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Paul Merson gives his verdict on the deals and rumours on yet another busy transfer deadline day.

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Ben Price (Birmingham City fan) says...

Antony Holder (Liverpool) says... "The worlds gone mad Hleb to birmingham city this is a club who finished 9th and thought they had a great season" typical arrogant Liverpool fan, you seem to forget that we had come up from the championship the season before and finished 9th, which was 2 places below you one of the (hate to say it) most successful clubs in England, we didnt have a great season, we had a phenominal season. I will be celebrating so much when Man Unied win that 19th league title and you go the same way as leeds. Just a shadow of Manchester United.

Posted 13:49 1st September 2010

Drew G (Chelsea fan) says...

I do not know what Dan S is talking about Dan S (Tottenham Hotspur) says... signing van der vaart just adds to the finished masterpiece.bring on the group stages and the arsenal carling cup for another top 4 finish i fancy spurs get 3rd in front of arsenal.what has happened to that club by the way,laughuable Spurs a finished masterpiece? Far from it. If they play how did against Wigan then they would be lucky to even finish in the top 10. How can he call Aresnal laughable? Arsenal did not put in a horrid erformance against any of the teams they have played so far. Absolutely ridiculous.

Posted 13:48 1st September 2010

Bob Durham (Arsenal fan) says...

I guess Arsene Wenger doesn''t get advice from Bob Wilson anymore! Not signing a decent keeper is an offence against Arsenal fans. Almunia and Fabianski are what are holding this Arsenal team back from becoming real title contenders. I am sure now that Cesc will be off to Barcelona in the January transfer window because Arsenal will be going further back behind the likes of Chelsea & Man Utd and god forbid Man City, Spurs and Liverpool! Europa League here we come next year playing in places like Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan :(

Posted 13:34 1st September 2010

Andy Marshall (Manchester United fan) says...

If the van der vaart deal goes through WHAT A BUY for spurs! An amazing proven player for 8million? bargin for the season. Why didnt Man U go for him if he was being sold on the cheap? Why spend 10+ million on an unproven youngsters when you could of got a proven winning with at least 10years left in him. If you didnt have the 8million sell Carrick, im sure the club pushing for a top 6 finish would want him, the likes of fulham, aston villa, everton maybe even sunderland, birmingham or stoke, they brought alot of players on the last day. Whys is owen hargreaves still at man u? hes dead weight, what a waste of 20 million!

Posted 13:21 1st September 2010

Daniel Foster (Arsenal fan) says...

Wasn''t going to post, but the comments from other Arsenal fans seem a bit one sided. I don''t understand all the constant critisism of Almunia and I think some people don''t really understand football. We concede more goals because of our style of play being more open. You''ll constantly see our "defensive" midfielders, full backs and even centre backs going forward, leaving Almunia with little or no protection that other keepers at other clubs get. I mean just look at the Blackburn game at the weekend, the goal they scored, Blackburn were allowed to break the length of the field without any serious attempt at a challenge. But they scored so it can only be Alumunia''s fault, nobody else''s. Nobody mentions the saves he made in that game. The highlights after the Liverpool game, all we saw was Liverpool''s goal, no critisism of Wilshere for losing the ball, its all Almunia''s fault. No replays of the saves he made in that game. Reina makes the worst howler I''ve seen for a long time for our goal, but he gets no critisism. Reina''s was "uncharacteristic". Right. If Almunia played for Chelsea and Cech played for Arsenal, Chelsea wouldn''t suffer from it and we wouldn''t suddenly be hugely improved. Anyone who thinks Mark Schwarzer is better than Almunia is deluded and I''m actually delighted that we haven''t signed him. I''m sure it can''t be easy for Almunia having to deal with all this constant speculation but he is doing his best not to let it affect him. As fans we need to SUPPORT our players.

Posted 12:52 1st September 2010

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

Not meaning to sound superior here,but the only transfer of any relevence is robinho''s.the rest are of two bob signings and numbers to make up squads.blackpool for instance,dj campbell and luke( reg)varney are going to be on their way out by the end of the season when blackpool get relegated again.these sides never learnt by buying about a dozen no hopers,they think theyve got it made.....campbell has had half of his career below league one and varney cant even get into a struggling wednesday derby or charlton side on a regular basis.alexander hleb must be mad going from 2 top notch teams in arsenal and barcelona to kick and run birmingham city.who i wouldnt even open my curtains to watch if they were playing outside my front door.i leave my final rant for harry redknapp,who in having 3 wingers including lennon and bentley has an entire summer to get who he likes and is mucking about on the end of the window deciding whether he''s got van der vaart..chelsea and man united had their players in place before the season started and thats why their be in the top 2 for years.the windows hype and the squads should be sorted on august 8th before the season began

Posted 12:26 1st September 2010

Danny Bland (Manchester City fan) says...

