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Paul Merson gives his verdict on the done deals and the ones that got away on Deadline Day.

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Craig Hunter (Rangers fan) says...

i think robbie keane will do good for celtic hurts me to say because am a rangers fan but he will but were 10 points clear and on a good run of form and a dont think celtic will win the spl. We have struggled this seasson because wve got no money but with the sale of mendes a thin wel be able to buy some players in the summer we have davis,thomson,mcCulloch and with boyd and miller up front we score alot of goals so we will win the the leause for the 54th time even if celtics got keane , mowbtay dosnty know what hes doing to be honest he selling player left right and centre so what if he did bring in keane he just going to leave in the summer after we win the league again!!

Posted 14:28 2nd February 2010

Poddy L (Celtic fan) says...

i jus wana say that there is a huge gulf between the scots league and the eng premier league however to say that robbie keane wont be challenged is stupid. And my other point is how can you say that if a player has neen at many clubs then he cant be a good player? what about nicolas anelka, more clubs than i can count on both hand yet one of the most deadly strikers around!!!!!!

Posted 14:27 2nd February 2010

Ciaran Crawford (Celtic fan) says...

Robbie Keane to the Hoops, I could not be more thrilled. Even though he won't be here any longer than the summer I think it will be a massive lift for the club & could possibly go down as a Celtic legend if all goes well. The chase is on....... Hail Hail.

Posted 14:26 2nd February 2010

David Mclean (Newcastle United fan) says...

Its good to see Steve Bruce is moulding Sunderland into a strong Championship side, being a Geordie, he obviously knows what inevitabley is going to happen. Why do the deluded red and white believe that top class players will go to the stadium of sh...? Granted for the first time in years, you have one over the mighty toon, but having said that, have you really? We are sitting quite comfortabley at the top of the championship, while you lot who belong in the 2nd tier find yourselves getting thumped home and away week in week out, although I think you did yourselves proud against Chelsea Moaning about signing players like Hutton? dont worry he wont lose any sleep over it, he feels exactly the same I`m sure and will be doing his level best in helping you reach a realistic target of 19th in the league, by which time he`ll be back at Tottenham Have a good season lads

Posted 14:23 2nd February 2010

Mark Brown (West Ham United fan) says...

every1 slagging mido off?? hes only on £1000 a week so if he only scores 5 goals its no great loss is it so its no gamble hes beter than sears and nouble and franco so decent back up for ilan, mccarthy and cole good buy

Posted 14:18 2nd February 2010

Mark Brown (West Ham United fan) says...

merse mate, your comment about mido havin so many clubs?? saying your not a good player if you move from club to club alot, but you contradict yourself by saying keane to celtice is a good club?? keanes clubs? wolves, coventry, inter, leeds, spurs, liverpool, spurs again then celtic so he's moved 8 times to 7 different teams, surely this makes him a bad player in your eyes?

Posted 14:15 2nd February 2010

Davie Gorrell (Rangers fan) says...

Keane to celtic,? NOT AGAIN; did'nt they learn from his uncle. Must we teach you again?. (nial lynch) Rangers ALWAYS look behind to see celtic. 53 coming up.!!

Posted 14:12 2nd February 2010

Kieran Selway (Hull City fan) says...

I would just like to say Dean Windass wasnt in the Doncaster Rovers Books as he was working for Sky Sports News and Hull City need to sell some players with high wages to sign the better players like the ones that contracts are running out in the summer. I think we need to get rid of Stephen Hunt in the summer we will get £6 million in the summer for him COME ON YOU HULL !!!!

Posted 13:20 2nd February 2010

Kevin Mitchell (West Ham United fan) says...

After the signings of McCarthy, Mido & Ilan, everyone now knows the direction where the 2 Davids (Gold & Sullivan) will take West Ham, DOWN.

Posted 13:18 2nd February 2010

Jonathan Mcskimming (Celtic fan) says...

I think its hilarious that people mock the SPL so much. Granted the quality outwith the old firm is pretty awful. Robbie Keane came to us to win tophies, potentially play in the champions league and be adored by fans. his alternative is to play for an average premiership team who wont win anything and definatly not get in the champions league. Correct me if I am wrong but is your superb, world class league not a 2 horse race pretty much every season? Yeah thaught so

Posted 12:56 2nd February 2010

Alastair Drysdale (Hearts fan) says...

Why did not Robbie Keane come to Hearts? Romanov would have paid his wages and it would have been a fan tastic strike force with him, Nade and Elliot. Still at least we got Ryan Stevenson.

Posted 12:51 2nd February 2010

Antony Barrett (West Ham United fan) says...

