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Ear come the champs

Ear come the champs

Paul Merson isn't impressed with Carlos Tevez, but says Man United will march on against Wigan.

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Bijay Malla (Manchester United fan) says...

Now I think signing Berba was a mistake sidelining Tevez totally. It is also not correct to assume that Berba will fare better next season. You cant bring in players with the hope that they will do better after a few years. So far Tevez har performed consistently. But it is also not possible to invest another 30 m. Pounds for his signing. Agent Jorbachian should also realise this along with Tevez and try to agree to an amicable term acceptable to both the parties. Presently Tevez is coming to terms with his game. He will score goals alright. He is among the players I really like and I would hate to lose him. It would be such a tragedy. BJ Malla

Posted 13:33 14th May 2009

Ashley Metcalfe (Manchester United fan) says...

It really is good to see Liverpool having a good season. Thier fans are in good voice and really having a good go at our players. What they must remember though is they aren't going to be able to do the double over us and Chelsea every season and without that they would be nowhere this year. Yeh you can blame injuries to Torres and Gerrard but we've also had a lot of injuries this year, albeit at different times of the season. We may not even win it yet! Back to Tevez though, we should sign him but he's really not worth more than £15m. He's a great sub but is generally not great when he starts. I don't want to see him leave though because I believe he's a massive part of the squad. I don't think United have shown any disrespect, they are just making sure they get the right price. Lets face it we got ripped off for Berbatov and they don't want that again. I have a feeling they will find some hole in contract that means they can offer peanuts and keep the player. And how many people have physically heard Tevez say he wants to leave?

Posted 13:26 14th May 2009

Sean Page (Manchester United fan) says...

Firstly Matthew (Selective Memory) Poynton i seem to remember macherano throwing one hell of a hissy fit at Old Trafford last year. Gotta laugh at all the liverpool fans commenting on the Tevez situation, you dont see other clubs fans getting so workeed up about about Tevez, could it possibly be that you are trying to justify his price tag because you are so desperate to sign a manutd sub so he could come into your team and be your 3rd best player, pathetic. And btw if it was choice of winning nothing but doing the double over liverpool every year or winning the league and losing to liverpool i think somehow i would pick the league, and persides next season if the big four manage to finish the games against you with 11 v 11 im sure you will be back in your rightful fourth spot.

Posted 11:16 14th May 2009

Chris Ball (Manchester United fan) says...

Tevez has said before that he wants to return to Boca when he is 28, he is 25 now so would only be at utd for 3 years if he is true to his word, do we really wat to pay 30 mil + for a player who will only stay for another 3 seasons? Let him go and watch Kiko fly!

Posted 10:40 14th May 2009

Dominic Endsor (Manchester United fan) says...

Tevez is a good player, i love his work rate. But why do top players have to be arrogent? I would rather have good players who work their socks off then players such as ronaldo who are quality but he is so damn arrogent. With the execption of rooney and gerrard, although his diving isnt needed. I dont get why Tevez is acting the way he is, he must know that 30million is a alot and i feel he doesnt respect man.u enough. Any player playing for their team should respect them and not talk about going to there rivals for example, thats if everything reported is true.

Posted 21:03 13th May 2009

Claire Brett (Manchester United fan) says...

I think Man U are mad if they let Tevez go..... If they want to get rid of anyone it should be LAZY Berbatov, not Tevez one of our best players!!! They probably don't want to sell Berbatov because no one would give them enough money for him! Berbatov is not good enough to be treat as one of our top players... Unlike Tevez who is and who works harder than anyone! I also think they are just too greedy to pay for Tevez... I think he is worth every penny??

Posted 20:41 13th May 2009

Ant Campbell (Liverpool fan) says...

Ronaldo pulling a hissy fit when he was subbed doesnt suprise me at all. Just look at the way he throws himself at the floor every time some one takes the ball from him. Its about time that he stopped acting like a petulant child, which frankly is overshadowing his tremendous talent.

