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Ghana held by 10-man Australia

Ghana held by 10-man Australia

Ghana could only draw 1-1 with Australia despite the Socceroos having Harry Kewell sent off in the 24th minute.

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Chris Schofield (Manchester United fan) says...

The Socceroos responded to the loss against Germany with the passion & pride that they are noted for. Some terrible officiating once again, which is proving to be a blight on this World Cup. 10 man Australia could have and should have won against Ghana, still a tremendous effort & we still have hope of making it to the 2nd phase. Proud of our boys, proud to be an Aussie!!!

Posted 17:29 19th June 2010

Charlie Fancutt (Fulham fan) says...

. Incompetent referee and more proof that FIFA is a an absolute frigging disgrace for not having video reply in all major factors in a match...goals, penalties and red cards (even yellow cards I would add...or at least video review by appeal after the match). They are the guardians of this great game, but they allow this mockery to continue where fans watching on TV get the reality and the game itself and every second scoreline (whether by dubious decisions or dodgy cards is just not a factual result) is something different. Here's why the reality was that it was not a penalty... In FIFA's Laws of the Game (2005), Law 12 states that a free kick or penalty will be awarded if a player "handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own penalty area)". Here's why it was not even a yellow card, let alone a red... It adds: "Referees are reminded that deliberately handling the ball is normally punished only by a direct free-kick or penalty kick if the offence occurred inside the penalty area. FIFA continues ¿"A caution or dismissal is not normally required." The last 3 Australian WC matches in a row there are 5 total BS decisions....the red card given to the Italian player, the penalty given to Italy. Cahill's red card, today's penalty and the red card. I mean I would just like to see a football game where skill was the one and only decider of the end result. FIFA...custodians no, a curse to their own sport...yes!

Posted 17:29 19th June 2010

Andrew Della torre (Manchester United fan) says...

Aussies played with true spirit, should have won game, hand ball not deliberate so no red card. Some of the refs decisions in this tournament have been shocking!!

Posted 17:26 19th June 2010

Aisle Islighton (Real Madrid fan) says...

Australia were robbed, Kewell's red cad was very harsh, but the penalty fair. Ayew should have been shown red, and many fouls around the ground especially against emerton were all given to ghana, the worst refereeing performance of the cup and maybe the year.

Posted 17:17 19th June 2010

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