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Ruthless Reds

Ruthless Reds

Kammy looks at hat-trick heroes Kagawa and Suarez, a big win for QPR and further woe for Wenger.

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Sumeet Dhillon (Newcastle United fan) says...

If Wenger was to leave in the summer, i think Klopp, Laudrup or Moyes should be approached, as they are proven, yet are either not at a top club or in the premier league. Also, Suarez or Bale for player of the year. And i personally don't think QPR will stay up no matter how good Harry is because some of the players are only motivated by money (i.e. Remy, biased of course as I'm a newcastle fan) and they will still be getting their pay cheques regardless of what league they are in next year and they don't seem to have the hunger to want to do well.

Posted 10:51 6th March 2013

Alyn Evans says...

i'm not sure I believe the Myth surrounding Arsene Wenger and not spending Money ... I appreciate that he is not spending the amounts of the top clubs but i'm sure he paid a lot of money for Monreal, Giroud, Mertesaker, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla to name but a few

Posted 09:52 6th March 2013

Josh A (Arsenal fan) says...

To Matt Cousins; are you actually serious? Bendtner was signed very young as he came through the academy. Djourou was in a similar situation. Chamakh came on a free. Santos wasn't a massive buy. The only ones I would consider 'big money' transfers are Arshavin, Gervinho and Giroud. And just so you know, without Arshavin, we would not have gotten into the Champions League that year. He should have been signing of the season. As for Giroud ; he has done well, considering it's his first season in the Premier League. Gervinho is really the only one on your 'list' that would get any attention. He has been inconsistent at best. How misinformed are you? Stop believing everything you read and hear...

Posted 00:31 6th March 2013

Matt Cousins (Arsenal fan) says...

I am ashamed to say that I am an Arsenal fan. Kammy says that it is not the manager, but it is. Wenger has not spent any money in the past transfer windows, most notably the window just gone. He only got one player in January and he needed to sign more players. That was the perfect chance to strengthen. If Wenger does stay, he has to do one thing. Break the bank. We hear that they could possibly have around ¿75m to spend in the sumer. Will Wenger use it? No he won't. Arsenal should not be boasting that they have ¿123m in the bank. We haven't put that money to good use. Wenger in the transfer windows, he has bought some players that haven't worked out. These include Arshavin, Chamakh, Djourou, Giroud, Bendtner, Santos, Gervinho and many more. All of these players came for big money and big wages. Why are Arsenal paying these players that money if they are not playing? We need to have a manager who is not afraid to break the bank and knows what players would suit the club best. It's not like they wouldn't be given the time. When you work at Arsenal, you are given more than enough time. Just look at Wenger, Graham. All of these managers have been given the time and money to succeed. In my kind Jurgen Klopp or Michael Laudrup should be given the job. They know how to win trophies and where to strengthen. WENGER OUT!

Posted 12:01 5th March 2013

Tony Burton (Liverpool fan) says...

If Wenger goes then I think they should go for Laudrup from Swansea.He plays the kind of football Arsenal like but I think he would add a little more steel to them and be more aware defensively aware.

Posted 16:36 4th March 2013

Luke Davison (Liverpool fan) says...

Player of the year Suarez with RVP second Bale third Mata fourth and Michu fifth

Posted 16:35 4th March 2013

Jonny K (Arsenal fan) says...

Not too sure if Wenger out is the answer. i think Kammy is right, the problem is not with the manager, but the financial handicap we've inherited as a result of The Emirates move. Arsenal to spend serious money this summer on quality players, and Wenger to have one last attempt before his contract is up. There is no chance of Mourinho coming in, he wouldnt touch arsenal with their current tight restrictions on spending.

Posted 15:58 4th March 2013

Gary Stevens (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Wenger out - Mourinho in. Player of the year so far has to be Suarez with Mata a close second. QPR will stay up with Reading, Wigan and Villa dropping down. Arsenal will finish sixth with Spurs getting fourth and Everton fifth. And finally, and this is a long shot, QPR to finish top half of Prem next heard it hear first!

Posted 14:04 4th March 2013

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