Devils on the rise?

Devils on the rise?

Dave Simms considers what trophy challenge Cardiff Devils can mount next season.

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Steve Weeks says...

The elite league has a long, long way to go before it is anywhere near an exciting league. With a whole lot of passion missing from the players and an atmosphere a mere specter of that in the 90's - 00's. With excessive prices and meager British talent, its hard to be brought back to watch the Steelers. I happily spend my money watching the Sheffield Steeldogs in the EPL nowadays. With a 'made in Sheffield' ethos and a team ( and league ) full of passionate, hardworking players who wear their heart on their sleeves... its not hard to see why the EPL has an appeal. The Steelers and the Elite league have missed a trick for as long as I can remember by shunning British players for imports who have little interest or loyalty. My 5 year old is already well aware of the Steeldogs and the EPL and is in a junior system that feeds their pro team..... I cant imagine where the elite teams will be in 15 years time when he comes of age.... actually I can, and it isn't a million miles away from the rut that its in now.

Posted 16:55 1st June 2013

Glynne Dummet says...

Another excellent article Dave, Spot on as always can't agree more with you! Roll on next season. Happy hockey days

Posted 12:43 31st May 2013

Glynne Dummett says...

I truelly believe that the Cardiff Devils will be a real threat for all Elite Ice Hockey teams next season, the forthcoming season will certainly see the Devils competing for all silverware. We are on the verge of a new Era in Cardiff with our new home on the horizon, and we want to go into our new home flying, and I believe we will do just that. Devils have been a sleeping Lion for too long now, and the Welsh roar that used to be heard by all Hockey fans is without a shadow of a doubt returning.

Posted 17:47 29th May 2013

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