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Season post script

Season post script

Liverpool and Spurs would be in the Champions League if hitting the post or bar was a goal... it's Martin!

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Alun Edwards (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin, due to the possible resigning of ronaldo by utd, can you tell me if any player as ever had any success the second time around at a club they had previously left.

Posted 11:39 24th May 2013

John Mc namara (Liverpool fan) says...

liverpool have been to slow in replacing carragher they should have bought last season

Posted 20:58 23rd May 2013

Sean Cooke (Leyton Orient fan) says...

I believe it was true as of 2009 that the highest scoring Englishman in the Premier League against Liverpool is...Jamie Carragher. Was that true in 2009, and is it still the case? Are there any other similar own goal specialists

Posted 14:25 23rd May 2013

Utsav Srivastava (Real Madrid fan) says...

Dear Martin. Love the stats every week. Was wondering after Romelu Lukaku's exploits this season - has any player who has been loaned out (in the same English league) scored more league goals than the top scorer at his parent club?

Posted 12:24 23rd May 2013

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