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Who's on the plane?

Who's on the plane?

Paul Merson looks at England's World Cup 30 and tells us who'll make it and who'll miss out...

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Luke Ellis (Cardiff City fan) says...

Joe Hart should be on the plane to south africa he is the only keeper to keep a clean sheet in the two warm up matches. Michael Dawson should be on his way to south africa he is an outstanding center back he has been by far the best center back in the prem this season . the seven who shouldnt be on the plane are john terry in my eyes he just isn't good enough,steven warnock, shaun wright-phillips ,scott parker adam johnson and darren bent cause the when he patners with rooney rooney or bent dont score and rooney is going to be in the starting 11 every game england play in the world cup

Posted 11:09 1st June 2010

Scott Lake (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

i would take Dawson instead of upson because Dawson has had a better season than upson and it shows as spurs had only conceded 12 goals at home this season also i would put Lennon on the right and Walcott on the left so he could cut in and have a go at goal and with Rooney,crouch cos he can do what heskey does and scores goals MY TEAM: HART,JOHNSON TERRY FERDINAND COLE,LENNON LAMPARD GERRARD WALCOTT,ROONEY CROUCH

Posted 10:37 1st June 2010

Ian Bradley (Leeds United fan) says...

come on guys,who ever england take to the world cup lets all get behind them.with a bit of luck you never know?

Posted 10:22 1st June 2010

Brennan Manning (Manchester City fan) says...

7 i hope miss out ---- dawson, warnock, carrick, huddlestone, swp, heskey ...... swp is unlucky but walcott n lennon are just abit qucker, i like dawson and huddlestone but king is better and carragher can fill in cb, and we got barry and can play king defensive mid if needed ...... i want hart to start because he is amazing and confident, but on another level i dont want him to start because 1 mistake could ruin him abit .... heskey gives alot to england but crouch gives same and more ... so crouch can be big striker, take bent because he deserves it .... adam johnson should go because he is a natural left mid and can come on and change game ..... my team --- Hart ......Johnson, King, Terry, A.Cole ......... Lennon, Lampard, Barry, Milner .......Rooney, Crouch................. Tough choice for gerrard and rio but barry is very important, lampards better and milner is consistent ........... and rios playing bad, kings playing well............... subs to come on .... walcott and defoe and gerrard when defs are tired.if we are losing....... walcott, gerrard, rio if we are winning ................ bent, johnson are wildcards

Posted 03:04 1st June 2010

Dean Irvine (Darlington fan) says...

All You's idiots dont have a clue what use on about..walcott is awful he should go..emile heskeys scores once in every 100 games useless..joe hart for number Team to Start is Hart...G.Johnson....Rio...Terry...A.Cole...J.Cole...Gerrard..Lampard..A.Johnson...Rooney..Defoe... Subs..Green..King..Carragher..Barry...Lennon..Bent...Crouch..

Posted 00:39 1st June 2010

Matthew Clark (Arsenal fan) says...

i dont know why everyone is writing off walcott. i bet you were all thinking he was amazing when he poped in the hat trick against croatia! hes no david beckham and prob never will be but he will tear anyone for pace. i hope he does himself justice and proves wat a great player he will be. after watching bent and heskey against japan it has to be bent he is so much quicker and alert. a shame for heskey but he is seasoned now. hart in goal. cole terry carragher johnston, lennon gerrard lampard barry and walcott and rooney up on his own where it is obvious he is more effective on his own. has capello not been watching him at utd. has to be 4-5-1 gerrard playing off rooney. COME ON ENGERLAND!!

Posted 23:44 31st May 2010

Vik Deen (Manchester United fan) says...

theo walcott has to be the most overrated player in the past 10 years. i think we have the age old problem of the british media believing our own hype. totally agree with merson on the what has he really done for england statement and i wud add to that what has he done for arsenal? at the moment he's all pace and nothing else. no final pass, no basic pass, no cross, no tricks, no work rate, no defensive duties. sure his pace is frightning and can be useful on the break...but seriously this is world football u need more than just pace. dont get me wrong the guy cud become a great player eventually in the future but in all honesty he didn't deserve to go 4 years ago and he'll be very lucky to go this year. are u seriously telling me he is worth more than lennon, milner, j.cole etc i wud even argue that wright philips has proven himself more often in big matches than walcott. even adam johson has more of a case if not simply for the fact that he has a left foot. heskey cannot go, not enuf goals or games this season. must be rooney, defoe, crouch, bent on merrit. crouch and rooney to start. carrick needs dropping he's been poor for utd and just looks lost at the moment. having sed that if barry's not fit then he's still above huddlestone. i'd give parker a shout if england are gonna try and play the counter against possession team (their only hope of winning i wud suggest) then play a dedicated defenseive anchor infront of the back four. england dont have that natural play maker in the centre so its all about the wings. have gerrard n lennon, lamps and parker/barry for the midfield but also if u drop either lampard or gerrars and have joe cole i think that wud be a better balance...but i cant see it happening since it seems to be about reputation. the back four sorts its self out. and personally for golie i wud say james but on recent performances i wud not argue with giving joe hart a go.

