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Stats of the season

Stats of the season

Martin Tyler looks back at some of his favourite stats and facts from his column in the 2009/10 season.

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Akshay Singh (Manchester United fan) says...

Awesome Stats!

Posted 15:20 28th May 2010

Devavratt Bagayat (Manchester United fan) says...

Nice work with the stats. I have always enjoyed this column. I think as far as the champions league era is concerned, Inter are the only team to not start with a single Italian, Materazzi in for just the last minute. Interestingly it was Jose Mourinho who started with almost an entire Portugese Porto team(10 out of 11) that triumphed in 2004, I think should be the highest in Champions league.

Posted 13:02 28th May 2010

Uche Ajike (Arsenal fan) says...

What happens with Community Shield when the same team wins the FA Cup and the League and when more one player scores the same number of goals at the end of the season?

Posted 12:03 28th May 2010

Michael Jones (Liverpool fan) says...

martin doing a fantastic job keep up the good work. just want to ask you who has the best goals to game ratio for their country.

Posted 10:13 28th May 2010

Patrick Teague (Arsenal fan) says...

Samuel Eto'o has winners medals for both Barca (2009) and now Inter(2010)

Posted 19:37 27th May 2010

Tom Dickinson (Liverpool fan) says...

Jose Mourniho just won the champions league with Inter. portugal and italy

Posted 15:51 27th May 2010

Vikas Biddappa (Barcelona fan) says...

Hey Martin, samuel eto'o won the treble with barca last season and also with inter this season. Is he the first player to do so or has anyone achieved this before.

Posted 13:45 27th May 2010

Dean Kilford (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Hey Martin . . . Now the season is over, I was wondering if you went back through History of the Football Leagueand awarded points for how teams finished (ie. 96 points if you won Premier league, 1 point if you finished bottom league 2) how a league table would look and who would be the most successful teams in history? I hope that question is clear, thanks for the columns every week!

Posted 11:13 27th May 2010

Martin Tyler (Chelsea fan) says...

You are correct Christian. Also Sammuel Eto'o Is one of the two players to get two Champions League medals in two seasons.

Posted 10:24 27th May 2010

Jason Mark (Chelsea fan) says...

answer to the teaser is Marcel desaily 93 marseille 94 milan Samuel eto'o 09 barcalona 10 inter

Posted 18:10 26th May 2010

Christoher George (Chelsea fan) says...

you guyz are doing nice job, and i say keep doing the good job. more greeze to your elbows.

Posted 21:32 25th May 2010

Christian Ostergaard (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin. Inter Milan recently won the European Cup final without a single Italian in the starting lineup. Are they the first team to win the final without a player from the clubs country starting the match. It is certainly an extraordinary stat and i cant think of any other team.

Posted 20:46 25th May 2010

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