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The Suarez spark

The Suarez spark

Luis Suarez-inspired Liverpool can make the top four - but must keep their key man happy, says Jamie.

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Moe Yusuf (Liverpool fan) says...

RVP has had his days in the PL...its time for Saurez to shine. hopefully, Liverpool this season might and this is a big ask they might get into CL and if they do they will once again attract the best players to assist Suarez and Rogers task. YNWA

Posted 16:59 11th January 2013

Daniel Grewal (Arsenal fan) says...

Not sure I agree with the comment than Suarez is worth more and is better than RVP. RVP is probably the best out and out striker in the world at the moment, the guy has pretty earned United 7 points over 2nd place City which to a United fan is probably worth more than the £24 million they paid for him. I disagree also that Liverpool are close to challenging for a top four place. Everton are the best team in Liverpool and as an Arsenal fan, I'd be more concerned coming up against Everton rather than Liverpool. They have got better I give them that and if they play very well against United, they may get something, but they are as far off challening for top four as Arsenal are challenging for the title in my opinion.

Posted 12:04 11th January 2013

Shubham Kothari (Liverpool fan) says...

i think both teams have to settle for a draw may be 1-1 my scorers RVP & Suarez

Posted 05:04 11th January 2013

Teguh Prasetia (Liverpool fan) says...

well said Jamie. However to accommodate Sturridge doesn't mean Suarez less important. It could be vice versa.

Posted 03:34 11th January 2013

Alex Linnen (Liverpool fan) says...

Pretty fair comments. Liverpool could get a point as United's defense is so patchy. If we don't turn up though like last year I expect we'll get stuffed.

Posted 00:51 11th January 2013

Joe D (Liverpool fan) says...

Both Suarez and Van Persie have been excellent this season. Van Persie seems to have stepped it up from December but Suarez has maintained his form since August. He truly leaves defenders in a daze. His goals defy belief and he does his business in the face of overwhelming hate. Its fair to say that Suarez doesn't have the quality around him that benefits RVP. Suarez also hasn't scored a penalty to assist his goal tally. Luis Suarez has arguably been the most improved striker in world football. He won the Copa America with Uruguay and also picked up player of the tournament - could you imagine RVP getting a similar award at European championships? No, neither could I. He continued that form throughout 2012 and so far this season has kept Liverpool in the run for CL. The footballer of the season is Luis Suarez.

Posted 21:22 10th January 2013

Kelvin Tebbs (Liverpool fan) says...

I agree to all the points Jamie makes, Suarez is crucial and it is going to be a tight game between two fierce rivals. 1-1 if eleven players from each team manage to stay on the pitch.

Posted 19:56 10th January 2013

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