Posted 22:40 31st May 2010

Syed Hasan (Arsenal fan) says...

who cares? we are just going to be dissapointed when those great English lions loose a match and we all are left in an anti climax until we realise that whatever 23 are picked less then half will really care about winning and not thinking about how to spend their money

Posted 22:02 31st May 2010

Andrew O'connor (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Is it just me who thinks Danny Murphy fits the holding midfielding role perfectly. He really should have been called up to the squad !

Posted 20:40 31st May 2010

Brendan Brown (Darlington fan) says...

i think the team is strong but not the team i'd pick i think that carrick and wright phillips shoud go and scott parker doesn't.but it is up to capello

Posted 20:32 31st May 2010

Dj steve K - the baron (Manchester United fan) says...

usually so confident going into tournament finals, but I think we are shaky this time and need someone to really turn it on. Rooney will give it all for sure and if he stays away from injury, will certainly be a major impact on the team, but he needs help! Leave Heskey behind, attackers have to score goals, that's what they're paid for, Crouch can do a job if need be and we should get goals elsewhere. Reliables in defense, Rio, JT, Johnson and Ashley should be our protection, so it's down to midfield to finally prove a point! Lampard and Gerrard have been two of the best in the World for several years now, if they come of age and this may be their last big chance, then we could beat anyone, but they have to perform, then one of the wingers, Cole, Lennon, Walcott or Shawn WP to step up and prove they are World class - ah well dream on eh?

Posted 20:06 31st May 2010

Alex Freeman (Manchester United fan) says...

I would agree with mersons team apart from heskey i read through the comments and somebody nailed it on the head Danny Butterfield scored more goals then him in one game and also i think it is in peoples heads that Heskey is so dominant upfront and effective and great to play with well in my opinion if that was the case he would of played more for Villa this season if that was true if he plays he will miss important chances for England. Oh yeah i think the best england team is a 4-5-1 formation Green (G) Johnson (RB) Terry (CB) Ferdinand (CB) A.Cole (lB) (RM) lennon (CM) Barry (CM) Milner (CM) Lampard (CM) J.Cole (LM) Gerrard (AM) Rooney (ST)

Posted 19:58 31st May 2010

Stuart Allsop (Liverpool fan) says...

Adam Johnson has to go. In my opinion he is a terrific prospect and if he gets left out of squad it will be a shocking decision. My 23 man squad would be :- GK/ James, Green, Hart. DF/ G Johnson, Carragher, Ferdinand, Terry, King, A Cole, Baines. MF/ Gerrard, Lampard, Milner, J Cole, Barry, Parker, Lennon, A Johnson, Walcott. ST/ Rooney, Defoe, Crouch, Heskey. I think we would have a great chance if he selected this team.

Posted 19:48 31st May 2010

Soban Hussain (Liverpool fan) says...

i think that capello should not take heskey because he is slow and doesnt score much goals and he falls over easily. i think that he shouldnt take ferdinand because he didnt paly enough matches last season i think dawson should paly centre back with teery because he had a good season

Posted 18:41 31st May 2010

Mike Bowler (Manchester City fan) says...

For the life of me I cannot see what the big fuss is about Walcott, if we have to rely on him I despair. He might have scored a hat trick against Croatia but that has been his only good show in an England shirt. SWP did far more on Sunday and whilst as a City fan I would not expect SWP to be first choice on the wing, he's ahead of Theo for me. Adam Johnson should have been given a chance earlier, I'd pick him ahead of either of the others.

Posted 18:29 31st May 2010

Brian Bonner (Sunderland fan) says...

darren bent has to go if capello is true to his word . he stated easrlier in season if players are fit ,in form and playing regularly for there clubs they will go to world cup .what sort of message will he be sending out if he takes heskey instead .

Posted 16:46 31st May 2010

Jack Coyer (Newcastle United fan) says...

my 7 to be dropped would be: Heskey, Upson, Carrick, Huddlestone, Warnock, Wright-Phillips & possibly Barry, depending on his fitness

Posted 16:41 31st May 2010

Jimmy Smith (Arsenal fan) says...

some of the decisions are poor. taking heskey in place of bent is a joke. theo IMO should go but not start, lennon should start. he should be an impact sub! my starting 11 - hart - johnson - terry - ferdinand - cole - lennon - lampard - gerard - barry - rooney - crouch. all the best england!

Posted 15:36 31st May 2010

Simon Webb (Liverpool fan) says...

Think its obvious who plays if fit: Green, Johnson, Terry, Ferdinand, cole, Gerrard, lampard, lennon, barry, crouch, rooney. Its how capello changes it if players are injured that matters and the only ones worth playing at all are: Defoe, milner, J.Cole, walcott, carragher and James. So its a 17 man squad for me, the rest can stay at home and watch with us!

Posted 15:08 31st May 2010

Elyshia Bryan (Sunderland fan) says...

I just really dont think that Heskey should go in place of Bent, yes Im a Sunderland fan and some may say Im biased but who in their right mind can say Heskey has played better than Bent has this season???

Posted 14:29 31st May 2010

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