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Paul Merson gives his verdict on the deals and rumours on yet another busy transfer deadline day.

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Kevin Twinn (Sunderland fan) says...

In 2006, Chelsea paid £26m for a relatively unknown 26 year old Didier Drogba from the French League One. He hasn''t done too badly since. Yesterday, Sunderland paid £13m for a 24 year old with and identical record in that league but a far superior international record at his age. Gyan scored 3 goals in 5 games for Ghana at the World Cup and generally played with heart and passion for the team. He will be a superb signing for us. I applaud Quinny and Bruce and our owner Ellis Short for showing the ambition and determination to drive Sunderland forward. I think a Darren Bent / Asamoah Gyan forward line will be a real force to reckon with this season. Haway the Lads

Posted 08:26 1st September 2010

Danny mclaiughlin (West Ham United fan) says...

How Liverpool or Cappelo can want Carlton Cole I cannot imagine. The guy scores about one goal for every fifty attempts and this with only the goalie to beat. He cant hit the goal most times and seems to have no go in him. While WHUFC stick with these types of second rate strikers they will only spiral downwards. As soon as they get some one who is a sharp snap striker with accurate shooting the better. WH get to the penalty area and then the likes of Cole are either too slow, too lazy to react or completey miss the goal. I would give him away.

Posted 08:12 1st September 2010

Mike Ellis (Birmingham City fan) says...

Great signings by Blues by bringing in Hleb and Beausejour ! At least they are trying to progress and build sensibly now. I,m glad Nzogbia was shown the door also due to his rediculous wage demands at the last minute! The once " mighty Liverpool" will once again feel the power of the Blues on the 12th !! Another 3 pts off them as usual lol

Posted 08:10 1st September 2010

Chris White (Arsenal fan) says...

Are arenal becoming a selling club? More "out than in "once again during the transfer window and Wenger failing to address an area of weakness that he himself identified needed fixing. A long season ahead and arsenal with their injury record are still short at the back and stuck with two duff keepers who have had more than enough opportunities to prove otherwise. There can be no excuses for his failure to sign a keeper. His lack of decisiveness in saying "we want this player lets buy him, no matter what it costs" has cost arsenal the chance to gain confidence in this area and confidence in the manager and his ambitions. What must Fabregas be feeling now? What about Almunia and Fabianski? They know they are only there because he didn''t sign anyone else after his shambolic pursuit of shwarzer.. In Arsene we..ummm..sort of..are starting to doubt..a lot!!

Posted 07:55 1st September 2010

Alex Ayres (Manchester United fan) says...

I may be a man utd fan but i still have to hugely disagree with the arsenal comments. I do agree that Arsenal should have signed a better keeper but to say that Arsenal will drop behind spurs, liverpool and man city is lunacy. They came 3rd last year with excruciating injury problems and were well in the title race until the last few weeks. Van Persie was injured for well over half the season and Fabregas had a few months out himself. How would Liverpool do if that happened to Torres and Gerrard? Also, yes I know its early, but Arsenal have had some fantastic results so far. I know people will say they were lucky but the fact is they drew with liverpool at anfield and that is a far better result for Arsenal than it is for Liverpool. They also managed to beat Blackburn at Ewood which is a huge fixture to get out the way. Arsenal, if they can stay relatively injury free, will be title contenders. Liverpool, spurs and city simply arent consistent enough.

Posted 05:22 1st September 2010

Gregor Polson (Arsenal fan) says...

I cant believe Arsenal havent signed a Proper goalkeeper, Almunia is a terrible goal keeper and costs us more points than he saves us. Shay given is on the bench at Man City and would have been a perfect choice to replace Almunia and see The Gunners finally Challenging the (hate to say it) Big 2

Posted 02:15 1st September 2010

Tee J (Liverpool fan) says...

Robinho is amazing! Did Paul watch the world cup! Needs to stop talking nonsense, if anything it''s clubs fault for not getting most out of him! Godbless I hope he helps make AC once again a great side!