Posted 19:56 13th May 2009

Leon Shaw (Manchester United fan) says...

well said tony...i wouldnt let what des said mither you, just another typical united hater who has nothin better to do than pick faults at the greatest club team in the world (fact) and by him making out we'd av done nothin without tevez just shows he doesnt have a clue about football and probably doesnt even know how to play the game, yes he has scored important goals for us in vital matches but so has john o'shea, so have a lot of players, fact of the matter is he is a great player but 30million?....give your head a wobble des!

Posted 18:05 13th May 2009

Rob Leightley (Manchester United fan) says...

We (Utd) need to keep Tevez! He is part of a squad that is on the verge on back to back Premier league and Champions league titles. I dont care if it is £25/£30 million or whatever, i would pay £20 million each for 11 John O'shea's if it meant winning the league and champs league every season and im sure every other team in the league would do likewise!

Posted 17:46 13th May 2009

Thomas Ward (Liverpool fan) says...

everybody knows tevez is better than berba, just because he wants to leave you cos he is not getting a contract!!! you's all pretend you don't want him anymore!!1 pathetic!!! You wouldn't pay 30 million for tevez but you would pay it for ferdinand, berba, veron. just look at the way you played last season with tevez starting reguarly! this year liverpool outscored you's in the league, as for berba 30m and he takes a peno like that in the fa cup! he is a waster

Posted 17:07 13th May 2009

United Fan (Manchester United fan) says...

I personally do not feel Tevez is worth 32 million pounds. I would pay around 18-20 million because he is a good player, he is always there if you need a fast tempo and he runs everyone off the pitch! His work rate is incredible, he never gives up and you can see he has a lot of respect for everyone at Manchester United football club, okay... maybe the last few weeks he may be showing signs of disrespect but at the end of the day, you put yourself in his shoes, he must be getting frustrated with whats going on, i know i would. I really do feel Tevez is better off at United (that isn't being biased either) They are the best club in the world and will be for years to come and he will have a bright future... If i was fergie, i would off load Berbatov, Let Ronaldo go (if he REALLY wants to go) Bring in Casillas (as part of ronaldo deal - if they want him that bad) and bring in Benzema. Rooney with Benzema would be deadly, every defender in the country (and most of europe) will be having nightmares trying to keep those 2 together quiet!

Posted 16:14 13th May 2009

Rafa Benetiz (Liverpool fan) says...

I wish we could have carlos tevez in our side, infact I wish we could have the whole united side then we might have a chance of winning the titile for the first time in 19 years!!! We need tevez next season have any chance what so ever of stopping united beating our league championship record and equalling our champions league total (after this great side beat bacrelona in the final and make it four) and thats a FACT!!!!

Posted 15:55 13th May 2009

David Antrobus (Manchester United fan) says...

I think we need to stop and think about this debate logically here. Ferguson is not blind. He can see Carlos is a huge assett to the squad, and yes personally i would rather have him on the pitch in place of Dimi anyday. HOWEVER, we are fans......we do not have the advantage of knowing what on earth is going on in the boardroom. The public poured scorn over the setup with Tevez/Mascherano not so long ago, so lest we forget that essentially that setup is the same. Kia and his team are money grabbers, and will try and make as much money as humanly possible out of Tevez. And if they cant get it out of United, then they will sell carlos to the highest bidder. They have not one jot of consideration for what is in Carlos' (or united's) best interests. They want big cash, end of story. And if they are asking for too much, or for ludicrous terms, then united will not do business, simple as that! So i think we need to be careful before we start accusing Man Utd of disrespecting Carlos when in truth, we dont know the full facts....that said, i would love him to stay, so would the majority of fans, and as does Carlos himself. (come on tonight lads!)

Posted 15:33 13th May 2009

Neil Kumar (Reading fan) says...

