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Title twists

Title twists

Paul Merson says Chelsea will win again on Saturday, but you can't rule Arsenal out of the title race yet.

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Dots Ditoto (Chelsea fan) says...

Yeah....injury to petr cech its a blow for chelsea,but if the likes of Terry step up then we can win the match comfortabley confident that we will win,we seriously need to put the pressure on man u and arsenal

Posted 15:23 26th February 2010

Joel Buckle (Manchester United fan) says...

Personaly, i just think stoke wil be too strong for arsenal because the gunners don't have the mucle power that the potters have and they can't do the dirty jobs man u n chelsea can. So stoke wil win 3-1 like in the FA cup last month. Then again chelsea n man city wil be close. Tbf i think that one will be a draw. 1-1 tevez n drogba.

Posted 15:12 26th February 2010

Hippo Pottermus (Stoke City fan) says...

stoke will not rest any players for the arsenal game, they will play their best team and once again beat arsenal and as for them being tired from wednesday, they are the fittest team in the league and that wont effect them and also we had wilkinson, faye and etherington (if he plays) out for that game. SO BRING ON THE GOONERS THEY CAN PASS IN FRONT OF US BUT NEVER THROUGH US AND BRING ON THE CHELSEA WEMBLEY HERE WE COME!!!

Posted 15:08 26th February 2010

Kaycee Sunshine (Arsenal fan) says...

we can't afford to allow the odds in our next game,stoke may have proven uneasy against us in recent times especially in their ground but we just can't bargain anything else but three points tomorow, the difference is, they have nothing to loose while we have another trophyless season at stake.

Posted 14:41 26th February 2010

Ben Carter (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree that Chelsea will beat man city, however i dont see it being as comfortable as 3-0. With hilario in goal and Terry playing poorly you have to think city will score. Cechs injury is devasting. you only have to watch highlights of chelsea at wolves to realise we wouldn't have won without him. not only did he make saves but his kick for drogbas second is out of hialrios range. I fancy arsenal to win at stoke but only by the odd goal. stoke are bound to be tired after extra time and will be focused on coming to tthe bridge next week.

Posted 14:06 26th February 2010

Andrew Cahill (Arsenal fan) says...

Just a heads up!! Paul touched on Diaby getting a start this weekend, The Team news today is that he wont make the game he's picked up an injury.....

Posted 13:56 26th February 2010

Lee Malin (Coventry City fan) says...

it's a pity vermalen is not as good in his own 6 yard area!, wenger is known for his 5'6" policy on players, but then again football is best played on the floor, i expect a convincing win for the gunners againt stoke this time around and if they do not deal with the long throw? then there are personnel not adapting, get the 25 goal a season striker and the title is yours forseeable, my personal opinion is you should have permed van nistolrooy with van persie

Posted 12:53 26th February 2010

Nick Hadges (Chelsea fan) says...

3-0 is a massive call, if chelsea are to win it will not be by that much. The game will be decided by a goal and if we win 3-0 i will be very suprised. City players rise for the big games and with quality like that you have to give them respect. It may look like an easy run for Arsenal but they are known for dopping points against the so called lower half teams, 1 loss and it could be all over.

Posted 12:51 26th February 2010

Frederic Ndong (Chelsea fan) says...

When I heard that Adebayor was suspended I was not even interested in watching the game anymore, but now that Tevez is back, it might just be interesting to watch... in the last few games, apart from Adebayor, man City looked like a team with no real threats up it's nice to see tevez back. is he really fit though? I doubt that... What argentine team was he training with exactly? the only two I know from the squad in argentina might be riquelme and battaglia, from boca Juniors... Everyone else is away in european clubs... so Chelsea will surely have the edge, but in soccer you never know... the extra drama between bridge and terry might just motivate man city.who knows? Arsenal should win away to Stoke. I think they have enough fire power for that. My only worry is Wenger's selection, with all these boys he tries to take to the pitch against big lads, and City surely are bigger pound for pound than Arsenal. So, please no testing of young talents arsene. I'm a chelsea fan, but I would rather have to race for the title against Arsenal than Man u... Their lucky star this year just makes me sick (10 own goals, early birthday bonus points from Wolves at home, I mean, come on......)