Posted 02:00 1st September 2010

F. Hussain (Liverpool fan) says...

i think its a disgrace that we let the likes of hleb and gudjohnson sign for birmingham and stoke respectively. we need quality signings that would enhance our attacking capabilities. no disrespect to either stoke or birmingham but in terms of squad it seems we will be competing with the likes of these teams than the top 5 (chelsea, arsenal, utd,spurs and city) under Hodgson we have bought Konchesky and in the trade off sold 2 very talented reserve players for a very average left back! which of the top 5 or 6 teams in the EPL would he get into?? im afraid under RH we are going to become an average mid table team if we continue with buys like that or bids for the likes of C Cole ( a slim line Heskey - enough said) the rest of the teams that finished above us last season all have 3 or 5 and in some cases 5 or 6 quality forwards at Liverpool we have Torres and then an average Ngog whilst we have let go of Nemeth and Da La Valle - welcome to mid table mediocrity!

Posted 01:55 1st September 2010

Gary Hammer (Celtic fan) says...

I''m disappointed with Arsene Wenger, his transfer policy seems to mount to this team will be better and chalenging next season, Arsene i''ve got news for you myself and other gooners can see that Almunia isn''t good enough, never has been never will be, this is a big chance missed, Schwarzer not good enough, 4 million..joke, maybe bcoz hes a cheaper option (your lookin at him) but hes no Van Der Sar, cuda went for Given, Hart, Lloris, Afinkeev, even the Slovakian keeper from the World Cup. Tthe teams been crying out for another gilberto or viera for a few seasons, again not happened, no fit out and out goal scorer either, how much of a kick in the teeth is anyone else find it that Hleb went to brum n we are a feeder club to Barca, Cesc don''t blame you for wanting to go. Wenger sort it out and the silver wear will come.

Posted 01:53 1st September 2010

Elko De jong (Bristol City fan) says...

Probably the best signing a team made this transferwindow: Rafael van der Vaart. I can''t wait to see him play for Spurs. If the deal goes through Spurs fans probably hand in a request for a day off every 31st of August to celebrate this new Spurs Legend ;p. Congratuilations from a Willem II fan. p.s. would love to see the faces of Ferguson, Wenger and a phew more now hahahaha, even Droopy looks happy compared to them now.

Posted 01:06 1st September 2010

John B (Arsenal fan) says...

Good old Wenger showing he''s ambition once more! Still no sign of either a quality goalkeeper or a well needed quality holding midfielder. I''m very disappointed with Arsenals lack of signings in these areas. I understand his priority in defenders but come on...we have been lacking in these two areas since the departures of Lehman and Vieira!! Wenger must be the only person who doesn''t see this as i''m sure most fans have for the past 5 years! looks like another season of almosts again!...Sad thing is i think most Arsenal fans are getting used to this and expect it now! Thanks Arsene for proving us wrong....NOT!

Posted 00:37 1st September 2010

Festus Akinsulire (Arsenal fan) says...

come on people, i know fabianski and almunia are still here and we havent signed anyone but Schwarzer isnt that much better than almunia, i dont mind having almunia as number 1 this season but that dosent mean i dont want a new goalie. Should have got given or someone you can trust, i would have said joe hart. but i think its time 4 the goalkeepers like mannone shea and szczesny to get a shot. 4 liverpool, konchesky is a good signing but if u want to challenge for top 4? its a useless signing. P.s Spurs fans honestly just stop about finishing over arsenal, you always say that and it never happens. As hard as you try.

Posted 00:18 1st September 2010

Ross A (Arsenal fan) says...

Is this liverpool guy at the top serious. That is coming from a team that just bought Konchesky? and scraped past West Brom and got thumped buy Man City. Enjoy Channel 5 this year liverpool. or ITV4

Posted 23:53 31st August 2010

Jason Harrison (Manchester United fan) says...

