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Chelsea's champion scorers, long-range legends and Champions League omens... it's Martin Tyler.

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Kyle Duncan (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi Martin, always look forward to reading your column, always full of suprises. I was wondering with the season now over, who would the top ten goalscorers be in the league from open play?

Posted 12:52 18th May 2010

Danny Kirkwood (Manchester United fan) says...

In answer to the question re Vermaelens goals being a record, steve bruce scored alot of goals in several seasons for Man United, I remember him getting 19 in 90/91 before the premier league started but some were in Europe

Posted 12:49 18th May 2010

Abel sunday Sunday (Chelsea fan) says...

Excellent piece of column keep it up it is fantastic.

Posted 12:26 18th May 2010

Gavin Mcfarlane (Palermo fan) says...

Hello Martin, The 3 are Glenn Hoddle, Owen Coyle and Tony Mowbray

Posted 12:12 18th May 2010

Charlie Cave (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Martin, who ever knoks chelsea out of the champions league either wins it or gets to the final dont they?

Posted 12:05 18th May 2010

Robert Taylor (Newcastle United fan) says...

The 3 players to score and then manage in the premiership are Glenn Hoddle for Swindon, Tony Mowbray for Ipswich, and Owen Coyle for Bolton

Posted 11:52 18th May 2010

Litha Nodada (Chelsea fan) says...

If David Villa goes to Barca and Drogba follows Murunhio, then please Luis Fabiano and Torres need to come to the Bridge! Simple

Posted 11:33 18th May 2010

Rama Viru (Chelsea fan) says...

have league champions and bottom club ever contested FA cup final?

Posted 06:44 18th May 2010

Mukhtar Shire (Arsenal fan) says...

Hey Martin. I really love your columns but never wrote to you! I live in Sweden and i saw Zlatan Ibrahimavic won his 7th tittle in a row with three different clubs which is big acheavement. Is there anyone else who did like wise? Cheers! MK

Posted 06:09 18th May 2010

Erik Kivimaki (Chelsea fan) says...

Dear Martin, Thanks for the weekly statistical gems! After seeing my boys in Blue do the double, I noticed that two other doubles have been completed. Inter Milan with Serie A and Coppa Italia, and Bayern Munich with the Bundesliga and DFB Cup. My question is, in past seasons, have there been more than three teams from the top European leagues doing the double or better in the same season? Do you see this year's trend of dominant teams in each league continuing or do you see a dilution of power? Cheers,

Posted 01:12 18th May 2010

Hi Why (Arsenal fan) says...

can any fans anwser my question: has any defender scored as much as vermaelen has with 7 goals.

Posted 19:19 17th May 2010

Lalalala Hi (Arsenal fan) says...

we won win title in premier league. with red white stripe we beat diver chelsea and cheat manchesr Unitde!!!!! hehehe

Posted 18:11 17th May 2010

Will Norman (Manchester United fan) says...

Dear Martin your answer to the question club and country is that Manchester United have won the league title during a world cup year. however is it true that Manchester United have never one the league title when England are in the world cup the same year? as in 1994 England did not qualify Thanks Will Soton

Posted 17:54 17th May 2010

Michael Henderson (Manchester United fan) says...

All the fuss about Lampards goals. A mediocre, ok moderate 12 goals from open play and 10 from penalties. Guess Chelsea got more penalties than any teams since the days of Francis Lee. Add in some dodgy offside decisions and you'd wonder if the Russian mob has the same influence on linesmen that it does on snooker pros.

Posted 12:07 17th May 2010

Luke Green (Chelsea fan) says...

I was wondering if you could tell me which English team has the best record at both Old and New Wembley. Chelsea as far as I recall have only been beaten once at New Wembley in a penalty shoot out against Manchester United in the community shield. And also, as us Woking fans are all too keen to mention we have never lost at Wembley on four visits, so I was wondering if you could provide some evidence and clarfication as to which teams perform best on the big occasions at Wembley.

Posted 23:05 16th May 2010

Eko Subagio (Chelsea fan) says...

great compilation of statistic, make us understand the historical team strength, 2006 & 2010, amazingly Chelsea won their league cup on the year of world cup

Posted 16:00 16th May 2010

Viresh N (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin, Love your column. I thought I was the one of the few Man United fans who noticed the fact that theydo not win the title in a World Cup year, until I saw Amardeep's question. As you have mentioned this is not completely true. But I have my own theory - Manchester United do not win the title in a World Cup year that England has qualified for the World Cup - England did not qualify for the 1994 World Cup.

Posted 13:57 16th May 2010

S Kelly (Manchester United fan) says...

How many penalty's did Chelsea get this season in the League? A would it be a record EPL record?

Posted 23:13 15th May 2010

David Pick (Newcastle United fan) says...

I believe the answer to this teaser would be Glenn Hoddle, for Swindon Town in 92/93, Owen Coyle for Bolton in the 94/95 season and finally, Tony Mowbray in the 99/00 season.

Posted 17:13 14th May 2010

Colin Boucher (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Tylers Teaser Answer Glenn Hoddle (Swindon) managed Spurs, Southampton and Chelsea Owen Coyle (Bolton) managed Burnley and Boltojn Tony Mowbray (Ipswich) managed West Brom

Posted 15:38 14th May 2010

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