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Lagging behind

Lagging behind

The gulf between Manchester United and Liverpool looks set to increase even further, says Geoff Shreeves.

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Darryn Edwards says...

It's funny how liverpool fans are "living in the past", yet united fans regularly remind us how they will have won more titles than us if they win the league this year. How hypocritical is that? we live in the past, yet you can live in the past as long as the your past nly contains a a differently named league? You either include all stats (liverpool 18 titles,united 18 titles) or you dont include any except last season! Overall last season united were the better team, as the league shows. If it hadnt been for frustratin draws liverpool would have won it comfortably. Last season united were a one man team, and this year rooney has been played in position (cant criticise fergie for playing a winger up front and a striker on the wing, that criticism is only for rafa!) and again you are relying on one player for all your goals! Yes liverpool rely heavily on torres and gerrard, but at least we are willing to admit it! I cannot wait until fergies leaves, not just because i dont like the way he thinks everyone wants to hear his opinions on everyone else, but because when he does, your club will fall apart! United would have made a 30million loss last year if ladyboy hadnt left, how is that possible when united are supposedly selling so many shirts and other merchandise world wide????? With the current level of debt, and fergie leaving, united will fall rapidly, unlike liverpool who will rise again( to 3rd) next season!

Posted 16:06 24th March 2010

Toby Jones says...

Let's not forget that Liverpool were the best team in England and Europe last season for a good two or three months, not only beating but humbling some of the best clubs in the world. I'd say that 4-1 was more a stuffing of the Red Devil than the Liver Bird being stuffed. How is second place, playing the best football in the league, and thumping every opponent we played in the process going backwards? This season has wasted a lot of that potential, but it is not all gone. Many Liverpool fans live in the past, but too many people are living in the present. We've recovered from being relegated before to be the best team in the world for two decades. We can recover from one bad season again. Man United were relegated much more recently than us and look what they have done. Let's not exaggerate Liverpool's plight.

Posted 15:16 24th March 2010

Lucas Madden says...

its amazing how man united supporters or so called talk about living in history yet quote the best team of the premership era and fair play to man united they have there ship in order and running it very succesful but the wheels will come off that is a guarntee as sport goes in cycles for one team to rise one must fall such as liverpools decline and man uniteds rise when ferguson leaves u will bring in someone such as laurent blanc martin o neill neither have the tactical knowledge of ferguson or neither have the fear factor that ferguson holds half the teams that turn up at old trafford are beatin before they get off the bus my oppent is thus liverpool well rise back gerrard will not leave torres will stay for longer then ppl think not like ronaldo not like vidic who have there heads turned because of something deeper then tropheys and medals like pepe reina said we are liverpool no matter what and that well always count the fans make it liverpool the supporters make me want to say..... when garcia left he cried in front of the kop when alonso left he has already said he wants his last match to be played at anifeild now in resent history only one player united ave sold has half heartdly said he would like to comeback that being ronaldo and i think his quote was i want to play wit rooney again my point is this when united fall and fall they well it well take years apon years for them to rise the media that potray you as the best well rip u to shreds like they do to liverpool now united well struggle to return to there glory liverpool ave never really lost ours champions league finals 05 07 fa cup 06 second last season a bad season dosnt make a bad club a good season dosnt make u world beaters liverpool will be back but united well i shall laugh with glee when ferguson retires as ye well fall so far that all ur "supporters" well be singin blue moon

Posted 14:49 24th March 2010

Khalid Maroof says...

Liverpool have been poor this season end of! and the format for europa league is a joke, if u cant win one european cup u get the chance of another? makes a farce of the teams that battle for those 5/6 spots in their league and a farce out the cup, its the only cup where u can get a second chance! Fulham deserve it far more than liverpool! remember when leeds never made the champs league, how losing all that champions league revenue affected them!? same thing going to happen!

Posted 14:48 24th March 2010

Russ Davis says...

Seems to be a lot of baiting from man utd fans here. As a neutral observer can I remind Man Utd fans that twenty odd years ago you were little more than a middle of the road club, winning the odd FA Cup now and then with your captain marvel. Football clubs rise and fall...It is the beauty of competition. What the great Alex Ferguson has done is build a dynasty on the same lines of Shankley and Paisley. They say imitation is the greatest compliment. Enjoy your time in the spotlight Manchester Utd fans, at the moment you are by far the best club in England and its great when your club is on top of the pedestal but it won't continue. Look out for a North London club with a sound financial base and a very, very good manager!

Posted 14:01 24th March 2010

Raphael Swing says...

I'm too young to remember the last time Liverpool won the league but i'm pretty sure after Matt Busby resigned United went into decline, even got relegated during 74 and some how failed to win the league and were out of the European Cup -because you had to be league champion- for 26 years! This shows that any club with history and a reputation and a large fan base always has a chance to bounce back and return to old ways so Liverpool still has hope but need to bring in a new regime at the club. I've always believed Man U is a unique club and they might win a 19th league but despite Munich they still should have won more European cups, Perhaps Ferguson might fix that

Posted 13:47 24th March 2010

Freddie Pitts says...

united are having a good time at the moment, let's hope we can keep it up :) and to Gerrard Barnes, the article is about liverpool gong down and united going up that does SEEM to have united in it... i read it because i thought there was going to be more about how we've been doing.

