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After the disaster

After the disaster

Merse says Arsenal will struggle to recover from Sunday's meltdown for the North London derby.

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Chris Charlton (Arsenal fan) says...

Couldn't agree more about the Lehmann bit, he would never have allowed that. Time and time again Arsenal go into self destruct mode at the end of games like they cannot hold on to a lead, not even a 4 goal lead. There is no leadership at the back, nobody vocal not only at the back but on the pitch at all. No leaders, and I don't know how Wenger will correct this til Wilshere mans up. Also nevermind melting down at the end.. what about the other 90mins or so when I was screaming "SHOOT!" at the TV screen so that we get one in the net and not head to another draw? 6 years later and still trying to walk the ball into the net. Arshavin and RVP are probably the only two not afraid to take a shot the moment they see an opening. Stop overpassing the ball!

Posted 19:09 19th April 2011

Jason Crowley (Arsenal fan) says...

absolutly gutting about what happened Sunday, Merse is right about lacking direction and leadership on the pitch, the keeper should never have done that but i still think this arsenal team will come good..Keep the faith with the manager and keep the faith with arsenal for the title this season is what i reckon..

Posted 17:00 19th April 2011

Tom Downing (Arsenal fan) says...

couldnt agree more Merse mate. That absolute circus wouldn't have happened in your day. Can you honestly say that Dave Seaman and THAT back 4 wouldn't have been able to hold out for 1 MINUTE. In that one minute Arsenal were asked to defend they managed to concede a ridiculous free kick right on edge of the area and a penalty! it was total panic stations from the moment Arsenal scored (which they were lucky to do). I made the point watching the game that Arsenal are actually so so so easy to play against and Liverpool proved that with 2 teenage defenders, without their captain, with their vice captain knocked out and their 35mill striker hobbling for 30mins...they very rarely looked troubled, yet, at the other end, everytime Liverpool got the ball it resulted in a shot on goal! Arsenal really are the only side i have ever seen that require 100% possession to gaurantee that they won't lose the game as everytime they don't have it they look like they're going to concede! For me the absolute must buys in the summer are a top top striker to help RVP and AT LEAST 1 strong, nutcase, leader at centre back...the young keeper has some balls and i think he'll be good enough, Frimpong will support Song next season in midfield when needed (look out for him next season for sure), but we need aggression and attitude at the back and we need real teeth up front...Suarez would have been great!

Posted 16:27 19th April 2011

Loc Wilkinson (Arsenal fan) says...

Arsenal will beat spurs. they are far better. Ran liverpool into the ground on sunday. The only thing I could see wrong was why wenger didn't start with 2 strikers. chamak surely needs some playing time and he can score scrappy goals which no-one else can. also, spurs are not that good. bale has only really played well in champions league. defoe and crouch do play well against us so we have to mark them. also, 've read merson's articles for some time and they are always anti-arsenal and pro spurs... he is a disloyal, anti arsenal idiot and should have played with spurs.

Posted 15:18 19th April 2011

Mario Christodoulou (Arsenal fan) says...

Its about time people start questioning Wenger. He has done miracles but his time has come to go. His money making is great but he forgets the team and rememebrs a business. Mass sales in Summer, Eboue, Almunia, Walcott, Bentdner, Denilson, Squilachi, Cluchy have to go. Clueless. Sick and tired of it. Everyone sees the problems apart from Wenger

Posted 14:55 19th April 2011

Mark Thorne (Arsenal fan) says...

you cant beat football for people having their comments and creating debate! i agree in parts with The Merse. I feel Arsenal will not win the league until players are mentally strong enough. Pundits/press bark on that we need a leader, but that is not correct, we need several leaders. You look back at Arsenals and other trophy winning teams and we had numerous leaders on the pitch, one strong captain yes but numerous leaders. Arsenal do not have this, many teams do not have this. Thats why only Man Utd and Chelsea have been winning titles over recent seasons. I agree that the PFA Player of the season should be voted at the end of the season, its just rediculous to conclude so early. Not too sure that The Merse can say Gomes is not a top keeper. Yes he has made a couple of rickets but over the course of this season he has been one of the best in the premiership and thats an Arsenal supporter saying that! Van der Sar let shot through his legs on Sat which Gomes would have saved so the "top" keepers also make rickets....

Posted 13:35 19th April 2011

Darule Fouronenine (Arsenal fan) says...

I totally agree with Paul, AW looks at the external forces for Arsenal's failure never point the finger at the players who were at fault. If AW did invest on a good goal keeper we would have won that game he would have slowed the game in the last dying seconds because that's what an experienced keeper would do. AW one dimensional strategy of letting the players play free football can also be at fault here, teams come into the Emirates knowing what to expect from an Arsenal side so they defend and counter attack and it seems to work because Arsenals away games teams are more free and they try to express themselves leaving gaps at the back hence a better away result. But our home form has been the same this season Wenger could have changed formations and surprise the opponents. If Arsenal fires a blank this season AW will be forced to invest because he will have a lot of pressure coming in from the board and fans.