Good business by Birmingham to get Hleb, Cleverley to Wigan is a shrewd loan signing. Be interesting to see Gyan at Sunderland, a gamble paying £13million for a club like Sunderland. Hopefully for them he can show the same passion playing for them as he did playing for Ghana at the world cup. Not sure the potential Van der Vaart deal to Spurs will turn out aswell as everyone thinks. He tends to want to be the main man in the teams he has played for. Maybe at Spurs he can be that man? Time will tell

Posted 23:52 31st August 2010

Adam Treanor (Arsenal fan) says...

I am so dissapointed that mr wenger did not buy a keeper in my opinion the best option was akinfeev an i think koscielny was a bad buy the lad hasn`t got a clue about the english game and aginst blackburn he was dreadfull so looks like arsenal will be 3rd or 4th AGAIN because mr wenger was to tight to flash the cash on a keeper wengers time is up bring in o`neil

Posted 23:52 31st August 2010

Paul Collins (Arsenal fan) says...

haha spurs and pool fans writing arsenal off are you jokin? make no mistake spurs fans if van der vaart was that good mourinho and madrid wudnt be willing to let him leave for £8 million, they obviously class ozil and even khadira higher than him, HAHA. and darren j who have pool signed? jovanovic is average, yo usign 2 young kids who are for the "now" enjoy your midfield of lucas and poulsen haha stevie cant rescue you forever. as for my fellow arsenal fans especially the one sayin time for wenger to go. think on it what has schwarzer ever done? i wanted him but hes too old anyway. given cant even get ahead of hart anymore. arsenal have what spurs and pool dont have and thats a world class manager whos achieved far more than hodgson and redknapp. wenger will get it right. im gutted we didnt buy a goalie but its not the end of the world if the defence does its job right

Posted 23:40 31st August 2010

Pras Das (Arsenal fan) says...

If Wenger believes that Almunia or Fabianski is going to stop the ball from crashing on to the net, he will soon be proved how wrong he was. I feel so frustrated and let down, Shay Given was served to us on a silver platter and we refused. Hate to say this, I don''t see Arsenal winning any thing this time too. Somehow, I feel sorry for Fabregas - he has been arm-twisted to stay here knowing that Monsieur Wenger''s whims will again result in nothing this season for him, except the love of Arsenal fans. Coming in the top 3 / playing (and not winning) the Champions League seems to be the pinnacle that Wenger aims for.

Posted 23:22 31st August 2010

Mo Suhail (Arsenal fan) says...

Arsenal can sign the best keeper in the world, but if they defend like they did last season against Everton (at Emirates), Chelsea, Man Utd and Barcelona than we have no hope in hell to win anything. Its not Almunia that''s the problem its the fact that Arsenal cannot defend as a team like other top teams. Arsene compliants about physical teams playing long balls, but Arsenal don''t press teams who play football and they got outplayed last year against Man U, Chelsea and Barca.

Posted 23:22 31st August 2010

Paul Cook (Fulham fan) says...

I think man city during this transfer window have been disgraceful and showed a real lack of respect towards alot of the players who wanted to leave either on loan or permanent so they could get regular football to be told only if you go abroad or to a lower league team in england. This is no way to conduct yourself as a club and wouldnt be suprised if a few players decide to sue for restraint of trade and cause complete disrubtion in the dressing room damaging there hopes for the season.

Posted 23:16 31st August 2010

Darren J (Liverpool fan) says...

I genuinely thought Arsenal would be title contenders if Wenger managed to make some good defensive acquisitions including a top goalkeeper! however they have just made a huge mistake and one that will yet again bite them on their backside! Arsenal will slip behind Man City, Spurs & Liverpool now and Fabregas will be off to Barcelona in January! It will take Wenger another 5 years or more to make up the ground that Arsenal will lose now because of poor decisions!

Posted 22:41 31st August 2010

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