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Pressure points

Pressure points

Manchester United and Chelsea could both drop precious points on Super Sunday, says Paul Merson.

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Samanvay Sinha (Arsenal fan) says...

I cant see Liverpool winning at Old Trafford... And chelsea will come up with a hard fought win I think...... However I really hope the unthinkable happens in both these matches

Posted 05:10 20th March 2010

Harry Garratt (Arsenal fan) says...

As an Arsenal fan i hope that the sunday games between manchester united and iverpool, and blackburn and chelsea go our way. however i cannot see this happening as manchester united will be superior to liverpool, yes torres is back fit and ready to play but Rooney is so much better in every way, also ive got to give credit to sir alex yet again he comes up trumps, but Arsenal, if the two teams, Chelsea and Mancheter united lose or even draw will win the league, i think we will go out of the champions league barca are toooooo strong :)

Posted 23:57 19th March 2010

Michael Mckay (Manchester United fan) says...

It's going to be very tense this coming sunday but i think United will beat liverpool by 2 clear goals(3-1) and Blackburn compound Chelsea's woes with a narrow 1-0 win. Liverpool will play the game as if their lives depended on it,but, unfortunately for them, so will United, and as Man U have a far better squad to choose from, plus the added bonus of being fresher than Liverpool going into the match, i feel that United's superior quality and good form will see them through. As for Chelsea, i see them struggling against a Rovers team that has recently come into some fine form. Chelsea have suffered this week against Inter and will probably be feeling pretty sorry for themselves, and this could be Blackburns chance to seal premiership football next season with a narrow win. Here's hoping anyways..........

Posted 23:40 19th March 2010

Tictic Ol (Arsenal fan) says...

Oh lets hope you are right....It ld be a fantastic weekend if both Man utd and chelsea drop points. Not only that, i also want liverpool to get that 4th spot cos i just cnt stand tottenham , nor Villa not to talk of man city..Cmon Liverpool, you have got a red fan this wknd. you wont walk alone this weekend but after this wknd, you can sure as hell walk alone....

Posted 23:05 19th March 2010

Akber Nathoo (Manchester United fan) says...

Man u will win 2-1 liverpool will score first only to waken the hungry tigers. Mike from tanzania

Posted 21:32 19th March 2010

Anthony H (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Chelsea will definitely be looking to redeem themselves on Sunday. I think the Rovers will give them a tough match, but it will be hard fought. I'm going with Paul's prediction - I'm calling it a draw.

Posted 20:26 19th March 2010

Ali Mahgoub (Arsenal fan) says...

Merson sorry to say your WRONG. Remember when chelsea were knocked out of the champions league last year to Barcelona, well they came back four days later to thump Arsenal 4-1, so they will definately bounce back and the will win 3-1. Man United on the other hand will have no chance if torres is on form.

Posted 19:50 19th March 2010

Andrew Hickey (Chelsea fan) says...

chelsea have too many big ego's the wrong side of 30. most of which do not contibute consistently and one in michael ballack who never does. drogba, carvalho,deco, cech, anelka and now even the 2 untouchables lamps and jt are just not "at it" for me. add the mediocrity of malouda , alex , kalou and belletti into the bargain and we have a team thats reached its sell by date. against the lesser likes in the prem maybe this group can get results and maybe even on sunday , but come on , if we are going to challenge man u and arsenal for the prem and the likes of barca for the CL then its time for red rom and his merry men to start getting a few youngsers thru the ranks. personally i feel that uk and ire players should form the next generations nucleus. this is because over the years we've seen roy keane , scholes , giggs, rooney, gerrard , terry and lampard as the stand out players all of whom have provided longevity and stability to their respective clubs. for me this group of chelsea players have seen better days and its time for the playing staff to change.

Posted 19:37 19th March 2010

James Nicoll (Arsenal fan) says...

Like the other Arsenal fan, I'd like this to be true, but fear otherwise. I guess if I had to pick a team to drop points it'd be Manchester United, and then a draw at Old Trafford when the two meet next week. As for the other comments, anyone heard of English?

Posted 18:55 19th March 2010

Paul K (Manchester United fan) says...

United will win on Sunday. In the last 2 games when Liverpool have won the situations were different. Liverpool were going thru a decent run and United were suffering from a few injuries. But things are different now. United are fighting on all fronts with one trophy in the cabinet and full of confidence. 3 - 0 United

Posted 17:58 19th March 2010

Ijadare olakunle (Chelsea fan) says...

I think chelsea will win on sunday if they can forget about the mid week defeat and focus on their game they will carry the day And man u v liverpool is going to be another match of the season to watch. I think liverpool are getting nearer to their best form i pray they beat united at home as they did last season.

Posted 17:20 19th March 2010

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

Paul,the way we're playing,the way we're set up and the dour faced manager weve got with the predictable usual tactics.bring off cole for deco or bring off obi for belletti or annelka for kalou i wouldnt honestly bet on us coming even second in the premier league not alone first.we asked for attacking football 6 years ago via our new owner and half a dozen seasons on....gone are the width of robben and duff,replaced by hit and miss malouda and injury prone joe cole.the managers got no idea and annelka's a striker,so play him in that big square thing called a box,not accomodate him a place in the team out of position.down the wing.when drogba was away,he played down the middle on his own and was effective,now he's drogbas supply.we employed a dour faced manager from the most dour league in europe.we miss essien who is by far and away the most valuable asset to our team and coles runs.with both we'd of won easily against milan.if the leagues not won this year we have only ourselves to blame,man united and arsenal are the weakest theyve been in years.

Posted 17:19 19th March 2010

John Mitchell (Liverpool fan) says...

i fink the sunday game between united and liverpool is gona b one of the best games this season with rooney and torres back on form. you would have 2 stupid to bet on this game. lets just hope raffa can pick the rite squad for it as united aint gona b a walk ova... come on liverpool

Posted 17:09 19th March 2010

Daniel Bethel (Manchester United fan) says...

paul i disagree with your final score. i think manu have an edge they are at home and liverpool played on thursday wich may mean manu will be more energetic and if they can score first it will be an uncomfortable evening for liverpool i think it be a tight game ill go 1-0 manu rooney to score (another header)

Posted 14:10 19th March 2010

Adam George (Arsenal fan) says...

As much as I want this to be true I cant see it! I think Man U will out play Liverpool and Rooney will score at least 2 goals! But I hope Liverpool do win. Again I think Chelsea will bounce back and score 4 or 5 past Blackburn but again I hope Im wrong.

Posted 14:06 19th March 2010

Carl Stephenson (Manchester United fan) says...

"If Liverpool can stop Manchester United winning the league, their fans won't mind if they don't win another game all season" just 2 words come to mind "cup final"

Posted 13:58 19th March 2010

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