Posted 13:04 19th April 2011

Sean Smith (Arsenal fan) says...

I completely agree. Our team is too passive in their mentality. We need a couple of experienced, work horses, that will carry the team over the finish line. We have several great players but we lack talent in depth. This forces us to rely to heavily on those players. When they cannot perform we have no other options and consequently bemoan everything else other than ourselves. I'm not looking forward to playing Spurs as we will struggle. I also see Chelsea taking 2nd. Every supporter can see changes need to be made. money needs to be spent. We are all proud of what we have achieved on such a strict budget but now with a new owner it is time to reinforce our squad and finally claim some long overdue silverware. We need an out-and-out goalscorer. Another defensive midfielder to provide adequate cover for the amazing Song. Also, a hard as nails, tru-grit centre back to partner the season long absentee Tommy V. Cahill, Sakho would be ideal. As would M'Vila or Melo in the centre of the park. Season after season we fall at the final hurdle. One defeat or a poor performances knocks the young players confidence and we need to install something (players, mentality, belief) that can cause us to rebound the game after...not the season! AFC 'till i die.

Posted 13:03 19th April 2011

Aaron K (Arsenal fan) says...

Completely agree Paul, I read your blog a few days ago about the catch 22 liverpool could have found themselves in on sunday and i think its simular here pal. Every gooner wont stand even a draw at Tottenham but i think a real spanking for us on Wednesday could possibly trigger something in Wengers mind to finally say enough is enough on our defensive frailties. Would Utd go years without a top class keeper or top class defenders? NO. This is costing Arsenal dearly now and its something that isn't being adressed! Which isn't fair on supporters paying top, top prices for mediocre performances.

Posted 12:38 19th April 2011

Martin Finney (Arsenal fan) says...

I think its a little harsh to attribute any of the blame in the latest Arsenal calamity to Szczęsny - he gives me hope that we actually have a future world class keeper who talks. Looking at the slow motion replays of the foul for the free kick, you could see the panic in the Arsenal players as they were swinging legs to get a foot in. This is down to mental fragility that when we score we just always have a niggling doubt that we will concede. As for Eboue, it's the same problem that has led to him showing us he is not good enough before - a lack of intelligence. Any player with basic intelligence would have stood off, in case Lucas went looking for a penalty (as he did). It pains me to say it, but United wont throw this away - the main problem though is I cant see us winning the last 6. In the summer we need to clear out Eboue, Denilson, Bendtner, squilacci, almunia, arshavin and bring in a top CB, Winger and striker. Unfortunately, I think Fabregas will be off too. Oh and Merson, I did chuckle at your comment about Gomes not making howlers at 3-0 down - what about his fumble for Madrid's 4th in the first leg?!

Posted 12:31 19th April 2011

Dan White (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

To be honest I think that arsenal will play better than they did against Liverpool. I don't think they'll dominate the game because Spurs won't let them and defending was Liverpools game plan by the looks of it. I think Arsenal looked shocking against Liverpool regardless of possession, they just didn't know what to do with it. I liked the column but I can't agree with getting another keeper over Gomes. You say to be the best and be lthe same as the like of VDS and Cech he needs to be consistant...didn't Edwin make the mistake against City at 0-0 in the first place? I know Carrick got blamed but that all started with the keeper. I think Gomes is an unbelievable keeper and he should stop being hounded, the amount of times he saves us should be recognised. I watch pretty much every game and i'm always confident with him in goal. I also think that we'll get 4th if we win this game. It will give us the belief to go on and beat City. The only game i'd be nervous about is the Chelsea game. Man u, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, City and Everton it will finish.

Posted 12:29 19th April 2011

Danny Wright (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Regardless of what happened on sunday, i can only see spurs winning tomorrow! i cant wait for wenger's excuses after the game. he's bound to mention sundays game against liverpool and probably the fact that we havent played for a week as excuses! 3-1 with defoe getting a couple and bale with the other! COME ON YOU SPURS!

Posted 12:03 19th April 2011

Pat R (Arsenal fan) says...

I couldn't agree more with Mr Merson. Arsenal lack on field direction from an experienced player. We desperately need a strong leader (preferably at the back). If I was Arsene I'd play Jens for the the rest of the season.... and next!!!

Posted 11:56 19th April 2011

Brian Healy (Arsenal fan) says...

I dont think this team is mentaly strong enough to recover from sunday.I see Spurs beating us and i also see Chelsea piping us to 2nd.And if that does happen i cant wait to hear Mr.Wenger come out and try to defend 3rd as a successful season!!!I hope im proved wrong!!

Posted 11:00 19th April 2011

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