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Window watch

Paul Merson gives his verdict on the done deals and the ones that got away on Deadline Day.

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Rish K (Arsenal fan) says...

Almunia fustrates me we didn't wenger go for James until almunia gets his act together! He is a good keeper but his decision making is poor, if James did come it, it would do arsenal good and England, wenger must spend big on one player this summer, david villa would finish our team n yaya toure then I'm sure we will finally get a trophy

Posted 10:33 2nd February 2010

Ian Gee (Wigan Athletic fan) says...

All we needed was a goalscorer in our ranks. We proved that on Saturday by pretty much outplaying a good Everton side, only to be let down by the finishing. We could quite easily have been 3-0 up at half time. Now we have a goalscorer in our side (2 in fact), i have no doubt that we will stay up and possibly sneak into Europe. We will see...UP THE LATICS!!!

Posted 10:07 2nd February 2010

Steve Grainger (Arsenal fan) says...

Personally i think the transfer window is a waste of time the only people who benefit (as per usual) are the agents....Also the clubs tend to buy mediocre players at vastly inflated prices. Finally i thought i,d never doubt the best manager Arsenal have ever had!!!!!!! but what is going on?? does he(Wenger) not see what every one else seems to??for example how does he continually play Denilson, in front of the likes of Ramsey!! and if Wilshires good enought to loan to another premiership club why does he not give him an extended run in the first team? Vela, Eboue, Eduardo, Walcott and Traore are simply not good enough!!! not one of them would get in Chelsea, or Man Utd,s team and as for Almunia he,s a horror!!!! why, why did he not go for Shay Given, why has he not replaced Van Persie? yet again another season of mediocrity when will he finally realise we are not GOOD ENOUGH. Finally he should fine, and dump Denilson he didn,t even attempt to track Rooney Back for Utd,s second goal we the fans pay their poxy wages and for what?? to see them perform like the prima donnas they are.. One totally fed up Gooner roll on Chelsea on sunday i bet he picks that pratt Denilson.

Posted 09:33 2nd February 2010

Nick Marrable (West Ham United fan) says...

I cant actually believe people are having a go at zola here. Who else would want to come to us? He tried to get two very good players and they didnt want to come. We have got to get out of the mind set that we can sign great players, we are in a relegation battle. We have signed a 26 year old who obviously has potential but may have a bad attitude and he is on £1000/week. Id take that. We have a recognised goalscorer wherever he has been and can only not get in the blackburn starting team because of the way big sam plays his football and benni doesnt suit that. We have aslo signed an unknown player who has 3 caps for brazil 29 years old, and if you look through his club history, scores goals!! I wish these west ham fans who keep saying about curbishley remembered the dull football, crocked signings, bad management of these players. he done brilliantly in keeping us up, but a fresh face and seeing sense in playing tevez contributed mainly to that. Zola and Clarke will come good and they have kept the traditions of playing youth and attacking football. come on you irons!

Posted 09:18 2nd February 2010

Paul Norman (West Ham United fan) says...

Agree with Merse about Mido, the only people to benefit will be Nathan's Pie shop on Barking Road

Posted 09:17 2nd February 2010

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

like all the hype of the window,nothing really stood out.adam johnson,ive never seen have a good game yet and robbie keanes a miles more prolific striker than gudjohnson.thats about it.,all the other deals are about temas buying mediocre players like west ham for instance.benni mccarthy is over the hill and mido's had more clubs than nick faldo.when will these clubs ever learn.bulk buying never works .get one decent player for 5 million rather than 3 naff joke award goees to middlesboro though.they buy 3 celtic guys for about a million quid between them.strachans hardly won a game all season and now he goes and buys 4 guys from his old club,fromm an inferior league.quality gordon quality.

Posted 07:57 2nd February 2010

Glenn Coleman (West Ham United fan) says...

Typical West Ham, from no forwards to too many. So its Cole & A N Other with probably the other 2 on the bench and that assumes Zola is even going back to 2 up front. Tough on Nouble who has shown great promise. We have bought 2 players that nobody else wants. Not the most promising start from the 2 davids

Posted 07:45 2nd February 2010

Mike Greenwood (Arsenal fan) says...

People keep ranting on about how we a striker in Persies absence but why are they forgetting a decent Keeper as well .. one that can catch a cross instead of punching into his own net that commands his area and gives more confidence to his defence ... FACT : to win the league and certainly the champions league you need a world class goal keeper as well as world class striker .... Cech / Drogba ... Van Der Sar / Rooney .... we have niether right now .... face it Seaman / Henry have never been replaced .. come on Wenger its not that difficult elsewhere on the pitch we are are fine and the football is great but a team without this formula is like beer with no Alcohol ! .. I'm starting to lose my faith your stubborness is costing us! .. and others will look for the door if you dont sort this out!