Posted 13:35 24th March 2010

Adrian Morgan says...

'Philip Battison ' Remarks wrer spot on , but I think a lot of pool fans have been over critical of our own team this year. Take the stick Lucas has taken, I am not a great fan of his but when you think that three years ago Masserano and Tevez could not make the West Ham starting line up and look at them now. South American players do need a lot of time to adjust, so hopefully next year Lucas can move it up a gear, he has been better this year than last so fingers crossed. I am sceptical of new owners coming in with lots of cash for Rafa as there have been far to many bad signings on his behalf but you have to support the manager to a certian degree. Lets hope for better things next year or we will be the next Leeds Utd as when they went in freefall.

Posted 13:30 24th March 2010

Freddie K says...

3 European cups in 9 seasons? the competition format was ra joke back then thats why!! the current Champions league format is alot more difficult then the old format. and with united on their way to a third successive final... that says it all. liverpool will keep living off history while united keep making history..! united will break all records, they have been the best and most consistent team in england for tooooo long now and all football fans voice that opinion! Common sense will tell you that with the size of the trophy cabinet!

Posted 12:57 24th March 2010

Alex Earl says...

wish liverpool fans would stop living in the past with their history, fair play u were dominant in the 70/80's but we are 3 decades on now and in the premier league, you have had 20 attempts at the premier league and still no joy, rafa has brought in over 70 players so to say he has had no money is an understatement. if he was wise with his money he would of brought well, the only good players are torres, babel when given a chance, reina and overrated overspent glen johnson. look at us we buy park from PSV for 4.3 mil and look how much of a good solid reliable player he has turned out to be, rafa has had his fair chance and now he needs to go, liverpool need a fresh impetus and a new squad otherwise its going to be a downward spiral, rafa just does not understand the premier league and how to play against the so called lower teams. fergie will go down as the greatest manager of all time because he has spent the money he has had well and always got rid of players at the right time. yeah ok liverpool came 2nd last year but that was only down 2 havin alonso in the team and what do u do u go and sell him! we have sold ronaldo n tevez but yet we bring in valencia and owen and they have delivered the goods for us. end of day liverpool are simply not good enough to be competing at the highest level yet, dont get me wrong under new owners and a new manager with a better squad then yes there is a chance but until then you will be classed as an average team.

Posted 12:47 24th March 2010

Chris Chau says...

Philip Battison, just to remind you of some FACTS that - yes, everyone knows that Liverpool WAS the biggest team in England, but soon in 2 months' time, they will be forgotten as ManUtd will overtake them as the most successful team in English football. SAF will only be remembered as the all-time greatest manager in English football with countless trophies. All those scenes of outbursts and debates and foul languages will only be reviewed as titbits. If you say, "i am lucky enough to have followed a great team/club for over forty years and witnessed probably more happiness than any other clubs fans in the same era, even if we never win a trophy again", then I would say, "you are also one of the most unlucky fans of English football who are seeing the decline of Liverpool", I would put it this way LOL... Can you see the future of Liverpool? Maybe you can but sorry I can¡¦t. By the way, please, at least show some RESPECT to the greatest manger of the Premiership, if not all-time - Sir Alex Ferguson!!!

Posted 12:35 24th March 2010

Pete Johannson says...

Reading all of these comments from both Liverpool and Manchester United fans only confirms my belief that all of us Manchester United fans and Liverpool fans have a lot in common, WE ARE ALL OBSESSED WITH LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. Manchester United fans........ talk about your own club and let us chat about ours!!!!

Posted 12:17 24th March 2010

Harpreet Singh says...

Liverpool supporters always going on about the past. Football has changed. Liverpool haven't. Now that's a FACT. Geoff Shreeves spot on. Not only has SAF knocked Liverpool off their perch, he has truley stuffed the famous Liver Bird.

Posted 12:10 24th March 2010

Wayne Bracken says...

to all you liverpool fans i am a lifelong red 0f 40 plus years ,my grandad was a lifelong died in the wool city fan and he reckons the 58 team that was so tragically devasted in munich were the best team he had ever seen and would of dominated english and european football for years.and before you bring up our 68 team over half that team were at an age where they should of gone on to lower league teams,so to match or better your records as you put it,you were lucky to get your success .we are back in the place we should of been 50 years ago i agree with you over success coming in cycles and i do think the next 2 dominant teams will be arsenal and city when they both learn how to win titles and trophies

Posted 11:14 24th March 2010

Ross Walsham says...