Posted 12:42 26th February 2010

Declan Conevery (Barcelona fan) says...

i personally think that man city will give chelsea a game, they havent been playin well as of late and they ll want to bounce back and help mancini out a bit, if they get a early goal they could do well because they beat chelsea already this season , it should be a good match!

Posted 12:26 26th February 2010

Glenn Dyer (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

i myself thought mers went too far with the chelsea city score but then you are talking about a team that has put 3 past arsenal at the emirates and 2 at the bridge as well as 3 past tottenham and all with considerable ease. citys main goal threat, especially against the big teams is adebayor, who is of course now out for 4 games, viera would also of been a palyer that city would have liked to have in the middle for a game like this. bridge is hardly going to be in the best frame of mind and at stamford bridge you need your defence to be on song. but i may be wrong and he may have the game of his life. personally i think city will struggle and it could be a bit of a hiding for them if mancini doesn't get it right.

Posted 12:24 26th February 2010

Tommy Nolan (Manchester United fan) says...

it will be interesting if bridge starts against Chelsea. I don't expect Chelsea to win,look at the way they are playing at the moment.they are looking suspect at the back which is something you don't say too often about Chelsea.the form that Chelsea are in, man city are capable of upsetting them.score:2-1 to city.Arsenal will NOT win tommorrow against Stoke.Stoke got a great result against city in mid-week.I predict Stoke to beat arsenal because at the britannia Stoke are a force there.fabregas will not play well tommorrow because he won't be given enough space like when he played man utd & Chelsea ,he dissapeared besides that I have never seen him run a game against the big 2.arsenal fans should have be worried when they saw wenger give fabregas the captaincy.he is no leader and I don't believe in the hype-machine about him either plus he is in fact cheater,remember the handball against Liverpool,there are more examples ofhim diving as well in matches.arsenal fans will use wengers excuse:i didn't see it.nothing said by the pundits,fabregas is really mr.clean:).Stoke 3-1 arsenal.

Posted 12:16 26th February 2010

Phil Bentley (Stoke City fan) says...

i am personally sick off all the negative about stoke they play to their strengths , we havent got millions to spend on players. Pulis has done a great job we are still in prem nobody expected that, the fans have waited a long time to see this ENJOY!!!!!!!

Posted 11:59 26th February 2010

Phil H (Stoke City fan) says...

Azzouri, say Arsenal cant allow stoke to dictate play with their ugly physical game, but everyone in the premier league who watches the games has to admit that stoke can play good football. They are stringing passes together scoring well brought together goals such as etheringtons neat 1 - 2 pass with lawrence before placing it into the bottom corner. Also, against Man City, they were playing nice passes before playing a great through ball down the wing for delap and tuncay (down the left), with whelan producing fanstastic passes. I cant predict this game, becasue Stoke are on a fantastic run, full of confidence however, as Merson said, concentrating on the cup could cut our chances short. But every game Stoke are going in believing they could win...which could be the difference. Stoke 1 - 1 Arsenal.

Posted 11:57 26th February 2010

James Jarad (Arsenal fan) says...

I think Merson is going too far with the Chelsea Man City Score. City are more than capable of scoring at the Bridge and while I expect Chelsea to win,(Hope I'm wrong) I also expect Man City to give them a good game and score. I think 2-1 to Chelsea. As for Arsenal, the Britania is a bogey ground for us as much as Hillsbourgh was when Shefield Wednesday were in the Premier League. We seem unable to deal with the Delap throw ins. If we can deal with these (and not conceade from the 1st one as we did on our last 2 visits) then we are capable of getting a result. All the big teams struggle up there. Chelsea needed injury time to win there and United left it late in the second half to get their win. I hope Arsenal can win and because Stoke played 120 mins only on Wednesday, I think Arsenal can edge this 2-1.

Posted 11:05 26th February 2010

A Azzouri (Arsenal fan) says...

I sort of agree with Merse here, I think overall Arsenal have what looks like a decent run in, although there some tricky games against the likes of Birmingham (a) Man City (h) and that team Spurs (a). When it comes to the game tomorrow between Chelski and Man City I don't agree with you merse, Man City have't played recently but they have the qauilty to upset Chelski tomorrow who will be tied from their defeat in Italy. As for us Gunners, as long we dictate Stoke with our beautiful game and not allow them to dictate us with there ugly physical game, I can see us winning well.

Posted 10:52 26th February 2010

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