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Ear come the champs

Ear come the champs

Paul Merson isn't impressed with Carlos Tevez, but says Man United will march on against Wigan.

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Tuck seng Tham (Manchester United fan) says...

No one is bigger than the club. I have this sneaky feeling that Ronaldo IS going to Madrid. United is going to get 71M for him. Pay for Tevez using 22M and the rest (approx 49M) for a quality player. Kaka? Ribery? (insert name of world class winger here) Good idea? cos I can't think of any other reason why SAF bought Tosic in Jan. Nani looks like a faggart but I still think he will come good.

Posted 04:53 13th May 2009

Adam Shone (Manchester United fan) says...

Agree completely Merse about Tevez, said exacly that about his celebration at half time, appears like he (and his agent) is trying to play the fans off against Fergie here, which aint gonna wash on utd fans with any sense. People would also do well to realise he would not have scored that goal without a sublime touch and pass from Berba, something which few other players could have done. All fans, myself included, want Tevez to stay but not many I know think he is worth the money. I would rather see Benzema in the shirt next season. I think the league is over too Merse, also not sure why Barca are favorites for the CL. The chelsea game represented their first real test this season against a strong team with tactical nous, and their attack was largely stifled. I think we will do that to them too, esp without possibly Henry/Iniesta and i dont see their defense keeping us out all match. Get your money on utd!

Posted 02:09 13th May 2009

Dan Breslin (Liverpool fan) says...

tevez is an outstanding player,for west ham,utd and argentina...he is better than berbatov, so those who say he isnt worth 30mil musnt be watching the same tevez i utd tevez is been treated as a second class striker,reason why? utd cant be seen to want to get rid of berbatov so soon after spending £32.5m , so get rid of tevez who didnt cost them a third as much (by that i mean wages etc!) .so paul merson,if you think tevez has disrespected man utd. its the other way around,united have disrespected tevez....did tevez not do enough to earn a contract at utd???is tevez not good enough for utd??? you bet your bucks he is !!! as all the utd fans that wear a red jersey with tevez 32 on the back of it,youl be amazed at the amount that want rid of him!!! if ronaldo is worth 80million pound,then saying tevez isnt worth 30 million is ludicrous and hypocritical.....

Posted 00:21 13th May 2009

Lee Bardo (Manchester United fan) says...

I think youve got to look at the full picture.Ok utd have not offered tevez a contract? or have they and the ownership of him want more and more.I personally think jorabchin and his snide crew are trying to hold man u to ransom and utd are not having any of it!!

Posted 21:39 12th May 2009

Joel Doran (Manchester United fan) says...

Fair play edward but solskjaer never had problems coming off the bench and was always dangerous. The only way anyone will overtake United is if Rooney or Vidic leave these are the 2 best players at United. I also think that the digs that people are having at United over not offering Tevez a contract are wrong what is the difference to now and when Jorabchain sent them to west ham.

Posted 21:38 12th May 2009

Graham Davies (Manchester United fan) says...

its been a great season and well done to liverpool for keeping it going through to may. i also think merse is spot on, fergie wont want to field a full strength team against hull to seal the title with the champ league final only a few days later, that means 4 points is a must from wigan and arsenal with regards to tevez, he's been an outstanding utd player. it would be ashame to see him go but i feel this is a question of his price tag ..we still need a striker who can score some 30 goals a season and i doubt even utd are willing to splash out 60mil or more on just two players this summer

Posted 21:08 12th May 2009

Hassim Kader (Manchester United fan) says...

I have read most of your comments and all are almost similar in your comments Firstly I do not think that SAF would let Tevez leave Utd.Once the League and Champions League is over SAF will decide on his line up for 2010 Tevez remember is a versatile player and I for one think that Manu will not get the mileage fom Scholes and Giggs This is where SAF can use Tevez just behind the strikers.Can you see Rooney Berbertov and Ronaldo and Tevez just behind all gelling together Give this front line a few games together.I for one cannot wait to see this once they click

Posted 21:07 12th May 2009

Mcstr8 Eigowab (Manchester United fan) says...

Sir Alex is the best selector one have see in any years, there is no other than the manager man utd have.therfore he must be respest on what he is doing and how he is doing utd with the power of the manager and faithful players he will be grown the champion again

Posted 20:55 12th May 2009

Hasan Azam (Manchester United fan) says...

Well said. A very disrespectful Tevez shall surely leave United this year. I loved him at United but after that celebration...see you later! Get in Benzema or Villa or just stick with our young strikers coming through. Ive seen enough of Welbeck and Macheda to be convinced they can really challenge for a starting berth in the next couple of years. Tevez you leave United and you shall never see this kind of success ever again. United will never bow down to a player. If Fergie wants you out your out son. Liverpool payed 20 odd million for Torress and are we supposed to pay 30 for you? 20 something wouldve been aight and I could see you staying. Get rid of that agent of yours....youll never be able to reach the heights of Ronaldo Rooney or even Gerrard if you keep moving clubs boy....

