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More Mersey misery

More Mersey misery

Paul Merson is sad about Liverpool's atrocious season - and says it will get even worse at Stoke.

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Andy Beadle (Arsenal fan) says...

I can only see arsenal sneaking a draw at stoke for the fa cup match. Its a tough place to play and their commitment is incredible. Watching Arsenal with Fabregas and Song is a delight to watch. However Ramsey and Denilson are two lightweights in midfield. Diaby is tall and strong and will have to fill songs boots. Not denilson

Posted 15:18 15th January 2010

Yared Belayneh (Liverpool fan) says...

simple is luck this season.

Posted 15:13 15th January 2010

Steve M (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

I still cant believe Rafa is at the club, the amount of rubbish players he has bought and good players he's sold, yet most liverpool fans say he hasnt had the money. His eye of talent is a league 2 standard manager, the only Hits he's had are torres and reina. GET RID LIVERPOOL

Posted 15:06 15th January 2010

Jonty Rhodes (Liverpool fan) says...

I hav always backed Benitez.Not anymore. Now Liverpool must wait for d rite man 2 replace him wit. Theres no point sacking him for d sake of it. Line up Mourinho,Hiddink,Harry Redknapp r Martin O'Neill. After Liverpool beat Man U Andy Gray underlined how important Lucas and Mascherano wer. Rightly so but that is not the Liverpool way-stopping d other team playing so we can win. Bring in some1 who wil get us playing football again. Sell Mascherano 2 Barcelona for 25 million and sell Lucas and bring in midfielders who can play football. If we keep possesion of d ball we woudnt need any holding midfielder let alone 2. For d rest of the season Rafa wil u play a midfielder at Rite midfield and whoevers on d left wil u tel them 2 stay on d left and not b wandering aimlessly around d pitch!!!

Posted 15:04 15th January 2010

Alan Carroll (Liverpool fan) says...

its simple liverpool have lost their way , when this happens you have to go back to the systems that made you great like any business if your on top and it goes wrong go back to the system that made you great ie honest hard work and a manager who knows the game inside and out thats not benitez thank you for all you have done , kenny stand up and sort it please

Posted 15:02 15th January 2010

Nick Hancock (Stoke City fan) says...

To Me Liverpool Are An Absoloute Shambles At The Miniute! I Can't See Them Gettin Anything When They Come Too Our Place!! Ill Go For A Stoke Win 3-1! And See Raffa Get The Sack! Tony Pulis Barmy Army!

Posted 14:53 15th January 2010

Jonathan Wilson (Liverpool fan) says...

I can't believe I'm saying this but the best thing for Liverpool would be a loss to Stoke and another loss to Spurs to finally get the board to replace Rafa. Hopefully with Guus Hiddink saying he would like to come back and coach in the Premier League it may just happen. However, given the financial mess the Americans have put the club in I'm afraid they may not want to get rid of Rafa because of his hefty contract that will cost the club over 15 million pounds. One would think that if Rafa loved the club so much that he would realise that since things are getting from bad to worse under his leadership that he should resign. But being the stubborn who loves power that will not happen. Therefore, things look very bleak for Liverpool and I cannot see them making the top 6 this season under Benitez. What a travesty!

Posted 14:44 15th January 2010

Paul Farrow (Liverpool fan) says...

Michael Fleming (Liverpool fan) says... Well I was going to write an expansive piece but Michael has said it all for me. Summing up. Arsene Wenger converts two stoppers in Adams & Keown into footballers and Benitez after all this time still has Jamie Carragher who a) hoofs it into touch b) passes back to his keeper c) smashes it aimlessly upfield Says it all really. Stubborn and defensive. Paul from Llanelli

Posted 14:44 15th January 2010

Harry Higgins (Portsmouth fan) says...

liverpool need to sort it out badly

Posted 14:38 15th January 2010

Daniel Owen (Liverpool fan) says...

Although I somewhat agree with Paul, his final paragrapgh about David Ngog emphasises why Paul isn't a manager and why Tony Pulis is manager of Stoke City. Tuncays record for Soke this season reads 17 appearances, 2 goals. Whereas David Ngogs record reads, 16 appearances, 6 goals. James Beattie has scored 2 goals in 18 appearenaces and Fuller has scored 3 goals in 21 appearances!!! Clearly, any manager would rather have a TWENTY year old frenchman with six goals, than THREE over 28's scoring ONE more BETWEEN them than a ROOKIE!!! This epitomises why Tony Pulis is manager of Stoke and Paul is simply a critic!!!

Posted 14:29 15th January 2010

Paul Dolan (Liverpool fan) says...

re Kev Corbett how can you still back Benitez,can you not see what he's doing to this once great club,yes the yanks can take there share of the blame but Benitez has spent £250MILLION in 5 years,he's sold some quality players and not replaced them with anything better,his only good signings have been Torres,Mascherano,Alonso,Reina,Crouch and maybe say Bellamy and only 3 of these are still at the club so it show's that the poor signings easily outway the good one's,any other club would have sacked him by now so stop all this 'in rafa we trust rubbish' and get him out before we do a Leeds.

Posted 14:24 15th January 2010

Thomas Howell (Liverpool fan) says...

I think it's clear to anyone who watches football, Lucas and Mascherano are two of the most un creative footballers in english football. Look at their goal tally.....Whilst there plumped in their own half making 3 yard passes to each other, whichever winger decides to come back and retrieve the ball ahs to work twice as hard runinng up and down the line. Gerrard is playing too far forward to deal with this lack of creativity and hence is as frustrated as fernando torres with zero service in most games with this formation. Mascherano is just about good enough to make it into the first time, lets hope maxi will make it a difference, although i doubt it as he's a winger too!! Help!!

