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Paul Merson gives his verdict on the done deals and the ones that got away on Deadline Day.

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Narat Jaskfhbl (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi i think arsenal need to sign a striker like david villa or silva. I love arsenal to bits they are my fav club do not want then to mess up their chance now. COME ON ARSENAL!!! x

Posted 17:11 1st February 2010

Paul Carr (Arsenal fan) says...

Im an Arsenal Season ticket holder, and am extremely disappointed that we have not signed a striker or goalkeeper, is it only Arsene Wenger that cannot see we need these??... its time to tell the truth, is there money for transfers, and if there is, why wont wenger spend it!!

Posted 17:09 1st February 2010

Roy Cornell (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Spot on Mers,I could not agree more with your comments on transfers,as a Spurs season ticket I hope we keep everyone together,yes,loans appear sound and wise,but so far no flash deals for meggar bucks,good business..Regards.

Posted 16:44 1st February 2010

Daire Mcanallen (West Ham United fan) says...

I really hope West Ham don't buy Mido too. He'd be useless, especially in the predicament that we're in; we need someone to get things going right away and I don't see him doing it in the short-term. I don't know much about Ilan but he sounds like a good player. It'd be a risk but Diamanti and Franco fit in quite well from the off so I don't see why he wouldn't too. He'd be a gamble alright but we went for van Nistelrooy and Gudjohnsen and missed out on them to no fault of our own so we don't really have much choice. As for McCarthy, he seems like quite a selfish player who'll throw his rattle out of the pram if he doesn't play but that should mean that when he does get on he'll be determined to prove himself and score. Which should be all-good for us.

Posted 16:27 1st February 2010

Gavin Smith (Celtic fan) says...

Conor Steven, u could only dream of supporting a club as big as are just like the geordies,north east dreamers who are just small fry. Enjoy your relegation battle

Posted 16:22 1st February 2010

Gary Smtih (Arsenal fan) says...

Arsenal 100% need to buy a new striker. If we have got the money then buy a striker like david villa who can score goals. At the moment we have not got a striker that turns up in the big games when it counts like Drogba for Chelsea and Wayne Rooney for Man Utd. If we do not buy a striker we might aswell kiss the title goodbye. We can not rely on midfielders to get us goals.

Posted 15:58 1st February 2010

Darren Vaughan (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

be interesting to see who big sam brings in?wouldnt mind benjani and dindane.was hoping for beattie to sign.hopefully big sam will let treacy and andrews leave.

Posted 15:53 1st February 2010

Gary Smith (Arsenal fan) says...

Arsenal need to buy a new striker. If we do not buy a goal scorer then we might aswell kiss the title good bye. The difference when we played chelsea and lost was Drogba (striker) losing to man utd wayne rooney (striker) who have we got to compete with them nobody.

Posted 15:49 1st February 2010

Scott Mcardle (Leeds United fan) says...

Dean Windass, spotted outside Elland Road Training ground in talks over signing an 18 month contract after being released by Doncaster in January.

Posted 15:19 1st February 2010

Conor Steven (Sunderland fan) says...

Martin Dickson, i'd rather play for Barnsley than Celtic! You do have a lot of fans but the football in Scotland is awful. Kamara would have done well to stay in a league people actually care about rather than playing the odd game at Celtic and gradually falling off the footballing map

Posted 15:07 1st February 2010

Lee Timberlake (Portsmouth fan) says...

As a Pompey fan, i have not got much to smile about at the moment. But with the window soon to shut, im hoping Fernandes and Kezman will be coming to Pompey. I remember Fernandes when he was at Pompey a few years back, he is quality. Him and O'hara in the middle with Basinas behind them will give us some quality in the middle of the park. Kezman excites me too, i know he didnt have the best of times at Chelsea but he knows where the goal is. Im 100% positve he can do a better job up top than the strikers we have got all ready!!

Posted 14:54 1st February 2010

Scott Jones (Fulham fan) says...

Pretty baffled as to why we let kamara go given that we have most of the first team out injured at the minute, im sure he will do well up in scotland however seeing as its a much easier league to play in!

Posted 14:53 1st February 2010

Scratchy Mcclatchy (Celtic fan) says...

kamara please dont be a dud!!! weve also got the boy from bayern, i think it was originally meant to be ribery but he mustv caught the hamilton match on saturday and changed his mind

Posted 14:39 1st February 2010

Connor Linsdell (Newcastle United fan) says...

I am gutted that Victor Moses has went to wigan and not newcastle but he did say that he wanted to play at the highest level and he has got his wish but im excited about the possible transfer of leon best to newcastle and i know that he hasnt scored many goals but i have seen him play many times this season and he is a exciting player so i hope we get the deal done because we need some strengthining up top and also get rid of andy carroll he hasnt performed at all this season.

Posted 14:25 1st February 2010

Matthew Goytooodsonnnn (Liverpool fan) says...

Liverpool; we need to buy some players if not we will go down hill. we need a stong center back and a decent left back. i know you can't jut find them any where but come on we need to do something. Jones from sunderland? This is another buy that wont help us one bit, if it goes through. Such as zenden, belemy and kean, all did't perform for us... Cmon lads pull your finger out!

Posted 14:12 1st February 2010

Allan Clarke (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I would agree with steve hanks, what the hell is Redknapp thinking by not giving Pav a decent chance?? He's a FAR better striker than Robbie Keane, Crouch is an ok outlet for long balls but does little else, he loses the ball nearly every time he gets it, we didnt need Gudjonnsen, Pav should b first choice striker with Defoe every week, and as for Hutton...I know he's not great but getting rid of him AND Naughton when Corluka is our weakest link is madness!! What happened to Sandro? We need someone as back up for Hudd and Palacios coz Jenas isnt good enough either

Posted 14:11 1st February 2010

Jonathan Besford (Sunderland fan) says...

ha!! celtic is a big club please any team in the premership could win the scottish league man... socttish league is like the coca cola championship its rubbish !! i think he should of stayed in the premership

Posted 13:51 1st February 2010

Trevor Jupe (Manchester City fan) says...

I dont think Manchester City will bring any new players in this transfer window, i think Mancini will look at the players hes got already as hes not been at the club very long & its also harder to get a good player in the January window. I think he will take a good hard look at the players he has now then improve on what he thinks is needed at the end of the season, then i think City will spend big.

Posted 13:32 1st February 2010

Dave Brown (Birmingham City fan) says...

Steve Hanks, with all due respect are you being serious? Blues could pip you for 4th? Please let us have Pav, I assure you that even with him we are not ready to challenge yet but it's good to see us being talked about like that by a Spurs fan

Posted 13:19 1st February 2010

Steve Hanks (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I cannot understand Harry's treatment of Roman Pavluchenko he is class but does not get a fair run compared to the lazy and at times disinterested Jermian defoe and certainly should not sell him to Birmingham who could still pip us for fourth ? also his comments about Roman and Robbie seems at odds - unfortunately Robbie has not been as clinical as he was before his terrible move and mistreatment at Liverpool as a club we must ahng onto to Aaron Lennon when the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea come calling in the future

Posted 12:38 1st February 2010

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