Posted 20:12 12th May 2009

Nick Rouse (Manchester United fan) says...

I think Paul is spot on with the Tevez situation. As good as he is he is not worth £30 million. People will say he runs his socks off but so did Alan Smith for Man Utd before he got injured, and no one in their right mind would pay £30 million for him. With that being said Tevez has been great for us and he will be sorely missed if he does go. I just hope he doesn't spoil his relationship with the fans by going to Liverpool, given the history between the two it would be disrespectful to both clubs to have him in one shirt and then 3 months later the other. If he loves Utd that much, as he says, he won't consider Liverpool. In regards to Ronaldo, whilst it is good for players to show enthusiasm, I found his reaction disrespectful to the subs coming on. Did he not think Rooney and Scholes were capable enough to see out the game? I dont't know what was going through his head, but if I was him I would be glad my job for the day was done and I still had a chance of playing in Rome unlike the unfortunate Fletcher. I hope Ronaldo doesn't continue this way as he matures further as a player, because then we will have a Drogba on our hands!

Posted 19:13 12th May 2009

Jason [again] (Manchester United fan) says...

Id rather see Berbatov go and we lose all that money, and keep tevez! Tevez = Works Hard!! Scores Goals! Doesnt need skills to get past people & comes back to defend Berbatov = Doesnt work hard!.. Scores goals but doesnt come back to defend like Tevez.. Cmon Fergie!!!

Posted 18:39 12th May 2009

John Kennedy (Manchester United fan) says...

A very fair assesment from Daniel. I did worry how we would react after the Liverpool and Fulham games, but as usual, Fergie calmed things down again and shuffled his pack to freshen things up. I think one of the players we missed most was our young Brazilian right back, he has so much energy and whilst he still has a lot to learn, I think the team plays so much more positively when he is involved. Its been good to have Liverpool push us all the way and I think they will also be our closest challengers again next year, but I'd love to see Sir Alex get 3 Champions League/ Premierships in a row and then he will be able to retire having known he has produced the best ever UTD team!

Posted 17:31 12th May 2009

Ell Cee (Manchester United fan) says...

Tevez is not worth £30million in my eyes. As hard as he works and gets the odd goal he is nowhere near the class of a £30million pound striker. You look at Ronaldo and say he can play left, right or throughthe middle. The same goes for Rooney as well. But Tevez can not do that and does not get as many goals through the middle as they would as well. I'm sorry Tevez but your gonna pay for your ownership to that agent guy as quality teams won't spend that kind of money. I can see Man City taking him on but other than that I think the other 3 from the top 4 will give it a miss signing him when players like David Villa are available maybe. Does he really think Liverpool would pick him over Villa...I know I wouldnt.

Posted 17:20 12th May 2009

Faisal Haider (Manchester United fan) says...

I absolutely agree with you paul, i certinly think that the title is ours to lose now. i can't see anything but 2 victories for man utd from their next 2 fixtures. i still fancy chelsea for the second place. and- my prediction is that united will beat wigan 4-0 and w rooney to score a brace. Cmon man_the_best_united

Posted 17:16 12th May 2009

Ed Cheung (Manchester United fan) says...

I agree, tevez is a fantastic player but just not worth for that 25 mil.....

Posted 17:09 12th May 2009

Steven Creer (Manchester United fan) says...

I don't blame Tevez at all and i'm sure every Utd fan is behind him. We've absolutely wasted ¿31m on Berbatov when we should have signed Tevez 1st. He was a main reason why we done so well last season and i don't think he's getting the respect off Utd that he deserves! What more does he have to do to earn a permanent deal? T he board and SAF can see how much the fans love Tevez and can see his quality so why sign a player that no-one wants when we could have kept Tevez who is far better suited to our attacking game! As for Ronaldo. Yes he's World player of Year and he's done wonders for our club, can't thank him enough for his service but i think he's in danger of a majority of Utd fans turning against him.

Posted 16:46 12th May 2009

Jason . (Manchester United fan) says...

i agree with paul merson that what tevez did was wrong and disrespectful, but he is still a world class player and has shown that this year, Ronaldo has had to many chances and everyone has their off game or season, but id rather keep Tevez than Ronaldo, if both were to go in the summer transfer i would love to see Fergie bring in Frank Ribery or Xavi two class players who would be so good for us! Cmon United!!!

Posted 16:35 12th May 2009

Daniel Basheer (Liverpool fan) says...

As a Liverpool fan I have to agree with Merse on this one. Man Utd won't lose to anyone in their current form, let alone Wigan. Liverpool have done well this season to even still be in with a shout at the title with 2 games left to play, but they need to learn from this and come back stronger next season. When Liverpool had 8 games left to play I honestly thought if we won them all we'd win the league, because Utd were not playing well and were leaking goals. We've won 5 and drawn one of those 8 games so far and are pushing Man U as far as we can. But, as much as it hurts to say, I take my hat off to them; They have responded to the pressure and won all of their games since then, and I can't see them losing any more games this season.

Posted 16:34 12th May 2009

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