We should have gone for Benjani not McCarthy and certainly not Mido. I would be very surprised if either of thoise two score lots of goals and also I cannot see how either will compliment Cole. Ilan seems a good player and one who can cause problems for defences, personally I would start with him and Cole and use McCarthy and Mido as subs until they start scoring and force their way in otherwise it could be too late to save us from relegation.

Posted 12:42 2nd February 2010

Chris Turner (Arsenal fan) says...

to all the comments re: Robbie Keane. No one is saying that CELTIC are an inferior team, they are saying the SPL is an inferior league compared to the EPL! Robbie Keane to celtic is a good move for him as he will get games and redknapp would have been an idiot to let a proven premier league goalscorer go on loan to another EPL team. Its unfortunate for Keane that Defoe and Crouchy are doing so well for Spurs

Posted 12:20 2nd February 2010

Neil Sutton (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Has Harry gone mad?? Loan out Keane and loan in Gudjohnson - this makes very little sense and has worsened the squad. Yes Robbie has not been in top form this season, but he is a much more profilic scorer. Also what happens if Defoe gets injured? Loan out Hutton and sign Kaboul - so now there is no natural cover at right full back for Corluka, but we have yet another centre back in the squad. 4th place is slippig away.........

Posted 12:11 2nd February 2010

Dazza Pro (Aston Villa fan) says...

Lets get 1 think write A,Keane went to Celtic because there was nowhere eles he could go..spurs wont sell him to villa or sunderland now so hence the loan untill the summer WHERE he will leave spurs for 7mil and join a prem club.....FACT WATCH THIS HAPPEN

Posted 11:54 2nd February 2010

Bryan richardson (Newcastle United fan) says...

chris jones (makem) i share your frustration at signing alan hutton however if you look at the facts it all makes good sense, obviously your going down to the championship at the end of the season (were you belong) therefore it makes sense to stockpile championship players, hutton just about completes that squad (no need to buy or sell anyone now ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ) defo no need to bring in stephen fry as a player but he gets my vote for manager when steve bruce finally realises what an awfull hideous mistake he has made coming to your excuse for a club!!! mind you hes rotten meat now anyway as is any manager/ player who make the silly decision to join s*umberland. never mind though chris its not all bad news , i hear peter kay is joining you as coach (anybody wanna buy my peter kay tickets , great seats lol newcastle arena block b seated floor area 15 nov 2010 ) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . ps chris giz a wave on the way down , thanks from all the toon for keeping our seats warm. byeeeeee ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

Posted 11:51 2nd February 2010

Matt Porter (West Ham United fan) says...

I share Paul Merson'd misgivings about the West Ham signings.. however the following points need to be taken into consideration... McCarthy is moving from a team of hard working, direct playing tactics to a footballing side. Mido is joining on loan til the end of season on £1,000 per week!! If it doesn't work out we've not lossed anything. Ilan we have signed on a permanent deal, but only until the end of season, so again not a hug outlay. We have not signed anyone on silly 4 year contracts, so whilst not the great signings we needed, they will fill shirts and might surprise a few people.. I do wish the media were not so negative about the Hammers... especially certain daily newspapers. Keep the faith, COYI!!

Posted 11:46 2nd February 2010

David Harris (West Ham United fan) says...

Not sure why anyone would want to go north of the border! West Ham continue the same old way of trying to retain premiership status on a shoestring. I was hopeful when the two David's came in especially as their Hammers fans (allegedly) but seems that pockets not deep enough. Zola's definitely a quality player but as a manager I worry that he assumes all the mediocre players WHU have will suddenly be blessed with his skills

Posted 11:12 2nd February 2010

Adam Rickus (Aston Villa fan) says...

Fairplay to Celtic getting Robbie Keane what a brilliant little coup that could turn out to be for them but I can't help feeling abit frustrated with Aston Villa not trying to get Robbie Keane (even on loan) he would have been a very good buy for us and given he has a proven goalscoring record in the Prem he could have added something to our squad and Why didn't Villa look at Gudjohnson?? He would also have added a little extra quality to the Villa forward line another dimension!!! Good luck to West Ham and Zola though with Mido and McCarthy they are both decent players BUT trouble makers I hope they know what they are doing!!!

Posted 10:44 2nd February 2010

Graham Farrar (West Ham United fan) says...

I think they have done what they can, we were in for Ruud and Gudjohnsson and did not get them (you can't buy players who don't want to play for you!) so we got players who would come and wanted to play for us. McCarthy can score and so can Mido, don't know much about Ilan, but we now have options and competition up front, surely that is a step in the right direction. Mido and Ilan are loans so if they don't work out we can dump them. I think we should get behind the club.

Posted 10:39 2nd February 2010

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