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Familiar foe

Familiar foe

Man Utd will have too much for Arsenal, especially with RVP in their ranks, says Jamie Redknapp.

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Sardar Nizamee (Arsenal fan) says...

Great stuff Jamie. I agree United are favourites but I am still hopeful Arsenal will dominate the game with the midfield they have. None of the Man United midfielders, apart from evergreen Paul Scholes, would get anywhere near the Arsenal midfield.

Posted 12:20 2nd November 2012

Joe Sherry (Manchester United fan) says...

I think players not celebrating against their old club is a mark of respect! When Ronaldo scored at Sporting he was pure class and there's no way he'd celebrate at Old Trafford because it's United and SAF that made him the player he is. Some players like Tevez don't understand loyalty and it was no surprise when he went mad when he scored against United but most players have respect for their old teams and that is something that should be admired.

Posted 11:13 2nd November 2012

Spike Gunners (Arsenal fan) says...

Good article. However, I hope and I think Santos will not be the LB for this game. If so...then the key will be the middle of the park and I think Wishere/Cazorla/Arteta can outplay ManU midfield and hopefully it should be a great win for Arsenal.

Posted 11:04 2nd November 2012

Ste Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

I agree with most of what you say Jamie, but the not celebrating if scoring topic is a bit of a grey area. Van Persie wanted to win trophies which is why hes come to us, that doesnt mean all of a sudden he's forgotten his time at Arsenal, its about respect. Remember Denis Law backheeling us into division 2?? He felt awful about that because he had a lot of respect still for United......celebrate or not though, he will be trying his utmost to bag a goal or two.....

Posted 09:32 2nd November 2012

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