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The name game

The name game

Players with the same name at the same team... plus an Oscars-themed teaser. It's Martin Tyler!

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Alun Edwards (Manchester United fan) says...

Dear Martin. I am an avid Man United supporter for over 30 years and a sky sports viewer and have always enjoyed your enthusiastic and unbiased commentary. Could you please tell me how many times sets of brothers have played for any one club, i know of three at united. Neville, Keane and Da Silva. Many thanks

Posted 08:47 28th February 2013

David Schneider (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin, great column always very excited to learn something new and show off to my football fanatic friends. My question is out of the current 20 premier league teams, which team has the most youth acadamy players playing in the top flight? Either currently playing for that team or have moved to one of the other premier league sides. My guess would be my boys United.

Posted 23:28 27th February 2013

Junaid Khan (Manchester City fan) says...

Martin, is citys failure this season down to money ignorance or are they just faltering and will it all stop with the new fair play on finances rules.

Posted 14:00 27th February 2013

Nathan Pollard (Liverpool fan) says...

Liverpool also have Lloyd Jones on the books at the moment who looks a great prospect and with the youth policy at the club could well make his debut in the foreseeable future.

Posted 18:04 26th February 2013

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