Philip, don't be a hypocrite. You arguing about showing respect then you need to do the same. Yes, Liverpool have been the most successful English Club but Man Utd are going to take that mantle. It's envitable, if not this season then next or the one after and that's down to Sir Alex. The success he has brought Utd is an outstanding achievement, even if Sir Alex doesn't think that. Not matter how you look at it, Sir Alex over the time Benitez has been in charge of Liverpool has been the better manager. He's won more and been more consistant. Maybe if the Liverpool fans, that irratate the rest of us, like you, showed abit more respect towards over clubs then you'd get it back. Although I do agree with one of your points, suprisingly, that Utd one day won't have the success we have had over the past 20 years and some other club will take over. It does go in cycles. Unfortunately for you, Liverpool won't be there anytime soon.

Posted 09:36 24th March 2010

Marvin Chia says...

Having followed Liverpool since the 80's, I can still remember how poor Liverpool was under Souness and not much better with Evans in charge. Under Houllier & Rafa, Liverpool has slowly reclaimed its reputation as a force to be considered domestically and in Europe.Last year when Liverpool was challenging for the league, came in 2nd and putting 4 past Real Madrid, ManU and Chelsea, no one complaint. 1 bad season, disrupted by injuries to key players out of 5, and suddenly all the knives are out for Rafa's head. Yes, Liverpool is not playing well and seem to suffer from a distinct lack of confidence this season and I also don't hold much hope for fourth. But its times like these that the team and manager need the fans to be behind them, not pilloried and assassinated in the media.

Posted 09:13 24th March 2010

Francis Rangara says...

As the english say "You know the ship is sinking when you see the rats leaving". We have seen at least one rat (Riera) leavingan the most frightening thing is that even if RB stays there is no masterplan for the future, as in there is no new talent coming through, and RB continues to bring in veteran freebies who do not appear to be up to scratch. Is this the begining of the 'DARK AGE' for LFC?

Posted 07:27 24th March 2010

Gerrard Barnes says...

It's funny that this is a Liverpool story yet most of the comments on here are from Man Utd fans. Why is that? Would it be because you, like 'Sir' Alex Ferguson, are in fact obsessed with Englands most succesful football club. Granted Liverpool have taken a backward step from last season. We lost one of Europe's finest midfielders in Alonso. We lost a big presence in Sami Hyypia. Both not replaced. There is numerous factors to why this has been a bad season. It's also funny how most people on here seem to know what Torres, Gerrard, and Carra want to do in the summer. Some kind of sixth sense is this? As for Mr Shreeves. I will be jubilant if LFC win the Europa League. It is a major trophy after all. This does not mean LFC are no longer a mighty club. I seem to remember recently Man Utd finishing bottom of their CL group and being out of Europe altogether. I dont remember a media circus surrounding it and Man Utd being a fallen club. As for Phillip Battison, Benitez has been more succesful than Mr Alex in his first 6 years. This doesnt make him a better manager. Mr Alex is without doubt ONE OF the greatest managers in English football. It just depends who one supports as to who is the best. In respect of Mr Alex taking over a poor team, he didnt, He took over a team that had won 2 FA cups in three years and who finished 4th the year before he took over. Not an awesome team by any stretch, but not poor either. Mr Alex's achievements cannot be argued with, but to say he has knocked Liverpool off their perch is incorrect. To date, Leagues- Liverpool 18, Man Utd 18, FA Cup- Liverpool 7, Man Utd 11. League Cup-Liverpool 7, Man Utd 4. European Cup-LFC 5, MU 3. Uefa Cup-LFC 3 MU,0. CWC-LFC 0, MU 1. Total LFC 40- MU 37 FACT

Posted 00:52 24th March 2010

Paul Gilmour says...

All you can ask for is to be in the running for some trophy's at the end of the season for it to be an exciting season and Liverpool do that on a regular basis,It would be nice to have won more silver ware over the past 10 years but on our day we can beat anyone,and we have proven that,all we need is a bit more consistency.This year has been a disappointment because expectations were so high but if we make it to the Europa final I for one will be enjoying the spectacle,Liverpool alway's put on an exciting final.It amazes me that all the doom merchants come out of the woodwork now that the Pool may not make the top four,one year out of so many,god help the other poor teams who only dream of a top four year in and year out.In Rafa's defence he has brought in many new players with potential who have not played as well as they can, but even Lucas and Babel are turning around and it'll only take some fine tuning and confidence building to get back into winning way's.Alway's been a great club and alway's will be and the MUFC rivalry keeps it from getting boring, its like playing in 2 cup finals every season..

Posted 00:51 24th March 2010

Scott Cauvin says...

I appreciate what Liverpool have acheived in the past, but even they must be asking themselves what has happened since last season? Alonso has left, a player that Rafa seamingly thought he could cope without and Aquilana was supposed to replace. At the same time Utd lost the best player in the world (at the time) in Ronaldo yet they are still challenging for the league and champions league titles whilst Liverpool are struggling for 4th place and have the Europa to challange for. Both clubs are having serious issues with there respective owners yet despite all of this SAF's Utd continue to show there class where as Rafa's Liverpool have embarrassed themselves and their fans with there performance's this season. We don't care how good you used to be, because even if Utd dont win the league this year (which they will!) they will win it again before Liverpool and with Liverpool being outta the champions league this year and next there's every chance Utd can add more european glory to the trophy cabinet.

Posted 23:46 23rd March 2010

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