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What next for Boro?

What next for Boro?

Graeme Bailey looks at the task facing Boro chairman Steve Gibson as he looks for a new boss.

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Ron Tom (Middlesbrough fan) says...

An excellent article. I feel for Steve Gibson as he has to get this one exactly right or we will end up in a bigger mess than we are at the moment. Mogga would certainly bring back the fans but I am not sure this team can play football. a few changes on the team sheet are needed. Bringing juno back is not the answer but put him and Mogga togetther and the passion in the club would certainly be there. I think Mogga would please the fans and bring football back and its his chance to build on what he has done at WBA. Forget what he did in Scotland they can''''t play football anyway. Come on Boro!!!!

Posted 11:37 22nd October 2010

Roger West (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Graeme Bailey must be credited, this is a great article.

Posted 11:33 22nd October 2010

Graeme Dawson (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Great article, brought up a name not thought about in Juninho! Only way that would work is with Mogga in charge as otherwise the love for the asst man would supercede that of any other manager!! Phil Brown and Gary Megson would be a backward step and certainly won''''t put 5k on the gate at the next home match. Either Mogga and Juninho or Curbs for me.

Posted 11:50 21st October 2010

Andrew Mccartney (Middlesbrough fan) says...

When I first read this article I did not agree with some of the points raised (Im Jack Charlton era) but having re-read it several times I think you won me over. Has Mr Gibson finally moved over to the short manager reign if results are not forth coming? Did Gordon leave because he could see the writing on the wall with the chairman? And will we the fans give the next manager - Tony Mowbray included - the chance to turn around our fortunes by grinding out the results needed just for survival this season. The days of our players producing Juninho-esq performances are perhaps well behind us but - as Gordon proved - true grit John Wayne style is perhaps not all that is needed either. Somewhere along the way the next manager has to bring these two commodities together. Personally, I dont envy the chairman - if he gets it right he could regain his halo amongst the Boro faithful - get it wrong and it may not just be one head Boro fans are singing for next time around. This time I intend to stay firmly on the fence (on top of it actually so I can see over the wall because I cant afford a ticket) support the chairmans choice and cheer on the manager and the Boro I love.

Posted 18:07 20th October 2010

richie Lomas (Middlesbrough fan) says...

There seems to be a lot of support in favour of Mogga, and at the moment i am totally undecided. Ok granted he is a local lad and has tonnes of passion and belief, but is this enough to get us to the Premiership where we belong and keep us there. I am not totally convinced. I think the Celtic appointment found him wanting when he couldn''''t change or adapt. We need a manager with a proven record of tactics and thought and well as motivation of the players. For this reason I believe Martin O''''Neil is our correct choice. We all live in hope and if Mogga is appointed I hope to be proven wrong. Up the Boro!!!

Posted 18:00 20th October 2010

Ed M (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Great article. The Robson era was such an exciting time for boro. Loads of names coming to club. We need that buzz about town back. This is just as much about boro as a community than just the football team. Take your time Steve and appoint someone who will give that sparkle and anticipation back to the fans...and excited to pick up their copy of the evening gazette to read all about it! Mowbray or Pearson I''''d say.

Posted 14:04 20th October 2010

Martin Swainson (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Finally somebody knows what they are talking about , Fly me to the moon with Tony Mowbray , we need spirit and belief back and bringing in Mogga is the quickest way to do it. Playing badly is one thing , playing without heart is to too much to take and we''''ve been subjected to that for too long now

Posted 12:49 20th October 2010

Craig Close (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Martin O''''Neill Will not come to Boro, (We cant afford him) , Alan Curbishley once said (not so long ago) He wont move North. The article is spot on, Seats need Filling, Football needs to be played and players need to be bought. We cant buy players when no money is coming in to the club, no money is coming in to the club because nobody is coming to watch the team. Mowbray IS gonna bring the fans back, Mowbray isnt just going to come to manage Boro because he loves the club, (God i could do that) He has his managerial reputation to account for, he is going to want succsess (Rember ZDS Cup final - he was injured but he led the team out) So what he didnt make it at Celtic, He did well at WBA, I went to see him at Ipswich and spoke to him, Hes a leader, a winner, and that it is his home town club failure is not an option. and yer get the little one by his side

Posted 12:31 20th October 2010

Steve James (Middlesbrough fan) says...

