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More Mersey misery

More Mersey misery

Paul Merson is sad about Liverpool's atrocious season - and says it will get even worse at Stoke.

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Mzee Mabuza (Chelsea fan) says...

how cn u say they don hev e money to get rid of him?they should hev took e £40 million they gave him 4 aquilani n johnson to get rid of him,liverpool would have gained rather thn wats on atm,u r ryt abt stoke i also think they can win if they don under-estimate em stoke's a decent club,atm several stoke players would mek it to the liverpool 1st team,get rid of r.b b4 its 2 late.

Posted 12:04 15th January 2010

Kev Corbett (Liverpool fan) says...

Harsh but true - I always have and still do back Benitez but something seriously needs to change at the club. I can't see us winning any games at the moment. I used to enjoy watching Liverpool now I struggle to watch them. I am sure they will be great again soon but when? YNWA

Posted 11:57 15th January 2010

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