Posted 14:19 15th January 2010

Darren Jones (Liverpool fan) says...

I think it's time to forget this season and start thinking about next start bringing some of the youngsters through pacheco eccelston Kelly ect we got some good young players they will do better than we got and might save us a bit of money!

Posted 14:12 15th January 2010

Donovan Bradley (Liverpool fan) says...

at the end of the day we can go to stoke and beat them without our stars and i belive we will. but we need to bring in sum strikers to bolster our attack if we gona get top 4. no point waiting till summer theres plenty of players out there in jan. maxi is a great start. pavluchenko,van nistelrooy no reason we cant sum more players were light upfront now we cant rely on ngog and kuyt. we need experience sumone who stick the ball away to much pressure on torres and its showing. a top striker or 2 cud be the diffrence between 4th-6th stop lookin at people out our price range we need sumone gettable even if its using babel as bait. i have a feeling we want kenwyne jones good or bad i think thats what were after. vn nistelrooy wud be a g8 buy and cheap. i cant see it though but that wud be my choice. forlan in the summer theres plenty of quality lower end of the market. we just cant afford to not rplace torres for 6 weeks we havent enough in reserve. man city and spurs look stronger so we need to act this month or look 4ward to europa football next year which wud be a disaster for me and the lfc fans.

Posted 14:10 15th January 2010

Eddie Vella (Liverpool fan) says...

Rafa ran out of ideas he blames owners for not funding ,Aquilani 20 million and injured plus italian football not aggresive like premier,buy british and rafa needs to go before liverpool slides in the relegation zone. I use to watch liverpool and wait eagerly for the match this season i don't bother and to tell you the truth i bet against them and i'm winning money thanks rafa

Posted 14:07 15th January 2010

Abdihakin Ali (Manchester United fan) says...

liverpool are shocking they can never be better than manchester in a million years if liverpool want to get into top four they must change manager right now other wise i see them finishing tenth this season.aston villa manchester city and tottenham are way beter than livepool at the moment if they want to be like the manchester united they must get quality players like villa pato.manutd can any player they because they are champions even there youngers are better the liverpool players.look manutd they got the best midfield the best defence still some of our defenders are injured but even our midfield can defend better than liverpool defenders.loooooooooooooooool.manchester united always champions.looooooooooooool united manutd were the boys in the red and were on are way to wemberly wemberly.hahaahhhha

Posted 14:06 15th January 2010

Danny O'brien (Liverpool fan) says...

We will lose against Stoke tomorrow and Spurs midweek, there is no hope of a draw against these never mind a win. I hope i'm proved wrong. I'm sorry but that performance the other night against reading was absimal, nobody wanted to win the games especially after Gerard & Torres went off. By the way these two, Carra & Pepe are the only world class players we have and even these are disimproving with the bad players around them. How can a team who finished 2nd last season and lost really only Alonso get so bad over a summer, look at chelsea & man utd virtually same teams, who also I think their standards have dropped. We need to get rid of RAFA NOW. It would be the best transaction made by the club in this transfer window. Bring Back KING KENNY

Posted 13:56 15th January 2010

Mark Malone (Manchester United fan) says...

Poor old Liverpool I'm sick of slagging my mates because now I really feel bad for ye guys... I never hated that club really. Being Irish I wouldnt understand the rivalry but I hate Benitez. He is arrogant beyond belief. He wasted money on players and sold em. Not going to name, just too many. Look at Fergie... I know he's made mistakes in the past (djemba djemba, kleberson, Veron etc) But when he spent big, those players stayed.. well maybe not veron, but i still think he was brilliant. We also have a decent youth set up. (Evans, Gibson, de Laet, Macheda, Wellbeck) What player has come through the Liverpool academy in the last few years???? I'm not having a dig or anything but ye guys are in serious trouble. Get rid of that cherry faced arrogant spanish monkey before ye find yourselves in the championship. Pray you get Hiddink.. I think he's the best on the planet... Amazing what he did @ korea, and australia. He's sort that club out very quickly, but just like united money money money is not available. You are no longer a top four club. City are taking 3rd, Arsenal 4th, you may come fifth.. Spurs Villa might have something to say about that though.

Posted 13:53 15th January 2010

James Hoff (Liverpool fan) says...

liverpool have had a shocking season, there's no denying that, but why are so called liverpool supporters getting behind a fervant pool hater in merson.... only a few months ago we were battering man u 4-1 at the theatre of wet dreams. these are largely the same players who all seem to have lost form at the same time. torres and stevie g haven't been fully fit all season, but would hiddink, mourino etc have done any different and left them out??? yes rafa's made mistakes but who hasn't. the lack of desire by our top players isn't being questioned is it. the problem lies in that players brought in with immense promise to replace out of form/injured stars, (babel) haven't delivered. 6 months after we were all rejoicing that rafa signs a 5 year deal we want to boot him out, well i'm sorry, we're not your average run of the mill football team, we are Liverpool FC, the best fans in the land, so quit your whining, stop reading the tabloid muck and listening to ex arsenal players and get behind the team......In Rafa we trust

Posted 13:51 15th January 2010

I S (Liverpool fan) says...

Who would have dreamt of sacking Benitez 6 months ago? I have never seen Liverpool play exciting football so consistently well as they did at the end of last season. We have to look at the long-term and not become a club that sacks a manager because of one bad season or half-season. Albeit, a couple of creative signings would help - perhaps Maxi is the first.

Posted 13:50 15th January 2010

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