Sunday night.

Posted 13:30 28th April 2010

Steve Ellis says...

I have to agree with Adam. I see Mayweather winning a wide points decision, and I think it might be a bit of a boring fight. I think it will be similar to what Winky Wright did to Mosley a few years ago. Mosley's win against Margarito is somewhat misleading in that Margarito was made for Mosley. He stood right in front of him all night. Mayweather will not stand still for too long and I don't think Mosley 38 year old legs will hold up chasing Mayweather all night.

Posted 13:02 28th April 2010

Keith Richardson says...

Seriously Adam, less smarming upto that George Osbourne!! Great blog as usual, but i have to disagree, having watched HBO's three episodes of 24/7 there is something about the way Shane is carrying himself into this fight, he is super-confident and super fit, i think that if anyone is going to beat "the mouth" it will be shane on saturday, Floyd is a great defensive fighter but shane is the best he has ever taken on.

Posted 12:19 28th April 2010

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