I think City did well to get £20+ million for Robbo, he''s a world class talent but considering he wanted to leave, surely that would have pushed the price down. Happy to see Clayton go even if he has developed from the academy, he doesn''t look the same calibre as Michael Johnson, Abdi Ibrahim, SWP, Micah Richards, and he will probably suit League One. Birmingham and Wolves have had s really good transfer window, but it remains to be seen whether Gyan can justify his price and whether he can replace Kenwyne and get the partnership built like Jones and Bent had. Almunia isn''t as bad as he''s made out to be, and Wenger does have Mannone on the bench.; He may not be proven but he was excellent when given the chance last time.

Posted 12:24 1st September 2010

Dom Dim (Manchester United fan) says...

to quote our gormless gooner (Dean Cussell (Arsenal fan) says... Calm down my fellow Gooners! This team is looking as good as the invisibles, we have an amazing squad, some great individuals and it seems at last team unity! Sure Wenger should have bought a goal keeper, but Almunia tends to only make his mistakes in the big games during the second part of the season. Allowing the little Irish man time to go crazy in Harts shadow and help us push through a transfer in January! The other 3 new signing look top quality and the likes of Sagna, Walcott, Cliche, Song and Arshavin really look to be taking on the responsibility of being a senior team player of the mighty Arsenal... In Wenger we trust! ) is this invisible as in no trophy''s for 5 year''s or invisible as in the top four for this season?

Posted 12:03 1st September 2010

Alex Bastin (Rangers fan) says...

Wenger is undoubtebly one of the leagues best managers. He makes the right signings at the right time etc but i don''t understand why he passed up the oppurtunity to sign a better keeper. Although i''ve seen almunia play well he''s too reckless.

Posted 11:55 1st September 2010

Grant Heastie (Arsenal fan) says...

This isn''t a knee jerk reaction from arsenal fans, our club has won nothing for 6 years and we are still waiting for the emirates to be adorned with something actually won there yet wenger is the 2nd highest paid manager in the premiership. If it wasn''t so serious it would be a joke that our keeper situation wasn''t addressed, 50million war chest mentioned around season ticket renewal time, these constant lies are making the majority of arsenal fans disillusioned, if we have no money tell the truth but if we do have money go and buy a world class keeper instead of pumping up your wages mr wenger, yet again you have let the fans down.

Posted 11:15 1st September 2010

Michael James (Arsenal fan) says...

Incredibly uneventful transfer window deadline. In fact if Redknapp''s pursuit of the ineffectual Van der Vaart is as exciting as it gets then it must rank as one of the dullest. But then we all know that Spurs fans will make VdV appear to be Bergkamp or Van Baston, such is their desperation to sound as if they haven''t been in a kind of wilderness for years, always with their hands up. It''s remarkable how much press news on supposed Spurs transfer activity there is. I think Arsenal should put out their youth team in the CC to allow Spurs to progress, which at least would halt for a time the constant barracking from the ignorant Yids on the local history surrounding both Arsenal and Tottenham. The fact that they still moan on it makes it the football equivalent of some kind of social racism. It''s been nearly 100 years since the Gunners (the 3rd most successful club in English Football) moved from Woolwich to Highbury. The local Spurs barons want to drive out the homesteaders. Van der Vaart may do well at the Lane. Bent is almost as bad as his brother. Hleb couldn''t get a game anywhere else, so he comes back here? Duh? Hodgson is turning Liverpool into Fulham. But Fulham looked ok with it. Liverpool just look dull. Party-boy Pennant to Stoke. HILARIOUS Why by Schwarzer, when Almunia is easily as good? Wenger is taking a chance, but if he is proved right will all you Arsenal fans stop MOANING!!!! What is the point of just purchasing for the sake of it? Does anyone know the contractual situations of all the keepers in Europe? I accept he (Almunia) needs to improve, but he certainly can do that! What a waste of money Robhino was? Adebayour surely will be the same? Guyan is the only interesting purchase I can see. Well done Mr. Bruce!

Posted 11:12 1st September 2010

C Githu (Arsenal fan) says...

Wenger has lived up to his reputation of disappointing the fans once more, by not signing a keeper. It is unbelievable that he is the only one who sees value in Almunia, while everyone else realises that is our weak point. The only remedy he should do is bring up Vito Manone, since he had some very decent games when he played. He is big and creates a presence in the box which neither Alminia nor Fabianski can muster. Once again AW, we are terribly disappointed in you and you should be prepared to take full blame for "Fumbler" Almunia''s performances!!