Nice to see that Des and Darren have a nice neutral view and are not letting the fact that they support Liverpool cloud their opinion! Where would United be without Tevez this season? Where would the Pool be with him? Ask the same thing about Torres, i think most United fans would gladly swap...and without Torres, where would Liverpool be!? Personally i think Tevez is a great player, and United should show him a bit more respect by at least letting him know where they stand...but to pay £30m + for him would be far too much, and i believe that is where the main gripe lies.

Posted 14:56 13th May 2009

Abdela Atisso (Manchester United fan) says...

Firstly I agree with Paul Merson... Tevez is a special player and someone that has grown in the hearts of all Utd fans over the last 2 years but £30 million he is not worth. If he sign for some what fair amout for money, it very great this team will be lucky and so does he. But, Tevez may face some problem regarding to Rooney and Berbatov because of the the place and there potential to play in the striking possition.

Posted 14:50 13th May 2009

Sean Page (Manchester United fan) says...

For 15mil Tevez should be snapped up but not for 30, he is nothing more than a rich mans Dirk Kuyt works his socks off, but lacks pace, too often his 1st touch lets him down and not prolific enough, 4 premiership goals is not good enough espcially seen as most of his starts have come against the premierships so called lesser clubs, despite his constant moaning to the press and trying to turn the fans against the club i still love Tevez just as liverpool fans love kuyt but lets face who would pay 30 mil for dirk. BTW whatever anyone thinks of Berbatov he has no effect on the Tevez situation, when we were signing Berbatov i was the only utd fan i know who didnt want him so dont all start saying Fergie made a mistake you lot wanted him so give him the time, Berbatov will have no effect on the Tevez situation because even if we got rid, Fergie would still have to buy someone else otherwise we woulnt have enough strikers so Tevez would still probs find himself on the bench, sorry but work rate aint enough to warrant a starting place otherwise i would be playing for manutd

Posted 11:15 13th May 2009

Sir alex Ferguson (Manchester United fan) says...

I Could also train a headless chicken to go running around chasing a ball...Tevez by the way is very selfish with the ball, He is a shadow of Rooney and Berbatov

Posted 09:12 13th May 2009

Marc Alves (Manchester United fan) says...

I have no trouble with Tevez going in the summer his attitude towards his role in the side is inapropriate. I believe that on the pitch he gives more than 100%, however Man United are able to compete on all fronts due to their amazing squad system, and he has his specific role to play in that squad. You never hear complaints from players like o'Shea, Fletcher, Park, etc who know their role in the squad and would play in goal if asked by Sir Alex. Tevez will never be considered ahead of Roony and Ronaldo and Berbatov for all the controversy gives United something different. And while I do concede that he has produced some very important goals, such as the beauty against City, he more often than not is very wasteful in front of goal and maybe the statisticians out there can provide us with his converstion rate of chances received, not knowing the exact numbers I do not believe it will be at all flatering. So in closing Mr Tevez, I would rather have 10 Fletchsers and 10 O'Shea's before I spend an obsene amount of money on one Carlos Tevez, Husta La Vista Baby.

Posted 07:40 13th May 2009

Chano Dewens (Manchester United fan) says...

Why does some people think that Berbatov is a waste of money? He is unbelievable with the ball and he provide for other players, if you understand United way of playing football you will understand that being a striker is not just about scoring goals. Berbatov might not defend like Rooney does, but is usually very active in bringing up the ball. But enough said about Berbatov. Tevez is a fantastic player but both rooney and Berbatov are better, and if we want to have players coming from our youth/reserve teams we cannot have too many players on each position. Welbeck and Macheda need to get more games next season, going on loan has not worked for anybody the last decade. So let Tevez go and let our young players get a few more games. And to you Jason, you prefer Tevez to Ronaldo, get real. Tevez is a good player, Ronaldo is world class.

Posted 07:26 13th May 2009

Arnold Diljan (Manchester United fan) says...

I think loosing Tevez will be horrible ,but as shown before Man Uwill bounce back.I think it is our championship to loose and we will also win the Chapions League.I clearly think Rooney is our best player.Rooney to score in the CL.

Posted 07:04 13th May 2009

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