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FA Cup fifth round draw

FA Cup fifth round draw

Crawley Town have been handed a dream clash with Manchester United in the fifth round of the FA Cup.

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Patrick Smalley (Leicester City fan) says...

All these snide comments from so-called football fans are a disgrace and insulting to the FA. After all the FA proved its integrity by being too naive to realise one needs to buy the rights to get the World cup recently. Come on you lot the draw has been public for over 100 years and has always thrown up such fixtures. For decades the call was always "lucky Arsenal" as they invariably got easy home ties. Jim Morris asks about the gate receipts, well Jim unless things have changed it was always split 3 ways with a third to each club and to the FA.

Posted 07:26 31st January 2011

Dizlee Gnor (Manchester United fan) says...

Was expecting to face Chelsea or Arsenal..what a dream clash!!!

Posted 06:37 31st January 2011

Hamza Shobokshi (Arsenal fan) says...

West Ham 3-0 Burnley Manchester City 3-1 Notts County Manchester City 3-1 Aston Villa Stoke City 4-1 Brighton Birmingham City 3-0 Sheffield Wednesday Leyton Orient 0-3 Arsenal Chelsea 4-1 Everton Chelsea 5-0 Reading Man Utd 9-0 Crawley Town Wigan 2-1 Bolton Fulham 4-0 Wigan

Posted 05:56 31st January 2011

Samuel Lee (Manchester United fan) says...

Why are Loserpool fans always whining about Man Utd getting penalty decisions? Controversial decisions are part of the game and you should just get on with it.. Don't u guys remember how Ngog dived to win a penalty against Birmingham last season??? U scousers just stink of hypocrisy.. Face it, u guys are a team of the past living on past reputations.. Even your beloved Torres wants to leave the club for greener fields.. I firmly believe that Liverpool will not qualify for europe next season and without europe to attract any top players, Liverpool will be engaged in the relegation battle next season..

Posted 05:29 31st January 2011

Matt Lewis (Blackpool fan) says...

Man Utd get it easy? 1st round vs Liverpool, United rarely get an easy FA Cup tie, compared to their noisy neighbours, Leicester City, Notts County? they struggled with both, face it this is great for both UTD and CRAWLEY, United get non-Prem opposition and Crawley get a huge day out

Posted 03:20 31st January 2011

Homzie D (Manchester United fan) says...

As soon as I saw the draw I knew rival fans would complain about how easy the draw is and I was proved right. Grow up lads...on paper it is an easy draw but that's what is special about the FA Cup, making dreams come true, playing the world's best teams. I just hope Fergie plays his 'A ' Team instead of gambling like he did on Saturday! I want Crawley to play with passion and desire and make it an interesting match. Have fun, lads!!!

Posted 02:27 31st January 2011

Dave Mann (Chelsea fan) says...

Once again man u get the luck of the draw??? Luck more like a fix..... Even if Crawley were winning on 90mins, somehow man u wi get 15 mins injury even if there has been no stoppages.. Easy easy draw again, hope Crawley smash Erm!!!!! Unlucky but always hope ....

Posted 01:08 31st January 2011

Peter Marshall (Reading fan) says...

Reading did what Liverpool couldn't do = beat Stevenage..Bring on Chelsea or Everton.

Posted 23:26 30th January 2011

Nick Kay (Manchester United fan) says...

Love the bitters that are coming on here!!! haha... As if the draw is fixed... it's made on live television!... Love the fact that Crawley have got the tie they deserve for all their hard work! The magic of the cup eh?!

Posted 23:24 30th January 2011

Amjed Khan (Liverpool fan) says...

Brilliant draw for crawley town best of luck to them hope man utd field a strong side its not every day you play top flight side and top players good luck crawley town.

Posted 23:03 30th January 2011

Fergus Watson says...

Brilliant for crawley would be amazing if they won :)

Posted 21:08 30th January 2011

Scott L says...

Please Fergie give Crawley the dream and put out a strong side, this is the only chance that some of their players will have to come to Old Trafford - a lifetimes dream, let's make their dreams a reality for the sake of foootball.

Posted 20:23 30th January 2011

Mohammad Kaif says...

This is the real beauty of the FA cup........ Small clubs playing clubs like man utd chelsea arsenal etc...Great draw for Crawley town... the players and the fans will get to visit the theater of dreams and the club will get welcome funds which will hopefully help them establish themselves as a league side..... a dream come true for them.... best of luck

Posted 19:58 30th January 2011

Rachel B says...

Manchester Utd getting a non-league team! Well i never.

Posted 19:35 30th January 2011

Mike Jones (Manchester United fan) says...

Who would believe it,Crawley Town, draw round of the FA CUP,utd struggled against southampton Idont want to tempt fate but utd against lower league teams,I just hope the lads from Crawley come to Old Trafford, Have a great day out,but dont spoil the party,

Posted 19:32 30th January 2011

John Coleman (Liverpool fan) says...

Great for Crawley but typical United. They finally win a match without a dodgy penalty decision and they get the easy draw AT HOME. No refs paid this time, just the organisers

Posted 19:02 30th January 2011

Jim Morris (Kilmarnock fan) says...

Can someone explain the gate cut with regards to the financial split. I would imagine this tie would keep Crawley afloat for a good spell and give the players a tremendous experience in the FA cup. One to dine out on on for a while..

Posted 18:24 30th January 2011

Peter Fieldman (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

How do MU manage to do it? Another home tie and one where they can leave their first team on the bench to rest while their main championship contenders have to work so hard. Infuriating.

Posted 17:45 30th January 2011

Kevin Thistlethwaite (Manchester United fan) says...

I know the other team fans will be saying United get it easy, but this is what the FA cup is all about; Crawley get a game at Old Trafford!!! fantastic for them and I have no doubt they will give it their best shot.

Posted 17:25 30th January 2011

John Hughes (Notts County fan) says...

What an absolute fix Crawley going to Old Trafford! I wondered why the bookies wouldn't take bets on predicting the FA cup draw.

Posted 17:09 30th January 2011

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