Kane - Give me Khali

Kane - Give me Khali

Kane has told skysports.com that SmackDown is not big enough for both himself and heavyweight rival The Great Khali.

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Jel Jel says...

i hope they play in a hell in a cell match coz it would be sick to see Khali go flying of the cell. best of wishes come on Kane your NO.1

Posted 10:15 19th August 2009

John Reid says...

Khali is obviously the bigger man ...but can has overpowered people like him before .....he has chokeslammed undertaker and big show before so we know what he is capable off My view Kane vs Great Khali Hell in a cell match

Posted 10:55 16th August 2009

Scott Wilson says...

I think they should fight in a hell in a cell match with the loser leaving smackdown !

Posted 10:26 16th August 2009

Ian Barker says...

kane is without doubt understated at the moment and should be a title contender

Posted 10:49 7th August 2009

Jamie Cooper says...

i think kane is right kane is far better than the great khali and for than reason the great khali should move to a diffrent brand.

Posted 07:13 7th August 2009

Cathal Kenneally says...

I hope the Kane and The Great Khali face each other at Summerslam in a Pujabi Prison match.

Posted 14:44 6th August 2009

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