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Fraughts 'n' crosses

Fraughts 'n' crosses

Final-day dramas, keeper's catches, prolific penalty-takers and home records. Martin Tyler has the lot!

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Maxim Mazhar (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi MR. Tyler Answear to your "Teaser" is Paulo Soaza and Chelsea legend Marcel Desaily. Cheers....

Posted 18:44 5th May 2010

Darren W (Manchester United fan) says...

Paulo Sosa and Marcel Desailly

Posted 18:40 5th May 2010

Ian Macwhinnie (Rangers fan) says...

The two players to have won the Champions League for different clubs in successive seasons are Marcel Desailly for Marseille in the competitions inaugural season of 1992/93 and then for AC Milan the following campaign. I believe the other player is Paulo Sousa, currently manager of Swansea, winning the competition firstly with Juventus in 1995/96 and then subsequently with Borussia Dortmund. Samuel Eto'o could become the third player to accomplish this feat if his Inter Milan side are crowned champions later this month. Gerard Pique also has two winners medals for different clubs in consecutive seasons although he did not play in the final for Manchester United against Chelsea in 2007/08!

Posted 18:16 5th May 2010

Graham Halliday (Chelsea fan) says...

Marsell Desailly and Paulo Sousa.

Posted 18:04 5th May 2010

Eoin Mccartney (Liverpool fan) says...

Marcel Desailly - Marseille in 1993 and AC Milan in 1994 Paulo Sousa - Juventus 1996 and Borussia Dortmund in 1997

Posted 17:24 5th May 2010

Torje Johansen (Everton fan) says...

Marcel Desailly for Marseille and AC Milan, 1993 and 1994, and Paolo Sousa, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund 1996 and 1997.

Posted 16:13 5th May 2010

Conor Corvan (Manchester United fan) says...

Paulo Sousa (Juventus 1996, Dortmund 1997) Marcel Desailly (Marseille 1993, Milan 1994) Gerard Pique was part of Man Utd winning squad in 2008 but wasn't in the 18 for the final then started centre back for Barcelona in 2009. Clarence Seedorf is the only player to win the Champions League with 3 different teams. (Ajax 1995, Real Madrid 1998, and AC Milan 2003 and 2007)

Posted 15:56 5th May 2010

Aidan Thompson (Newcastle United fan) says...

Hi Martin, I'm a Newcastle fan and am keen to see how well we do next season back in the Premier League. I'd argue that, with the exception of Blackpool and maybe Leicester, that the three teams coming up from the Championship are somewhat 'better' than the three that have departed this season. With Hull in 18th currently on 29 points, and 11 short of the magic '40 points', I was wondering if the points tallys for the Hull, Burnley and portsmouth are the lowest combined totals for three relegated sides? Also, with none of the bottom 7 sides reaching 40 points, do you think that the '40 points' buffer can be reduced for future seasons? Cheers, Aidan, (Newcastle fan in Birmingham)

Posted 15:51 5th May 2010

Ayo Samuel (Manchester United fan) says...

United surely will regain the tittle

Posted 15:20 5th May 2010

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