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Just a minute

Which minute of the 90 has witnessed the most Premier League goals? Martin Tyler has the answer...

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Corrie Stapleton (Everton fan) says...

Hi Martin, great read once again. Everton went behind yet again against Sunderland! This is for the 6th straight game I believe! but we have not lost any of those games. I'm just wondering if this has happened before ? Whats the longest streak of going behind and not losing? Thanks

Posted 13:44 14th November 2012

Paul Howells (Everton fan) says...

Why do people still inside that Suarez goal cancelled out in the derby was legitimate? It was not, plain and simple. While Suarez himself may have been onside Coates climbed on Jagielka, putting both hands on his shoulders and pushing him down, which is an infringement and therefore a free kick to Everton before the ball even reaches Suarez, so the offside should be irrelevant. If the ref/ linesman make all teh right calls the goal does not stand, therefore it is not a perfectly legitimate goal.

Posted 13:39 14th November 2012

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