Posted 05:37 2nd February 2010

Craig Johnson (Liverpool fan) says...

martin o'neil is arguably the most talented manager in the league . people have very short memories , and villa fans should be very grateful and delighted at the way they are performing this season .

Posted 04:03 2nd February 2010

Sean Smith (Celtic fan) says...

too all you sunderland fans , have a wee sleep and dream of champions league football every season ?? and if our league is so pathetic how could you all not have us scared i think . keane great signing but there has been your prem stars flop in the spl before gravesen coudnt hack it . itleast keane will have medals with now and hopefully we can wrap him up for years.

Posted 03:42 2nd February 2010

Craig Bathie (West Ham United fan) says...

west ham are short of fire power look at the last few games ,noble will be a good forward in a few years if he stops falling over all the time.i think the three new players will add something we have missed in the last few games we need someone who can score and mido can do the job ,mccarthy has allways proven himself in hes first year at a new club so 2 million to help us stay up is a good deal look at tevez he done great things for us and end up costing us nearly 35 million in fines and compo

Posted 02:57 2nd February 2010

John Flanagan (Oldham Athletic fan) says...

If Celtic were in the EPL then they would not only survive but would add excitement and finish (easily) in the top six. The fact they play in the SPL should not cover the fact that they are a huge club with a world-wide fan base that only a few of the EPL can match. Indeed few in Europe and further afield. Keane's signing will (a) boost attendances (b) improve the chances of catching Rangers this season (c) let Keane realise that (barring injury) he is made to lead Celtic to greater successes should he decide to make the move permanent. I read Paul Merson's comments but I don't think he was fully-awake when he made them. Wake up Paul!

Posted 02:20 2nd February 2010

Michael Corrigan (Celtic fan) says...

What's this everyone does good up in the Scottish league oh aye looks like it danny fox aye he was good NOT henry camara whoz he again look KEAN would rather come to a team that's going to win silver wear and play in the champions league you kin see Sunderland and blackburn in the champions league eh DOULT it even spurs there a much richer club than Celtic the amount they have spent over the years they shouild have won the league loads of times but they haven't robbie kean wants regular football at a team that he wants to play for and have the fans backing and Celtic is the best team for him and plus we have a much better history than any of the other teams he would have went to remember 1967 1st ever brittish club to lift that champions league trophy and a bet you robbie kean will win Celtic the league p. HAIL HAIL

Posted 01:02 2nd February 2010

Rothesloon Smithy (Celtic fan) says...

Robbie keane has made a great move! He has come too a club who he has supported all his life and a club where he will be respected! Plus a chance to play in the champions league

Posted 22:43 1st February 2010

Ray Beaumont (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Sorry Mick Haynes (WHU fan) You wrote, "agree with merse on Mido, But ......He`s out to prove a point. He`s hungry and i think will be a great signing for the hammers and help keep us in the prem..... " but he's not always hungry, because he fills his face with parmoes, and Gregg's pies! He's a trouble maker, and sadly he will soon wreak havoc in the Hammers dressing room

Posted 22:41 1st February 2010

Kevin Duffy (Celtic fan) says...

celtic get more people watching them train then preston get on at deepdale

Posted 21:58 1st February 2010

Chris Easton (Rangers fan) says...

To all those Celtic fans out there , money cant buy you th league and it certainly cant buy you team spirit , thats why rangers will open up a thirteen point gap at ibrox on the 28th of february and finish the league once and for all , here we go , 2 in a row

Posted 21:26 1st February 2010

Trevor Wright (Birmingham City fan) says...

new owners same old story where is this new striker to bring competition for the places or do we have to rely on chuccho and jerome thaks blues

Posted 21:01 1st February 2010

Oliver Whittaker (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Absolutly shocked that Blackburn didnt sign a striker. We had 31 days to sign one! Delighted with being linked with Benjani and Dindane, who did we get? Not one of them, gutted. Di Santo and Roberts better pull their socks up if we are going to stay in this league, cant rely on Kalinic to score goals.

Posted 20:52 1st February 2010

John Woollett (Arsenal fan) says...

As predicted, it looks like the Arsenal board have kept their cheque book at the bottom of their extremely deep pockets. I feel that Arsene Wengers previous comments about only signing a striker if bendtner is not going to be fit is rather worrying.Despite losing to Man Utd at he weekend I feel that if Wenger had added a striker to the squad (i.e. a David Villa calibre striker) we would be still in with a shout and it would have given everyone a boost just like Arshavin did last January. I think most Arsenal fans would agree, we are definately lacking up front..and ive got a feeling Arsene Wenger may regret not taking a gamble in this transfer window...

Posted 20:51 1st February 2010

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