I echo those who say the most important thing is to restore the club''''s identity - and for that, Tony Mowbray is the only man for the job... but I''''d go one step further and bring in Bruce Rioch as his assistant. Both are unemployed, and would be seen by most Boro fans as a dream team.

Posted 10:55 20th October 2010

Patrick Mccormack says...

As a Baggies fan I would like to see Tony Mowbray take over at Boro. He is proven at that level and will get Boro playing good football. He done a lot for West Brom and I for one was sorry to see him go. Whilst he took some criticism for not being pragmatic enough, he always stayed true to his footballing philosophy. His legacy has been to leave Albion as a footballing side not just the first team but all the teams from the academy upwards. For the first time in decades we are producing young players with the ability to succeed in professional football. Given Boro''''s excellent record of producing young talent in recent years I can only assume that Mowbray will be an excellent choice to further develop the club at all levels. Good luck to you whoever you choose! Paddymac.

Posted 09:51 20th October 2010

Mark Hemmings (Middlesbrough fan) says...

How about Juninho and Ravanelli together, I remember Rav saying he would like to retur to manage the Boro one day.

Posted 05:33 20th October 2010

Scott Young (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Tony Mobray would get our current squad playing and would be able to add whats needed... he failed at celtic granted but he tried to play football in a league were grit is needed,, plus what money did west brom spend when promoted??

Posted 00:51 20th October 2010

Nathan Peacock (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Spot on with this article like. i am a bit sceptical that the scottish lads wont exactly welcome Mogga into the team but being a local lad im more concerned with what the teesside lads think really and a boro hero is just the thing we need. Having seen the Robbo ero and success of the uefa cup saga then i have no doubts that what we need is forward thinking, quick passing agressive footy and who cares about the premier league.. i would much rather be battling for promotion in this league than struggling to finish above our beloved 13th place in the prem... Mogga or Pearson would do me.. wouldnt say no to pardew but curbs can do one! Up the Boro!

Posted 23:23 19th October 2010

Neil Scrafton (Middlesbrough fan) says...

there is only one man the fans will accept and thats Mogga ! fill the ground as the captain of boro comes back !! O''''neil is good but he didnt want it last time before southgate and ince has no experience .... come on mogga come on mogga

Posted 22:53 19th October 2010

Alan Bagnall (Rangers fan) says...

boro fans think again about mogga he was a failure at celtic and hibs and also got west brom relegated no the best credentials if you ask me

Posted 22:48 19th October 2010

Chris Todd (Middlesbrough fan) says...

junhino could be a good manager ,i think he could bring back fans which is what i want to see the most. if gareth southgate can do it so could he. brazilian football is second to none give him a call:)

Posted 22:41 19th October 2010

Lee Smith (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Alan Pardew for me. Did wonders at West Ham where they would have won the FA Cup if it wasn''''t for the usual bias towards Liverpool. Also did really well at Southampton last year and i was surprised when he got the bullet this year.

Posted 20:35 19th October 2010

Benedetta Palombo (Fiorentina fan) says...

Paulo Sousa. What else?...

Posted 19:58 19th October 2010

Guy Bailey (Middlesbrough fan) says...

There are some legitimate question marks about Mowbray, expertly outlined above but of the many plusses he would bring is that he would instantly galvanise the crowd behind him and the club in one fell swoop. Any other appointment risks splitting an already fractured base. Although I may be in the States, I''''m Boro through and through and if a rentagob like Phil Brown turned up at the press conference in a Boro tracksuit then, as we say in Georgia, I''''m done, son.

Posted 19:58 19th October 2010

Gary Maddison (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Please, please get Martin O Neil he is the only one than can get us out of this mess, Please God spare us from Ince

Posted 19:41 19th October 2010

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