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A fantastic finale

A fantastic finale

Kammy blogs on the final day drama, retiring legends and why Gareth Bale should stay at Spurs.

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Riley Johnson (Manchester United fan) says...

I hope england win 2-1 rooney and rooney again and neymar scores and they all brilliant goals espeicely rooney/s goal/s come on get your brians better than last time to try and win some more goals than vs rep of ireland .

Posted 15:45 2nd June 2013

Tom Bryan (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

@peter brown, unless your a football agent working on behalf of man utd or southampton, you could not possibly know what went on. Stop repeating what you read in the papers! Even if it was true, youve agreed with my point that man utd didnt cough up enough money for him. The bottom line is, that spurs have done alot for gareth bale and he owes us another season! Thats the the truth. One other some dillusional man utd fans, you cant afford gareth bale!

Posted 22:49 22nd May 2013

Josh Hodge (Everton fan) says...

I disagree with you Chris because think about it Bale's goals earned Tottenham 29 points and his overall goals and assists contributed to 44% of Spurs' goals. Whereas if you remember Van Persie went for a period of time without scoring for a while and didn't contribute half as much to United's goals this season compared to Bale.

Posted 11:53 22nd May 2013

Peter Brown (Manchester United fan) says...

@ Chris Fry, without RVP last season we got 89 points the same amount we have this year and won. Man Utd are not a one man team while Spurs sure are. @Tom Bryan, Man Utd tried to sign Bale before Spurs but got rejected by Southampton. Then Spurs came in and got him without Southampton telling Man Utd. Fergie said himself if was because of Southampton we never got Bale! Bale needs to move if he wants to win trophies, Man Utd would be a good suit but I feel Spurs would demand too much money for Utd to believe it's viable. Real Madrid looks the most likely.

Posted 14:59 21st May 2013

Richie Johnson (Chelsea fan) says...

@ Chris Fry....Your boots ain't worth 50 Million though, are they? Bale deserves to be seen in the CL, Spurs cannot provide that as they are a one man team. He should go and if he does i think it will be a fantastic career move for him to UTD or a Spanish team. Spurs are over reliant on him, and Bale needs to think he's come off the back of a good season, he should move now and strike while the irons hot...An injury (without wishing) or bad form could complicate any furure move. Strike while the irons hot and go to a team challenging for the biggest trophies!

Posted 13:08 21st May 2013

Chris Fry (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Sorry Mark have to disagree, everyone says that Tottenham are one man team, like saying that without RVP Man U would not have won the trophy. If Bale goes we have enough talent coming trough to get into CL next year, U21 runner up to Utd in comp this year. I will bet my boots that Bale stays for next season so watch out

Posted 04:01 21st May 2013

Tom Bryan (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

@Mark Elstob - Tottenham paid £10mil for him when he was 17, something Man Utd didn't have the courage to do. Tottenham then actually played him at left back, moved him to play on the wing and then now in the hole, developing year by year into the player he is today. Tottenham gave him new contracts and offered him huge pay rises. Tottenham now plan to keep him and build a team around him. I think you'll find he does owe us! Please think things through unbiasedly before typing next time.

Posted 17:52 20th May 2013

Mark Elstob (Manchester United fan) says...

Nice read, as always. However. Gareth Bale has been on fire for the better part of 2 and a half seasons at Spurs now, this season he has obviously jumped up a notch but as Gary Neville said earlier in the month. Spurs would be finding it hard breaking the Top 8 let alone Top 4 without his contribution this season. He doesn't owe them anything.

Posted 15:28 20th May 2013

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