Posted 10:58 1st September 2010

Saif Raja (Liverpool fan) says...

liverpool should have gone for a spanish striker eg llorente who plays like fernando torres or gone for jurado who''s gone to schalke for 10.5 million. I do not know what roy was thinking poulsen is rubbish and why put aquilani on loan to a italian team he needs to addapt to premier leage pace plus lucas is rubbish dont know why we still have him

Posted 10:45 1st September 2010

Naasik Osman (Liverpool fan) says...

Totally gutted that LFC didnt sign another striker!! They def need one to support Torres. Cant expect him 2 do the business himself week in,week out. Last season and his gone, no doubt!

Posted 10:24 1st September 2010

Colin Slater (Newcastle United fan) says...

i would like to know how redknapp seems to have a different set of deadline rules than all the other clubs? this is not the first time after all that he has signed someone well after the window closed for the rest of the clubs.

Posted 10:00 1st September 2010

Edd Gooner (Arsenal fan) says...

He is trying to get Swharzer on a free just like Chamack last year. So one more year of dodgy goalkeeping. Almunia''s confidence is shot. Very easy to see that and i dont think he will get it back. All that being said I firmly believe that we have our best squad for about 5 years and if we remain fairly injury free (bearing in mind last year we had 8 first team players out at one time) then we will certainly challenge. Chelsea won the title last year and I would say Peter Cech was not playing well so providing you have a tight back line and people scoring goals it is possible to win the title. I also belive that if Roy Hodgson had been in charge of fulham this transfer would have been completed weeks ago but with Mark Hughes everything will be personal with Arsenal. Cant wait to see him fail once again.

Posted 09:54 1st September 2010

Dean Cussell (Arsenal fan) says...

Calm down my fellow Gooners! This team is looking as good as the invisibles, we have an amazing squad, some great individuals and it seems at last team unity! Sure Wenger should have bought a goal keeper, but Almunia tends to only make his mistakes in the big games during the second part of the season. Allowing the little Irish man time to go crazy in Harts shadow and help us push through a transfer in January! The other 3 new signing look top quality and the likes of Sagna, Walcott, Cliche, Song and Arshavin really look to be taking on the responsibility of being a senior team player of the mighty Arsenal... In Wenger we trust!

Posted 09:48 1st September 2010

Mike Greenwood (Arsenal fan) says...

to Andrew Smart (Birmingham City) ... apologies mate but I missed the word ''ALSO'' in my remarks .. just to clarify ... essentially was referring to 2 seperate points, both specifics of the transfer market today that in my mind are wrong ... i.e Firstly players use the Bosman to inflate their wage demands which is not good for football and prevents good money going back into the club which could be used for training, nuturing new talent etc.., it''s a known fact that smaller clubs in particular lose out more because of this.. as for the breaking of a players contract part it''s an insult to fans when players start to throw their toys out the pram if they dont get their way when another club comes in for them .. it makes any contract that the player signs not worth the paper its written on .... If players were made by Law and FIFA to honour their contracts it would mean allot more stabilty for a club and everyone knows that a club that can keep its players and team together is more likely to have success ...! Less player power in my mind would be a good thing for football .. lets face it most of them are already an overpayed bunch of prima-donnas!

Posted 09:21 1st September 2010

Hisan Anjum (Arsenal fan) says...

Seems Wenger has failed us again this season by not signing a keeper. This is possibly the biggest disappoinment as we did have more cash available and could have spent in a more risk free manner. Everyone and their grandma who have watched Arsenal play for the last few seasons know bad goalkeeping was one of the biggest flaws and it will continue to be for another season thanks to Wenger. I feel to him an average CM is more important than a top class goalkeeper and that''s why even after knowing our keepers are not good enough and he went after Schwarzer just so he can say to the fans, "I tried to get a keeper". We had more than enough money to launch a bid for a top class keeper like Igor Akinfeev, whose contract is almost up at CSKA and we might have been able to get him on a cheap. But to Wenger a keeper is just a guy who stands between the posts, anyone can do that, right? What he doesn''t realise is great teams are built from the back. If you are leaking goals in doesn''t matter than if you score one or one hundred cause you will lose. I don''t expect our "class" keepers to improve magically like Wenger seems to have faith in them.

Posted 08:56 1st September 2010

L North (Arsenal fan) says...

I can''t belive arsenal have not signed a goalkeeper a massive mistake. I would take any prem goalkeeper over Almunia. Everyone knows that to win something you need to have a good goalkeeper. I don''t think Wenger knows anything about goalkeepers. Richard Wright,Rami Shaaban,Lukasz Fabianski,Manuel Almunia ,Guillaume Warmuz!!!!!!!

Posted 08:36 1st September 2010

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